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It Came From The Tube: Deadly Lessons (1983)

A lot of slashers in the early ‘80s leaned on a mystery component, so it would only seem natural that the small screen would adapt this method to attract the horror crowd; however, being unable to show anything by network standards leaves you with only the mystery of the killer to fall back on. Such is the case with Deadly Lessons (1983), a fun enough slasher without the slashing and a stacked cast.

Originally broadcast on March 7th as The ABC Monday Night Movie, Deadly Lessons was schooled by Alice/One Day at a Time on CBS and NBC rolled out their own movie competition; but ABC always had a knack for attracting strong casts and interesting horror based material. Deadly Lessons has the cast part nailed, and offers up an interesting enough thriller as long as you’re not expecting too many slasher tropes, small screen or not.

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