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Season 2

30 Jan. 2019
Ryan gets his second season, but when his first season partner is shot at the premiere of Ryan's new blockbuster film about Alexander Hamilton, he must team up with a new even tougher cop to solve even more crimes including this one.
30 Jan. 2019
The Office Party
Ryan and his new no-nonsense cop partner, Vince Vincente, investigate the murder of a YouTube Premium web show sound mixer. The suspects include Ryan's old Party Down (2009) costar, Ken Marino, and actor Stephen Merchant.
30 Jan. 2019
Like and Subscribe
Ryan and Vince investigate the murder of a celebrated young social media influencer.
30 Jan. 2019
I'm Sorry, She Classpassed
Ryan and Vince investigate a murder at a cross-fit gym. Priya gets bumped up to recurring.
30 Jan. 2019
The Rhy Chromosome
Ryan and Vince investigate a man apparently poisoned by his tattoos, and Ryan's "diversity rider" causes some casting changes.
30 Jan. 2019
For Your Inconsideration
Ryan is forced to team up with his bitter rival, comedian Rob Corddry, to try and solve the murder of a DVD screeners bootlegger. Corddry introduces him to the secret club of actors famous for playing cops on TV.
30 Jan. 2019
The Ry Guy Goes to Jail
Ryan and Vince go to prison undercover as new inmates to solve the murder of one of Ryan's inmate fans and find out who shot his old partner, Mathers.
30 Jan. 2019
Execution Dependant
Ryan and Vince go through a list of celeb cameos from season 1 to figure out which one of them may have had a reason to shoot Mathers and try to kill Hansen.

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