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To the people calling it too cringeworthy or unrealistic
lukamp30 April 2019
I understand, that there's a lot of close minded people of the older generation here that don't find this movie to be realistic cause it's different to when they were in Eighth Grade, but the world has changed. All you need to do is go online and find some random kid with 10 subscribers making YouTube videos to understand where the cringe of 'gucci' etc. comes from. I know people somewhat akin to the main character, and honestly, her inability to express herself is realistic. The dialogue as well, I walk through the halls of my high school, and just want to cringe to death at the way the younger kids speak, and I think it's great that it is being explored through this film, something a lot of people have and will never understand. Anyway I thought it was a good film, no one's going to read this but who cares, I wrote it in 5 minutes.
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Cringe-worthy, Honest and Deeply Empathetic
Jared_Andrews7 August 2018
'Eighth Grade' is a movie you'll be talking about for a long time. Bo Burnham, one of the O.G.'s of teen YouTube stardom, has given us an agonizingly rich and authentic look at what life is like for Kayla (Elsie Fisher), a shy 13-year-old girl in today's social media obsessed world. Burnham, directing his first feature, doesn't spare any detail and doesn't alter any truth.

This film is exceedingly honest. It doesn't depict Kayla's experiences the way we might think they should be for an eighth grader or the way we might want them to be-they're simply presented as they are. Pool parties are a source of unbearable discomfort. First sexual encounters are not always pleasant. Kids with exploding hormones and little impulse control randomly shout unfunny phrases at assemblies in the hopes of earning a laugh.

The storytelling has the feel of a nature documentary. We can almost hear the narrator describing Kayla's attempts to navigate her fascinating and frightening terrain. Playing the vulnerable character who's far from the top of the food chain, she's just trying to survive.

Kayla, like so many kids her age, is a shy girl pretending to be confident. She posts advice videos to YouTube on how to be yourself, something with which she still very much struggles. As she records one video, she slowly rolls her chair farther away from the camera, indicating a declining level of self-assurance. This mirrors her real-world peer interactions, in which she stammers and laughs halfway through sentences as she begins to doubt herself and shrink with embarrassment, not that the self-absorbed "listener" bothers to notice.

All the kids stare at their phones constantly. These modern mean girls barely bother to muster up the energy put others down with a passive-aggressive remark because that would involve speaking to another person. Instead, they inflict harm by neglecting to acknowledge an uncool kid's mere existence. As cruel as that sounds, these popular kids aren't presented as villains. This is simply their way of handling their own insecurities. There are no villains in eighth grade-they're all just kids trying to figure out their lives and trying to figure out themselves.

And the adults don't know how to handle any of this. Kayla's dad wants to connect with her, but is met with constant rejection. He smartly gives her space and only requests her attention to remind her how much he loves her. In one scene, Kayla asks if she makes him sad, and he fervently reassures her that she makes him profoundly happy. Like Kayla, he can't always find the right words, but he successfully expresses the feeling.

That scene is a microcosm of the entire film. Its dialogue isn't readily quotable or particularly memorable, and that's okay. What is actually said isn't as important as the meaning behind it.

Parents can keep this in mind when they have conversations with their own kids, possibly directly after watching this film. Many kids and parents will likely watch it together since it carries an "R" rating (it's ironic that a film that accurately reflects the lives of eighth graders is deemed too adult for them to watch on their own). And parents should watch this with their kids, so they can both understand each other a little bit better. They'll both be better for doing so.
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I'm a 60 year old man...but now I remember
shawlawoff23 October 2018
I was introduced to Bo Burnham by my adult children who found his stand-up specials funny. I watched and found him extremely talented with an underlying sadness.

I expected this movie to be uproarious with an undercurrent of teenage angst. Instead, it was incredibly poignant and moving. In fact, it was so painful atbpkints I found it difficult to watch.

In the scene where she drops her cell phone due to excitement of being invited to the mall by an older friend, my eyes began to well up with tears.

It is one of the most realistic movies regarding youth that I have ever seen.

A painful watch but well worth it. Burnham has a big future ahead of him.
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Down and Out at Miles Grove Middle School
lavatch18 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
In the bonus track of the DVD of "Eighth Grade," the film artists described their film as a coming of age drama of a thirteen-year-old. But the most interesting observation made was that the goal was to show the difference of the memory of being age thirteen and the actual lived experience. Unfortunately, there was not enough follow through on this concept. The story, the characters, and the transitional experience for the main character Kayla were bland and mundane to the point that the good intentions of the filmmakers were never realized either in the character's memory or the direct experience itself.

One of the shortcomings of the screenplay was the integration of a series of amateur videos where Kayla is talking about herself and her life to an imagined audience. But in each instance, the character was so inarticulate with the "uhs," "ums," "likes," and "ya' knows" that her presentations were a complete bore. Her only audience member that we know of was Gabe, who was interested in Kayla romantically, not for the pearls of wisdom in her impromptu videos.

Similarly, the members of the graduating eighth grade class of Miles Grove Middle School were a motley crew of shallow adolescents addicted to social media and their cell phones. It was especially revealing that that there was actually very little personal contact among the students because they were texting or staring at their cell phones. The filmmakers were obviously intent on capturing the obsession with technology when, in a scene at the mall, Kayla is talking with a group of high school students whose principal reference point for growing up was when they were first introduced to various mobile devices: "How old were you when you first introduced to Snapshot?"

The best moments in the film were in a moving scene where Kayla's father tells her that she is special and important in his life. It was a rare moment of human contact that clearly needed to be filled in the void of adolescents who are losing their humanity. The critical question that Kayla asks her dad is whether or not she makes him sad. Unintentionally, this film left me with a sadness about the lives of young people being squandered on the mindless, time-wasting addiction to the internet and the social media.
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This is the movie you´ll tell your friends to see.
tmasterino3 December 2018
"Eighth grade" is probably the most relatable movie i´ve ever seen. Im 13 years old and im starting eighth grade and when i was watching the movie i felt like i was in school, it looked so real, so authentic and honest. i felt the cringe moments in the skin like i was there.

Everything that happened to Kayla i think it already happened to me one day (although im a boy haha). I´ve had a channel on youtube too, i´ve gave advice to people, but i couldn´t apply them to myself.

The acting was also phenomenal! Elsie Fisher did really good but Josh Hamilton steals the show.

The movie remembered me of Lady Bird (2017).

"Eighth grade" is an authentic and relatable movie giving nostalgia to those who once were in Kayla´s position and making those who are in her position right now laugh out loud.
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It's so hard to relate with this..
dosehiwiza4 January 2019
I get the idea behind it, but I couldn't relate to this movie at all. There are better movies than this one. It was a waste of time for me. If you wanna watch a better movie than this, try Edge of Sixteen. Same idea, same everything, but waaay better and much more relatable. I am not saying the acting was bad, but the execution of the movie was. I wouldn't recommend this at all.. 2 stars!
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Was anyone really like this in eighth grade?
bellaschue14 January 2019
Eighth Grade is a cringeful to the point of inaccuracy. Was anyone really like this in eighth grade? Was anyone this rude to their father? Did high schoolers ever ask you to hang out with them? Burnham attempted to make a relatable coming of age film but did just the opposite. It was a presumptuous attempt of capturing what it's like growing up in the millennium age, when it's simply not accurate. The entire 94 minutes was an exposition that never progressed. The only enjoyable aspect of this film was Josh Hamilton's performance, and even that was an inaccurate portrayal of real life. Who's father is that perfect? Overall, the entire premise of the movie was to depict what it's like to grow up in the age of technology, and to remind the watcher what eighth grade was like. With that in mind, this film failed.
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This is a dramatic and a sad movie READ this now no major spoilers !!
Q8-MarronGlace26 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Not sure why this film has been categorized as a Drama, Comedy and on some other websites only written Genre: Comedy , Correct me if I am wrong specially whom really loved this film please point me something out in this that was funny and Comedic ! The way I see it this film was sad and so much dramatic life of a young teen girl first of all that her mother was passed away second she is lonely 3rd her relationship with her father wasn't good and she's always upset and keeps yelling at him till last scene finally something has been changed 4th she had no friend and above of that she has no confidence in herself so her life was miserable and yet this film been categorized as comedy , If i was living her life I might just hang myself of a tree really what is so funny in that waste of time movie thank GOD I saw it for free and haven't paid a dime otherwise I would waste both my time and money over a ridiculous teen aged movie I am too old to watch this kind of movies but again have been fooled by rating and can't stand it anymore with this false ratings and reviews keeps messing with people again and again so I had a time to kill and I really have killed it but with unaccepted kind of movie its more of a true story yeah a story of like 60% of most girls I guess the Written and Director Bo Burnham which I thing he has a huge connections and hands behind making doing that high rating for his own movie , You can feel it that he doesn't have a time to create something new as the film have nothing creativity no self imagination nothing just a simple random story about a teen girl nothing special and this kind of movie that you'll forget about right away once you're done watching it so as a decent advice just avoid watching this piece of ^&%$ You're welcome
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Disjointed and ultimately phony
LilyDaleLady1 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Though I am umpteen times the age of the protagonist here....probably nobody knows more about "being unpopular in 8th grade" than I did. So while the intention here is good, the film just flounders. I don't think a male director/writer can possibly really know about a girl's experiences. I wonder why he did not focus on the awkward BOY here instead.

First off -- and I read the rapturous professional reviews, 99% positive on Rotten Tomatoes (just a hair off of "Lady Bird" for cripes sake!) -- this structure here makes no sense. We only learn AT THE END, that Kayla's dad is divorced from her mom. That means her mom is ALIVE!!! I was sure from everything prior her mom was DEAD, and she was a grieving girl -- and that the happiness in her 6th grade "time capsule" video was because her mom was ALIVE back then. Obvious but .... nope. He's divorced, and we have no inkling if this was when Kayla was 2 years old or 12 years old. Where is her mom? NOBODY KNOWS OR CARES. She's alive but has ZERO interaction with the girl -- the dad doesn't even call her to ask advice about their desperately unhappy, depressed daughter!

So is the mom an opioid addict? run off with another man? locked in a mental hospital? NOBODY KNOWS OR CARES. Kayla never refers to the loss of her mom, yet isn't it THIS that is making her depressed? not her acne or lack of social skills? wouldn't your MOM, another woman, be the one you ask for advice about clothes, hair, makeup, boys? So the dad has NO GIRLFRIEND, all these years of parenting alone? Kayla has never seen a therapist about the obvious pain of NOT HAVING HER MOTHER around? No aunt? no grandmothers?

Can Bo Burnham be SO DENSE he does not realize any of this? this is a classic "dead mom" story, like so many sitcoms, where mom is eliminated because it suits the storyline and yet nobody is bothered, or grieved or notices! (NOTE: the superiority of "Lady Bird" is precisely because she does have a mom, and her relationship WITH her mom is at the very crux of the storyline. And true also of the superior film "Edge of Seventeen".)

Another painful flaw: any girl who looked like Kayla in today's world (2017-2018) would be focused on her weight and dieting. Though not obese by any means, she is clearly 20+ lbs overweight. (I wonder if the actress gained some lbs for the part.) She has bulges, and a big pot belly. Such a girl would NEVER EVER show up at a pool party, except maybe under a big cover-up. She'd be in anguish over her lack of fashionable skinniness. Yet does Kayla mention dieting or her weight for one second? Nope. (Does she ever consider that her lack of stylish clothes or makeup acumen are maybe because SHE HAS NO MOTHER to consult? Nope.)

Also: having run this gantlet (see my first sentence), the refuge of most such girls is a close, intense friendship with one or more OTHER awkward unpopular girls. Yet Kayla has zero girlfriends -- zero. (At the end, she makes friends or a boyfriend with the awkward unpopular BOY she meets at the pool party.) She doesn't even approach a girl like herself. Is her school literally made up of all cute popular (rude) girls plus Kayla, the ONE outsider? REALLY? no other fat, awkward, pimply girls with braces or something? NOT ONE?

Lastly: in a way this is a horror movie, about truly awful dependency young people have on their phones. Pretty or popular, homely or fat...NOBODY should be living life through a phone, constantly taking pictures of one's self or making videos about one's self! letting kids do this borders on child abuse. Yet so many viewing this movie do not seem to see any of these things.

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Hard to watch
pdk-759036 October 2018
It boring to watch and the part that you think wont be boring just end up been cringey. It's just a realistic view of a young girls life and thats it, not much happens. I think this is targeted to girls/women because i really dont care for anything that happens.
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Absolutely horrible, pointless movie
thebricks7 January 2019
Tried to watch this for ten minutes, maybe twenty. I gave it twenty. It was dumb and pointless. Someone connected got this movie made and thought it was so profound. I gave it a chance. It just seems this is the movie everyone is pretending to like this year because someone else claimed it was good. It was not. Don't waste your time.
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I thought Thirteen was way better
geurtsdustin20 October 2018
They laid the word "like" way to thick and made it look like that's how young teens talk. 1, I've seen YouTube videos with teens that talk normal. 2) That is not teen specific. I've been to several interview seminars and over coming "like" and "um" is always a key focus point. Those are adults in the courses.
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Awful Waste of Time
holly-4ever20 January 2019
The premise of this film sounded somewhat interesting, but the reality of it is awful. (*spoilers*) This child is allowed to treat her dad like crap and he's the one apologizing to her? And the script is so bare bones, as if a sixth grader wrote the script. They threw in everything that they think is edgy and "now," but not only is it one of the most boring things I've wasted time watching, but it infuriates one to see how permissive parents can create horrible future generations. If you want to waste your time watching a ridiculous child looking at instagram, twitter, and make lame YouTube videos, watch this. No, the ending is not deep, it's scrambling to make something out of an awkward nothing. Can't believe this junk was nominated for anything. Doesn't even deserve a Razzie.
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Worst movie ever
ixxeeks31 March 2019
Worst movie I've ever watched..... Very boring, sad and pathetic....... She can't even act well
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Can't relate
Troublemaker_f112 October 2018
I fel asleep. I couldn't relate. Maybe because I'm a 36 year old man.
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This movie is a Masterpiece for the American audience.
dleymoor27 September 2018
Who can relate to a young girls' drama, when there is no drama or arc. There was a time when growing up had a lot more to tell than, a complex emotional journey with a lot to tell.

The shallow sensitivity and the big "theme" that everyone wants to be special and different, is pictured a lot. The only thing that made the protagonist special is that she had a lot of problems without actually having a problem and maybe a broken iphone.

The reason I am writing this review is that I keep wondering, how this movie can be considered as a Masterpiece when the culture of this so-called new generation has no philosophic background and just float behind a screen on a 24-7 basis. As the years pass by, the American Cinema has less and less to offer, makes me wonder if humans over there have become empty shells.
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A Huge Letdown
soowooo1726 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The main problem with this movie is that the main character is just incredibly unlikable. She's very awkward (intentionally I'm sure) and she comes across as someone you wouldn't want to be around, let alone be friends with. None of the other characters are enjoyable either, especially the male crush she has (dude who flexes and tries to get her topless). I get that sex happens in those years, I had sex as an 8th grader, but it wasn't ANYWHERE near as stupid and awkward as they made it out to be.

There just wasn't much happening here. Combined with the annoying characters and questionable view of 8th grade, I can't recommend this at all
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karagozozan29 September 2018
Disapointed.. You just hear that "ok, yeah, cool, gucci" o never watch this kind of bad film.. So sorry..
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Wasted 2 hours of my life.
Jumanaahh29 September 2018
This movie was beyond horrible. I wanted a comedy movie and didn't laugh once. I cringed so much! The pace of the movie didn't make much sense (about her and Aiden and all). No character development at all and this was basically the point of the movie ???? Don't waste your time, you'll hate yourself afterwards. I don't know, I honestly couldn't relate at all, this coming from a girl who was kinda quiet herself.
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This is the movie you'll not tell your friends to see
simon-s1 January 2019
Very ordinary film on the boring side. No real narrative. Describes a nerd and yes we all have had some of her eigth grade embarrassing experiences, but the devastation for most of us didn't come close to hers. I just don't get what the good word of mouth was about.
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Cringeworthy Film
Minerva_Meybridge12 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I do not know where to begin. Boring. Poorly written. Trite. Cringworthy. Like some grewsome horror film where someone's eyes are gouged out, I found myself wanting to turn my head away. The tale is about a truly awkward girl trying to fit in and doing a really bad job of it. Is it a spooler to say that a good part (and I hate to use the word "good" in describing any part of this filmstrocity) of it has to do with her learning how to perform a blowjob on the boy she has a crush on? Why not just make a movie aobut how 14-year-olds use the toilet? This is the level fimmaking has apparently sunken to. But then, I could not sit through Little Miss Sunshiine or Twilight either, so perhaps I am out of step with the rest of the world. Mind you, I'm not at odds with coming of age films. John Hughes knew what he was doing with Pretty in Pink, the Breakfast Club., Sixteen Caneles and Some KInd odf Wonderful, and I loved Claire Danes and Jared Leto in My So-Called Life. But a 14-year-old girl basically learning how to suck a hotdog, doesn't in my opinion, cut the mustard. And, yet, this is what the Hollywood liberal left craves. And they wonder about Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein? Gimme a break!
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Cringe is not a genre
samanthapine4 April 2019
Waste of time. No plot. Purposefully cringey because they've got nothing else to grasp. Very very poor representation of kids in the 8th grade. I was honestly offended by how bad this movie was. Zero Stars. Nothing happens except so much bad dialogue jesus christ make it stoppppp.
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Accurate Reflection
Skippy48912 February 2019
I was not the target audience for the film... the 2-star rating is based on my personal enjoyment of the film.

The film itself is very well done. The message was very powerful and is important, especially for teenagers. Definitely worth a watch
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gunru-692369 August 2018
My kids thought it was a comedy. It was terribly boring. Sheesh. Wasted 6 tickets.
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Wtf blowjobs
brimanjparker7 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Are you kidding me we have to watch her blow a banana I can't this movie is cringy don't watch it
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