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Season 3

13 May 2019
The Grass is Always Greener
It's the school holidays and poor Laila's been ill, she's not been out for days and now it's raining. When Laila then announces she wants to move to a new home Mali, Sam and Bella get busy cheering Laila up but one way they'll need to remind Laila about all the amazing things at Apple Tree House.
14 May 2019
Crazy Golf
Sam and Kobi are determined to help fellow resident, Zak, who's been causing mayhem at home whilst wielding a pretend 'golf stick'. A trip to the local crazy gold course is on the cards until they discover the course has been closed. Bella's mum Katie is worried that the school Halloween party will be cancelled owing to a broken projector, but Sam comes up with a genius plan to keep Zak entertained and save the Halloween party.
15 May 2019
The Week That Went Wrong
When David goes 'round to show Mali the book he's just written he's not expecting to find Grandma Zainab on her own. David ends up telling Zainab about his story and how a father and son had to survive when left on their own to look after their house for a whole week. Zainab's amused and intrigued by David's tale but David becomes increasingly uncomfortable when Zainab suspects she might actually know the protagonists of David's plot.
16 May 2019
Spilled Milkshake
Eli and Bella are desperate to sit in the fancy car Ian is fixing at the garage. Ian's happy for the kids to look inside the car but when Bella ignores sensible advice she has a very sticky accident. Kobi lends a hand to fix the mess Bella made but Eli, Bella and Ian must accept honesty is the best policy.
17 May 2019
The School photo
When Sam brings her school photo home David and Laila seem remarkably quiet. When Patience asks to see the photos Laila and David claim that they haven't been given their photos yet. David and Laila are clearly sitting on a secret until Sam gets David to open up. David confesses that he and Laila got really messy on the school photos day and they are both worried that their messy photos will upset the parents. Mail, Bella, Sam and Zainab all get involved with finding a solution for the messy photos but only if David and Laila admit the truth.
20 May 2019
Short Term Friends
Sam returns from visiting cousins to find poor Bella is feeling very down. Initially Sam can't understand why Bella would be so sad because it sounds like Bella and her friend Josie have had an amazing time. However, Bella reveals that Josie's family live on a barge and they are moving away. Sam and Eli must draw inspiration from Bella's Princess Blaize reading book to cheer Bella up and postwoman Doreen also delivers a well timed surprise.
21 May 2019
Terrible Twos
Mali's not wrong when he assumes that he's missing out on playdates because of his disruptive little sister Yasmeen. David does his best to put up with the situation until Yasmeen breaks the building block castle he's been enthusiastically working on. Mali isn't keen on putting up with Yasmeen's terrible twos for any longer until Grandma Zainab recalls the antics of Mali's own terrible twos.
22 May 2019
Girls Don't Do That
Zak and Laila are thinking about what they could be when they are older. Laila's desires to be a builder creating wonderful buildings are questioned by Zak who worries that only boys can be builders. When Grandma Zainab intervenes Zak and Laila end up taking a journey around the estate and realising that their preconceptions about boys and girl's jobs are wrong.
23 May 2019
The Interview
Bella and Laila are taking a particular interest in what Mali's mum, Ameera, is up to. When Zainab reveals that Ameera is nervous about a job interview and when Sam learns that Flo is recruiting at the cafe Bella comes to the 'obvious' conclusion that Ameera is planning on working at the café. Bella is determined that the Apple Tree kids should help Ameera get that job even though it transpires that Ameera's not that good at making tea.
24 May 2019
Good To Talk
Laila's concerned that her new friend Annie has missed another playdate meanwhile there's trouble in the garden as Kobi and Zainab get territorial about who should be doing what in the garden. Laila disputes the fact that Annie's missing her playdates because she's quiet and doesn't speak very good English and this leads to a chain of events that reveals a mystery gardener and a child looking out for their parent.
27 May 2019
It's Laila's birthday but her dad's plans to make up for problems with last year's celebration look like they are already going wrong when Laila shows up at Bella's flat covered in glitter. Even though Laila would like a fancy affair deep down she'd actually just like to spend some time with her dad. Thankfully Mali and Bella are on hand to keep Laila entertained and Mali makes everyone laugh as he recalls how his dad has a habit off taking on too many tasks with disastrous consequences.
28 May 2019
Nigh Birds
Poor Annie and her mum are both looking tired. When Annie falls asleep during eye spy Sam is determined to work out what's wrong. It soon transpires Anni is having trouble sleeping because of bad dreams. A fun sleepover provides a short-term solution but Annie's bad dreams soon return. Sam decides they need caretaker Kobi's help to get to the bottom of the bad dream problem.

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