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Stranger Speed Round With Dacre Montgomery

From his strangest secret talent to his strangest moment on set, "Stranger Things" star Dacre Montgomery reveals it all in our IMDb Stranger Speed Round.

Season 3

7 Feb. 2019
Phoebe Robinson
The multitalented star talks crying on cue, keeping cool in front of Michelle Obama, and working with one of the best in the biz.
11 Feb. 2019
"The IMDb Show" on Location: 'Alita: Battle Angel'
Star Rosa Salazar and the artists at WETA digital reveal how they brought the awe-inspiring world of 'Alita: Battle Angel' to life.
13 Feb. 2019
Shay Mitchell
From "Pretty Little Liars" to "You," Shay Mitchell knows how to navigate the world of social media and determine which TV characters to follow.
18 Feb. 2019
Take 5 With Jeanine Mason
Get to know Jeanine Mason through her eclectic mix of movie and TV favorites.
21 Feb. 2019
Norman Reedus
The star of "The Walking Dead" gives an inside look at life on and off set after Andrew Lincoln's departure then dreams up an alternate reality for Daryl.
25 Feb. 2019
"The IMDb Show" on Location: Oscars Red Carpet Fashion
"The IMDb Show" host Amanda Salas takes a look at some of the best dressed Oscar stars directly from the legendary red carpet.
28 Feb. 2019
Topher Grace
From starring in Spike Lee's Oscar-winning 'BlacKkKlansman' to starting a new podcast, Topher Grace has come a long way since his "That '70s Show" days.
4 Mar. 2019
Take 5 With Jessica Szohr
Jessica Szohr takes a break from her intergalactic adventures on "The Orville" to reveal her dream director, why she admires Michelle Williams, and why loving Dumb and Dumber is a must if you want to be her friend.
7 Mar. 2019
Anna Paquin
The Oscar-winning actress takes on the world of PR in her new series and gives us a glimpse into life on the set of 'The Irishman.'
11 Mar. 2019
Take 5 With Kal Penn
Kal Penn, the host of the new series "This Giant Beast That is the Global Economy" reveals what show shaped his childhood, the classic film he has never seen, and the greatest movie moment of all time.
14 Mar. 2019
Gemma Chan
The 'Captain Marvel' star had to do some serious prep for her highly-physical role and imagines her 'Crazy Rich Asians' co-stars as Marvel superheroes.
15 Mar. 2019
"The IMDb Show" On Location With Idris Elba
Superstar Idris Elba shows us how he relates to his newest character in "Turn Up Charlie" and reveals what it was like becoming a super powered villain in the highly anticipated 'Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.'
18 Mar. 2019
Take 5 With Lauren Cohan
Lauren Cohan, star of new comedic spy thriller "Whiskey Cavalier," divulges top-secret information about her favorite TV couple, which actress should play James Bond, and what show she is currently binging.
21 Mar. 2019
Ricky Whittle
The actor who plays Shadow Moon shares what Neil Gaiman told him about his "American Gods" character and makes his personal pick for the title of God of Horror.
25 Mar. 2019
Take 5 With Moran Atias
Moran Atias, star of the new NBC series "The Village," reveals that she is a total George Costanza, explains why 'A Star Is Born' always makes her cry, and sings along to "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" theme song.
28 Mar. 2019
Chad Michael Murray
The "One Tree Hill" star takes on a dark, mysterious role in "Riverdale" and shares stories from the set.
1 Apr. 2019
"The IMDb Show" On Location With the Cast of 'Little'
The stars of 'Little' reveal which cast member came up with the idea for the film and discuss what age they would choose to redo.
4 Apr. 2019
Zachary Levi
The 'Shazam!' star tells us what it really feels like to be a superhero and discovers some award-winning surprises about his own past.
8 Apr. 2019
"The IMDb Show" On Location: "Game of Thrones" Red Carpet
The legendary cast of "Game of Thrones" weigh in on what characters should be rewarded with their own series and pick the greatest series finales of all time.
11 Apr. 2019
Christina Hendricks
The star of "Good Girls" had no idea she was forever changing her hit show when she made this in-the-moment decision.
15 Apr. 2019
"The IMDb Show" On Location: Which "Game of Thrones" Character Are You?
"The IMDb Show" hits the streets to find out who are the most relatable "Game of Thrones" characters.
18 Apr. 2019
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
"Game of Thrones" star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau defends Jaime Lannister and picks which character he think should sit atop the Iron Throne.
19 Apr. 2019
"The IMDb Show" On Location With the Cast of 'Someone Great'
"The IMDb Show" sits down with the stars of 'Someone Great' to find out what breakup movie clichés they are guilty of.
22 Apr. 2019
Take 5 With Anna Chlumsky
Anna Chlumksy, star of HBO comedy "Veep," cracks up at her favorite moment from the show and reveals what scene in 'Moana' always makes her cry.
25 Apr. 2019
Christopher Meloni
The "Law & Order" veteran lets his comedic side loose in "Happy!" and plays a high-ranking new character on "The Handmaid's Tale."
29 Apr. 2019
The Russo Brothers
Find out how Joe Russo and Anthony Russo keep surprising fans in their Marvel Cinematic Universe films.
1 May 2019
"The IMDb Show" On Location With the Cast of 'UglyDolls'
The stars of 'UglyDolls' make their picks for the greatest underdogs in movie history.
2 May 2019
Anthony Mackie
The actor behind Falcon discusses the impact of the epic conclusion of 'Avengers: Endgame.'
3 May 2019
Take 5 With Mishel Prada
Mishel Prada, star of "Vida," relates to "Moesha," gushes over Julia Child, and reveals which TV family is most like her own.
6 May 2019
"The IMDb Show" On Location With the Cast of 'Pokémon Detective Pikachu'
The cast of 'Pokémon Detective Pikachu' choose their spirit Pokémon and Ryan Reynolds reveals how 'Deadpool' convinced him to star as Pikachu.
7 May 2019
Anthony Mackie - Extended Cut
The star reflects on the impact of 'Avengers: Endgame' and breaks down what the final scene means for the MCU.
8 May 2019
Dennis Quaid
The Hollywood legend has a blast showing his darker side in his latest film and admits to some set-life secrets.
13 May 2019
Take 5 With Paula Pell
Former "SNL" writer and current 'Wine Country' star Paula Pell reveals what movie scene always leaves her howling, what TV high school she wishes she attended, and expresses her love for the Madea franchise.
16 May 2019
Thomas Middleditch
The versatile movie and TV star gives us a deeper look into the sets of 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters' and his long-running comedy.
20 May 2019
Take 5 With Mireille Enos
Star of the apocalyptic series "Good Omens" binge-watched "Succession," dies laughing at a Kristen Wiig "SNL" character, and thinks the Bourne franchise is perfect summer movie viewing.
21 May 2019
"The IMDb Show" On Location: "Game of Thrones" Finale Reactions
We hit the streets to find out what real "Game of Thrones" fans loved and hated about the final episode of the epic HBO series.
23 May 2019
2019 Summer Movie Preview
Retta and Kevin Smith make their picks for the moneymakers, sleeper hits, and must-see performances of summer 2019.
24 May 2019
"The IMDb Show" On Location: 'Aladdin' Red Carpet
Mena Massoud talks to IMDb about landing the role of a lifetime as Aladdin in Disney's live-action remake. The Toronto-bred actor made it back to his hometown for a Q&A before a special screening of the film.
24 May 2019
Take 5 With Kaitlyn Dever
Kaitlyn Dever, star of the new coming-of-age comedy 'Booksmart,' won't date you if you don't respect 'Nacho Libre.' She's also terrified of Nicole Kidman in 'The Others' and adores the friendship in "Sex Education."
30 May 2019
Joshua Jackson
The star of the new Netflix miniseries gives us an inside take on Ava DuVernay's directing style and why he wouldn't go back to his "Dawson's Creek" days.
3 Jun. 2019
"The IMDb Show" On Location: X-Men Superlatives
To celebrate the release of the new X-Men film 'Dark Phoenix,' "The IMDb Show" hits the streets to ask fans which mutants deserve yearbook superlatives.
6 Jun. 2019
Kathryn Newton
From "The Society" to 'Pokemon Detective Pikachu,' Kathryn Newton has been taking cues from her "Big Little Lies" co-stars.
13 Jun. 2019
Carla Gugino
The star of the new series "Jett" brings her fearless attitude to every role.
14 Jun. 2019
"The IMDb Show" On Location: Best TV & Movie Dads
"The IMDb Show" hits the streets to find out the best and the worst TV and movie dads of all time.
14 Jun. 2019
Take 5 With Jared Harris
Jared Harris reveals what he thinks is an almost-perfect movie and that he has never seen 'Dirty Dancing.'
20 Jun. 2019
Ralph Macchio
The star of "Cobra Kai" and 'The Karate Kid' works hard to maintain the essence of Mr. Miyagi and the original film 35 years after the original's debut.
24 Jun. 2019
Take 5 With Sydney Sweeney
Sydney Sweeney, star of the new HBO series Euphoria has a big crush on Leonardo DiCaprio and can't stop watching Christmas movies.
27 Jun. 2019
Keegan-Michael Key
The "Key & Peele" star delivers his distinct brand of comedy in two of the most anticipated movies of the summer, 'Toy Story 4' and 'The Lion King.'
1 Jul. 2019
"The IMDb Show" On Location: Spidey Surprise at Kellogg's NYC
Host Danielle Robay and the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man take over Kellogg's NYC Café to celebrate the upcoming 'Spider-Man: Far From Home.'
4 Jul. 2019
Cobie Smulders
Cobie Smudlers has a tough job ahead of her as Maria Hill in 'Spider-Man: Far From Home.'
8 Jul. 2019
Take 5 With Natalie Morales
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