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Kurt Russell and James MacArthur in a good movie
jonathanrspalding15 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Imagine if you will a Hallmark channell moview was set in the Civil War. That in a nutshell is this movie. It is a pleasant movie, oddly enough for one set in the civil war. With true drama and quality acting especially by a young Kurt Russell and James Macarthur though forgotten now was in several movies you have seen from that era (Battle of the Bulge for instance) and was a solid actor in alot of movies.

This movie could not be made today, but it is a story that could be told about any conflict with love and friendship conquering all.

It is the disney style but actual blood was shed in the battle scenes. The CSA is soft pedaled and while not the heros (all soldiers were heros by this movie) it certainly was portrayed non-negatively.

An enjoyable watch. Spoiler though, the North wins the war.
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