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So glad it got green lit!
camiacono15 June 2017
I've been following this pilot since they released the Mobil game last year and I played the crap out of that as well as watching the pilot and promotional shorts over and over again to tell CN how much people wanted this as a full series. And to hear 6 episodes got released a month and a half early filled me up with so much joy. After watching those episodes. I can say that OK KO............Is part of a complete breakfast....or as Tony the tiger would say "GREAT!". It pays inspiration to anime, video games, comic books. I like how it's kinda of like an episodic show that has potential to have a on going narrative that delves into the lore of the world and the origins of the characters and after watching the few first episodes, they foreshadow that. This show can go places, with shows like Adventure time and Gumball wrapping up their production and those ever nasty Teen Titans looking to cause trouble for CN's schedule, as well as upcoming shows like Uni-kitty and Apple and Onion which could go both ways, I hope that KO can big a big hit for the Network and the odds of that are looking good. And Ian Jones really deserves this, he is a really talented cartoonist and writer. And it just goes to show, if your pilot fails once, it doesn't mean it won't get green lite at all.
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A truly funny and heartwarming show
McChrom6 May 2018
This show is one you should defiantly be keeping your eye on. The characters are amazing for example, KO is supposed to be a pure child who is always happy and you can see that with his speech and expressions. Speaking of expressions, the animation is amazing despite it not seeming so. A good example of this is the beginning of the episode "The Perfect Meal" where the animation is hilarious and the season 1 finale where the animation is perfect for fighting. But, what's a good fight without music and the music is good, the intro is great I have to say, short, simple, and sweet. Wrapping this up, I highly suggest watching this with it's pop culture references that are just there and great plot, I give this a 9/10.
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when is this show even on tv?
pers-684942 September 2018
I love this show so much and the way the characters are designed, idk why cartoon network is snuffing this show and drowning us in We Bare Bears and Teen Titans Go. They need to air more Steven Universe and OK K.O episodes
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Great Show!
jeramparo1 September 2017
I think this show is really great. Maybe it's because of Teen Titans Go, but it's great. The colors are vibrant. The music has an 80s vibe or something. It even has a plot, which Teen Titans Go does not. Anyways, watch this show because it's really good. Probably my 2nd favorite cartoon Steven Universe is my first).
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A Nostalgic Smash(Literally!)
chaoticcosmos19 June 2017
70s disco-esque theme song. 80s influenced colors and visuals. Dragon Ball Z esque action/humor! What more can you say about OK KO?

Ian Jones-Quarterley's lovechild of 90s media nostalgia is a welcome antidote against Cartoon Network's otherwise abysmal programming. Consisting of the exploits of the naive yet eager KO(knock-out to the layman) and his more cynical teenage companions, Radicles, the picolo inspired alien show-off and Enid, the Shantae inspired slacker.

All three work for the overbearing commandeering shirtless Mr. Gar at Lakewood Plaza Turbo. Rounding out this offbeat group of heroes is KO's wrestler mom, Carol, who works as the next door judo teacher nearby. The series keeps at a very quick pace right from the get- go, anime-expressions galore, and wacky out-of-nowhere visuals. It's not exactly clear what type of world the characters inhabit, but it's main premise should be relatable to anyone. It's amazing how they get so much out of these rather simplistic character designs. It isn't exactly Adventure Time influenced, it's more Steven Universe/Bee and Puppycat influenced, yet has as much of a violent sadistic bite as the classic Powerpuff Girls. Another part that I like about it is that it's character outlines resemble the roughness of a pencil, as if they were actually drawn.

If you don't really play classic 16 bit video games, or 1990s Japanese anime, it's likely a lot of these references will go over your head. But if you want a kick-butt show on Cartoon Network, look no further than OK KO: Let's be Heroes.
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ian jones quartey you done good you done good
bradenbk23 July 2017
now as a fan of nock force I really liked OK ko lets be heroes, I liked the episodes I watched, OK I have not seen every episode of the show but I have seen a couple, the basic plot is, a guy named ko you works at a store for super heroes and they fight robots and EXPLOSIONS!. I know the whole show has not come out on TV, but you can watch on the CN app, and on xfinity. I cant wait for it to come out in august, the show makes me think if street fighter and Steven universe mashed together.
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Refreshing and Unique
emdonnelly-6924912 December 2017
The style is so simple but so fluid, and it retains the same goofy humor as Steven Universe and Adventure Time, without ever trying to be more than it is; a silly, cute and fun cartoon about superheroes!

It's a really great cartoon that I just can't get enough of. It teaches life lessons and never gets political to the point of being obnoxious (see; Steven Universe, Clarence...urgh), and it's beautifully colored and animated.

The fight scenes are action packed and intense, and the voice acting is phenomenal!! I love that Ian gets to voice one of the main characters, and I absolutely love K.O. and his mother's voice actresses.

So much talent and heart in this show, and it's fantastic for kids of all ages, especially those who have a love for superheroes!! I cannot recommend it enough!
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A really good edition
ethaninar2 August 2017
I used to like Steven Universe, but I eventually got bored of it. This feels a lot like that show...but better.

This show isn't gut bustingly hilarious, but the nice comedy combined with the OK story and great animation makes it an overall great show. I have only seen one episode of this show but I can tell it will succeed
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Not quite there yet.
SomeRandomCritique25 September 2017
The show has a lot of potential. But sadly that potential hasn't been fully utilized yet. Basically the show follows a boy named K.O. after he gets a job at Lakewood Plaza Turbo and he begins to go on crazy adventures. I'll begin with the characters. I like K.O. in all. He's a well intentioned kid and he's hard to hate. The problem is, he's not a very complex or interesting character. To be honest, K.O.'s more obliviously happy than modern day SpongeBob. And that's not a bad thing, but it doesn't make a very interesting or complex character. And Rad's just a narcissist. The only one of the main characters I found interesting was Enid.

In my opinion, some of the best Cartoon Network shows have elements that can appeal to kids and adults. The only thing about the show that can appeal to adults is all the references to retro video games.The show is to sappy for teenagers and a lot of the jokes many adults will find either annoying or stupid. With that said, there were a few jokes that left me in stitches. The shows has a lot of low brow jokes that really get on my nerves though.

For the episodes though,the average episode for the show isn't bad. But they occasionally have an above average episode and a below average episode. When the show is at its best, it has a lot of great character development and enjoyable stories. But at its worst, the show can be very annoying and feel like watching a bunch of hyperactive kids run around a room screaming. OK well maybe not that bad.

Though in the end, the shows main problem is that it can often come off as annoying and there needs to be more character development. Though the show is only in it's first season. Once it works out some of the more annoying factors and truly establishes its identity, I'm confident it will become one of Cartoon Network best shows. But until then, I can only say that the show isn't quite there yet.
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One of the better shows of Cartoon Network today
WeAreLive14 March 2018
Honestly I hope this show doesn't get cancelled any time soon because Cartoon Network dosen't seem to be doing very well ever since Regular Show got canceled and seem to be only wanting to do constant marathons of Teen Titans Go! in the USA cartoon network.

Although the animation and character designs need improving but it's not that bad.

naomi Mbugua/Spacething7474 your nothing but the worst excuse for troll and person who has a bad taste in shows. Honestly? "It's trying to be the next Steven Universe?", "I hope it gets cancelled soon because it stinks" I can't believe there is person like you on this site who can handle garbage like Breadwinners, Teen Titans Go! and The problem solverz? Truly I am a shamed and disappointed.

Anyways if you haven't seen this show yet i would definitely recomand it.
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Mixed feelings
ginikaifeanyi18 June 2019
Now before you downvote this read it through. This show is OK (no pun intended) , but has a lot of frustrations with me. One is the animation and "action" scenes. The animation well is fine.... other than the fact they go off model every few seconds. I know this comes from the philosophy that Rebecca sugar and Ian Jones quartey set up for Steven Universe which is Artistic Freedom (which it honestly works better in this show than SU) but it can get frustratingly distracting and honestly off putting at times. Like Enid's legs change in proportion to the rest of her body all the time, sometimes they can be punching bags and at other times sausages(that was an over exaggeration but you know what I mean). Also I refuse to believe that this is an action show. Almost everyone tells me that, but they are very few action scenes and all of the actual action scenes are pretty bland. Want to know shows with cool action scenes. One of CN's most recent shows Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart (which actually has an OK ko alumni working on it) and Rise of the Tmnt (I know a lot of people hate that show but the action scenes are awesome as well as its animation). A huge problem I have with the action scenes is that they take place almost always in the same place on level ground, so it ends up being monotonous. Moving on to the characters, they are OK. However I don't like KO, I don't hate him but I don't like him. At times it feels like the writers try to exaggerate his cute factor and he just comes off as annoying, but I can see why others adore. I very much like Rad and Enid and their voice acting. Ian does a stellar job on that. I don't like Lord Boxman his just stereotypical and not that funny to me, I don't like Shanon, Darell or Raymond. I do like Carol an Gar though. Those have a particularly interesting past. The show isn't that funny though can get genuine laughs from me, but I've seen much funnier like Gumball or early Spongebob. I don't find the artstyle that appealing but the character designs are pretty good.

Honestly just an OK show, I'll watch with nothing better to do. Say
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When Steven Universe meets Dragon Ball Z, this happens.
bigman13-803-85996127 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes" is a cartoon created by Ian Jones-Quartey, who also worked on Pendleton Ward's Adventure Time and Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe. It started out as "Lakewood Plaza Turbo", a pilot that was released along with the Steven Universe pilot in 2013.

The show revolves around a kid named K.O., whose goal in life is to be the ultimate hero. With his friends Enid and Radicles (the latter of which is who an adult Steven Universe would look like if he were blue, an alien, and ripped), they all work at Gar's grocery store, owned by the legendary Mr. Gar. K.O.'s mother Carol (née Silverspark) is a former superhero turned fight instructor.

The show's main villain is Lord Boxman, who sometimes dispatches some of his henchmen to fight for him (hint: his henchmen come down from the sky in boxes). Sometimes, the team fights (and messes with) Boxman himself.

In one episode, K.O. befriends Dendy, who should remind some Steven Universe fans of Peridot. She and Peridot have close to the same voice and they're both green nerds. It's also a prime shipping opportunity.

Where it reminds me of Dragon Ball Z is because of the anime-looking characters. I think K.O. could be compared to young Goku in some areas.

My favorite episode of the series as of this writing is "You Have To Care", where Enid catches up with her old rival and former "friend", Elodie. There's plenty of action and a emotional finish. You'll have to watch the episode for yourself to know what I'm talking about.

I think "OK K.O." is a fine cartoon. I'm giving it a 7 because it can be corny and juvenile at times, but not to the point where it's unwatchable for young adults. Kids will love this, obviously, but I think it will be a good successor to Steven Universe when it goes off the air. It's not for everyone, but give it a chance. I think you'll like it.
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Is this even airing
zsinyt12928 July 2018
Tur on TV, NOPE. Open program list... WAIT, not?! Where us this show?!
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A Savior Cartoon for Me
lejeunedonnie16 May 2019
Ever since when it got piloted and shown back in 2013 i have just fallen in love with this show. It is funny, clever and shows good life lessons. It's like when i try and think of something bad about this show, i just think of 3 good things about. The only downgrade i can think of is that the animation is a little weak, but it dosen't really matter. It reminds me of playing retro games and playing with trading cards. But anyways the show is great. And the stories! I am glad to say after a 6 month hiatus OK KO is finally back as of May 2019! And i am so excited to see more KO. So in conclusion this show is really good and i reccomend it. Stories: A, Animation: B+, Plot(s): A-, Character Development: A+. Overall Score: A/96%
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GEY Garbage
dudjadudesoldier15 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Efff outta here with this geyyy garbage! Don't be putting this garbage in the kids
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pixelboy-4541428 April 2019
This show is great. The voice acting, characters, and plot are top-notch. I would recommend this show to anyone. It is one of those rare occasions where we get a good new show from Cartoon Network.
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My favorite Cartoon Network show!
stongejude9 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This is what I want in a cartoon show! It has the ability to balance comedy, character development, drama, and action without making it seem like it's forced. I cannot recommend this show enough, so you should just go check out for yourself!
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OK K.O. doesn't pull any punches
Galaxssea31 May 2019
"OK K.O." harkens back to it's grandparent-cartoons, with slick, colorful characters and a world that feels fleshed out and inspired.
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Another show that some how slipped past the quality filter at CartoonNetwork
mccordsteven24 March 2018
Does CN not put these shows through any kind of quality control any more? "Just air it"seems to be CN's way now and explains why the line up is constantly getting worse.

it does good it stays and continues on. it doesn't it stays until the ratings and reviews get abysmal and its forced off the air.

Why not run these shows through some kind of testing before you throw months worth of money at it only for it to fail?
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I'd give it a 0 if I could
gaminggiddy31 October 2018
This it what qualifies for a modern tv-level cartoon? seriously? CN really lowered the bar further than pretty much anything else I've seen on there, & the viewer #s for the show really help illustrate this. I don't think I've seen a single break 1M views in season, showing how even though people claim this is "the best thing on CN right now," it's still pulling in a pitiful viewership. Animation is horrendous, character designs are dreadful, and the fact that it relies so heavily on references to try & pull in an audience is just another example of the sheer dearth of talent & creative drive that's behind this show. My advice is to skip & try to find something less grotesque-looking to waste your time on
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I Liked this show but ...
cruzwindt-4653427 February 2018
I liked this show, I really did, I loved the wacky pseudo seriousness of it, the mystery around Carol and Laserblast, how the Villains are going to defeat Point, what are the glorbs, KO's connection to them etc.

But it made a mistake no cartoon should make, it became political propaganda. Dirty, filthy, trashy, shameless political propaganda. No I'm not talking about the lesbian or bisexual ships ( romances ) in this show, in fact, unlike other shows like the Loud House which screams '' We are progressive look at us !!'', I like how they handled non hetero relationships in here. Hell I even ship Boxman and Doctor Venomous. And I'm not talking about the Captain Planet episode, which I love for old reminiscences of my childhood. I'm talking about the Let's Not Be Skeletons episode. I can understand if you tell children to not play with guns, I like that you show children that it's not abnormal to be with someone of your own gender in a romantic relationship, but no, you don't get a free pass to literally brainwash them in a dishonest way about guns. It's not really different from Peron or Fidel Castro's for kid books where they teach the kids to love the leader. Let kids grow up and decide. I dunno if I'll keep watching the show after this, if it has become this ....

In the end I kept watching it, and the show has distended itself from political propaganda lately. I like that. My favorite character is TKO because of the contrast he makes with KO and other characters, and I'm impatient for the next episode of KO's World. My only whine about the show, is that KO is becoming a little too much like Steven from Steven Universe. Ko should be a unique character with his own ambitions driving him up, instead of become an hyper sensible kind of guy, specially if he's becoming an Hero. Hope his goal doesn't get lost for the sake of making him super empathetic with others just because that sells.

The show has show that It can grow so I'm rising the stars from 1 to 4, I just hope, or better to say I pray that something like Let's not Be Skeleton doesn't happen again, EVER.
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Obsessed... but Mixed Feelings
elevineyes2 November 2018
Take it easy, this show is not for everyone. But before you leave, peek at my reasoning please.

My personal CONS:

It is very experimental in it's storytelling and animation to the point of being overwhelmingly wonky or confusing sometimes. The show leans heavily on references. Many probably go over kids' heads. Sometimes it seems like a reference of everything at once, but if you're into references, it's a plus I guess. I on the other hand live under a rock, so I'm confused halve the time about scenes that don't quite work out as well without that deeper understanding.

The pacing is pretty wonky at times too, and like I said before, so is the animation. Some scenes look awesome, some of them look disturbingly awkward.

Morals can be a bit pushy on rare occasion, so don't get "triggered" if you disagree.

Personal PROS:

Characters are excellently written. Hardly any true trope characters (except for maybe my lovely edgy bean), as they are multi-dimensional, flawed, and entertaining. With them the writers create stories with meaning. It's not that dreaded empty content... well almost all episodes anyhoo. When the storytelling or pacing staggers or those confusing maybe-but-not-surely-noncanon episodes crop up, the characters themselves are enough to keep me going.

The music is another upside, I think it's all very groovy and almost transcendent, but dear, I've forgotten the name of the genre. You'll just have to hear it yourself!

If you ask the average OK K.O. fan, from my experience they'll talk like it's basically the best thing that ever was animated. Maybe I'm just too judgemental and uptight to see it. But I have mixed feelings about it, I feel like it gets away with much more than other shows can when it comes to being experimental and mixing up the very grondwork of the show's universe. I don't really know what the show quite IS sometimes. Of course, these are just my opinions and I don't know much. Build your own opinions and take your time. I hope someone read this.
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Terrible Show
trebordjackson12 November 2018
OK KO isn't that at all it is one of the worst shows ever made. The art is ugly, the characters are uninteresting, and the "humor" is weak. I feel like I am watching SpongeBob but without the humor. KO is similar to SpongeBob he is upbeat and works in the service industry, Enid is like Squidward but very toned down, It's basically a terrible Teen Titans Go knock off if I want to watch a show about superheroes that barely fight crime I'll watch the funny one. The Animation is horrible and the characters are constantly off model. Off model poses should be used on occasion. And the biggest problem with the show is what is the point of being a superhero if everyone is super they can take care of themselves. I hate that the characters are at the stupid strip mall all the time you can make the characters go anywhere in the world yet you choose to leave them in a strip mall. Most shows have a change of scenery from time to time.
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