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Season 1

10 Jan. 2018
Episode #1.1
British social worker Miriam Grayson's busy caseload includes 9-year old Kiri Akindele, a black girl who is due to be adopted by a white couple, Alice and Jim Warner. With the Warners' permission, Miriam approves an unsupervised visit for Kiri with her grandfather Tobi and his second wife, Rochelle. When Kiri disappears, Miriam is questioned by DI Vanessa Mercer, who suggests Kiri was abducted by her estranged, violent father, Nathaniel. When Kiri is found murdered, the public blames Miriam, who is suspended from her job. Hounded by the press, Miriam hits the bottle.
17 Jan. 2018
Episode #1.2
Tobi tracks down Nate, who denies killing Kiri, saying that he lost her but he is nonetheless arrested. Meanwhile Alice and Jim, making several television appearances, are shocked when DI Mercer suggests that their teen-aged son Si may be involved in Kiri's disappearance whilst Miriam, besieged by reporters, learns that she may be the subject of an official enquiry.
24 Jan. 2018
Episode #1.3
As Miriam becomes aware her drinking could affect her future, DI Mercer tells the Warners that CCTV footage reveals Nate and Kiri were separated before her death, putting his guilt in doubt. Si discovers his mother's affair, but both she and Jim have their doubts about his whereabouts when Kiri was killed, leading Jim to a shocking proposal. Tobi is annoyed that his church seeks to make political capital from the case, whilst Alice gives DI Mercer a new piece of evidence.
31 Jan. 2018
Episode #1.4
Alice's statement leads to Nate's arrest for Kiri's murder whilst the Warners decide to send Si out of town until the trial ends. Tobi is puzzled by a visit from DI Mercer, suggesting she doubts Nate's guilt whilst Miriam, though heartened by support from former clients and colleagues, resigns before she can be sacked. She agrees to meet Si, who believes his mother lied to incriminate Nate and later accuses Jim of killing Kiri. However Nate's trial is looming and the truth has yet to be made public.

 Season 1 

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