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Season 1

7 Oct. 2017
April showers bring May flowers.
Chise Hatori signed contract to be sold. On the auction strange man appears and buy her. He is wizard Elias Ainsworth. He take her to her new home.
14 Oct. 2017
One today is worth two tomorrows.
Chise and Elias have breakfast together. After that they travel to London to buy few things. They also meet some of Elias friends.
21 Oct. 2017
The balance distinguishes not between gold and lead.
Dragon took Chise and caries her to Dragon land. Elias comes as well. They meet several dragons and dragons caretaker.
28 Oct. 2017
Everything must have a beginning.
Chise and Elias are in train. They are going to the Kingdom of Cats.
4 Nov. 2017
Love conquers all.
Chise and Elias are trying to cleanse a corruption. Two sorcerers are trying to stop them. To cleanse a corruption Chise need to know what happened in creating corruption in first place.
11 Nov. 2017
The Faerie Queene
Corruption is disappearing. Two sorcerers leave. Chise lost a lot of energy and fall into a deep sleep.
18 Nov. 2017
Talk of the Devil, and He is Sure to Appear
Elias starts to teach Chise magic seriously. They are hired by church to check black dog for them. When they arrive they find dead body.
25 Nov. 2017
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Chise is injured. Elias thinks she is dead and he is destroying everything.
2 Dec. 2017
None So Deaf as Those Who Will Not Hear
Elias is closed in his room for two weeks. Chise is worried. Ruth instinctively feels that he need to do something.
9 Dec. 2017
We Live and Learn
Chise and Ruth are going to the land of Dragons. Lindel teaches Chise how to make a magic wand.
16 Dec. 2017
Lovers Ever Run Before the Clock
Lindel is remembering how he and Elias traveled together. Chise is making her magic wand.
24 Dec. 2017
Better to ask the way than go astray
Elias feels lonely with out Chise. Chise and Lindel are finishing magic wand.
7 Jan. 2018
East, West, Home's Best.
Chise is attacked by yukimushi, briefly making her dangerously ill. She and Elias discuss the nature of their relationship.
14 Jan. 2018
Looks Breed Love.
The Leannán Sídhe begs Chise for her help: Joel is on his death bed, and she can only seem to make things worse. Chise vows to do what she can to turn that around.
20 Jan. 2018
There is no place like home
A surge of magic threatens to kill Chise. Elias takes her to the land of fairies for treatment, while Silky is left to take care of their home.
27 Jan. 2018
God's Mill Grinds Slow but Sure
It's almost Christmas! Alice invites Chise out to London, where they hang out together and go gift shopping for Renfred and Elias.
3 Feb. 2018
Look Before You Leap
Two siblings, Stella and Ethan, get in a fight. They wish for things that they don't entirely mean, but come to regret dearly, as they become true.
10 Feb. 2018
Forgive and Forget
Having made friends with Chise, Stella visits the Ainsworths' home. Meanwhile, Elias' behavior takes a troubling turn.
17 Feb. 2018
Any Port in a Storm
In a dream, Chise converses with Cartaphilus. It seems that he's found a solution to his problem - one that involves Chise.
24 Feb. 2018
You Can't Make an Omelet Without Breaking a Few Eggs
Chise falls victim to a dragon's curse after she attempts to free it as it's being sold at an auction. She may not have very long left.
10 Mar. 2018
As You Sow, So Shall You Reap.
Joseph tries to free himself from the curse of Cartaphilus by switching his curse with the one Chise possesses. Chise is captive in her own memories, reliving the most traumatic moment of her childhood.
17 Mar. 2018
Nothing Seek, Nothing Find
Elias earns the help of many, and they form a search party for Chise. Meanwhile, Chise and Cartaphilus relive his past together.
24 Mar. 2018
Live and Let Live
Cartaphilus and Chise argue over their respective approaches to dealing with their own suffering, beating each other up brutally in the process.

 Season 1 

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