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Elizabeth Becka: Principal


  • [Brandon is sitting in the waiting room while the adults talk in the principal's office] 

    Tori Breyer : Erica, he said he's sorry. It was an accident. They're just kids.

    Erica : Did you see my daughter's hand? He's a goddamn animal is what he is.

    Kyle Breyer : Okay, can we just calm down here Erica, please?

    Erica : I want him in handcuffs and I want him gone.

    Principal : We are taking action. He's going to be suspended for two days.

    Erica : Suspended? Do your job. Arrest him!

    Sheriff Deever : I'm sorry, ma'am. That's not your call.

    Tori Breyer : After the suspension, he will be in regular sessions with our school guidance counselor, Miss Merilee.

    Erica : His aunt. OH JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!

    Principal : Right, now she's the only counselor...

    Erica : You know what, her son was inside my daughter's bedroom last Saturday.

    Kyle Breyer : He wasn't.

    Erica : He's a pervert.

    Kyle Breyer : He was camping with us.

    Erica : He's sick!

    Kyle Breyer : He was 30 miles from your house, okay Erica.

    [we hear Erica mumbling as Tori and Brandon look at each other] 

    Erica : Do you even know who his real mother is?

    Tori Breyer : I'm his real mother!

    Erica : I meant whatever inbred psycho gave birth to him.

    Kyle Breyer : Hey!

    Tori Breyer : I know exactly what you meant. You're trash-talking a 12-year-old child lest you sleep better at night, Erica. Maybe you're the one who needs help.

    [Tori and Kyle leave the office to collect Brandon] 

    Tori Breyer : [to Erica]  Sorry about your daughter.

    Tori Breyer : [to Brandon]  Get up. Let's go.

    [the family leaves with Brandon and Erica menacingly glaring at each other] 

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