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  • Despite the setbacks and to keep more than 60 hours locked up, the mood of the robbers does not decline. The printing of tickets can not go better, surpassing the figures that had been marked and the construction of the tunnel initiates a new phase that will facilitate the perforation. In the police tent, however, the weather has become rare after the assault on the pharmacy. Suspicion begins to settle in Raquel and Angel, both distrust each other despite having been more than partners. Neither policemen nor robbers know that a leak is being planned among the hostages. The brain is Arturo, the director of the FNMT. Will he be able to convince his kidnapping companions to lose their fear and try to escape? Who will follow him on this mission that, if it fails, could cost them their life? Will they count on Rio's help now that Inspector Murillo has contacted him and offered to collaborate?


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  • Inspector Raquel Murillo keeps compiling info on the gang, with the button from the car they have an eventual lead to Berlin. Raquel washes up haunted by the leaked phone call. She watches the news item, her mother and daughter come into her room. Raquel's daughter says her dad , the ex, has asked her to live with him and auntie, Raquel's sister. Raquel takes her out for burgers. The grandmother keeps watching the news.

    In flashback, the gang have a pre-action picnic lunch, the Professor describes an incident when the police left a crowd of protesters alone. The Professor says they will try for similar public support. As a contingency, by holding teens hostage will prevent the cops from assaulting the Mint.

    Raquel demands Colonel Prieto admit to the media he was the one who advised the sole release of Alison Parker, he says sorry but its no point as Parker wasn't released anyway. She then asks him to find out how the gang will escape.

    The Professor describes the most likely escape plan, digging 43 feet to a sewer. But their goal is another unmarked tunnel, which he had built 5 years before. The problem is cutting through the safe floor, 150mm of steel, 800mm of concrete and 7 metres of dirt, it will take 10-12 days. Meanwhile the presses will print 2.4 billion Euros.

    Angel updates Raquel on how close they missed the man at the junkyard. The Professor listens to the two talk. Raquel wonders about the timing and figures there must be a mole in the police department. Prieto gets Berlin's ID from the button fingerprint.

    Helsinki checks on Arturo, recovering from his surgery. He takes his temperature, and puts on a clean bandage, there is no infection. The temperature is only 99 degF, Helsinki is happy.

    Monica is sleeping, Miscow wakes her to check her condition, then has a nap in the same room.

    Prieto gives an update on Berlin, they will also get his prison cell-mate. Berlin's psych file shows he is an egomaniac sociopath. He needs to be liked by strangers. They think Berlin is the leader.

    Back in the Mint, Berlin calls out a Mr. Torres from the hostages. Torres is the head printer and has made 311 million euros so far. Berlin gets everyone to applaud. Berlin then brings Arturo out, now out of danger, to more forced applause. A woman wants to speak to Berlin in private.

    Raquel says to leak the Berlin info to the media. Prieto suggests they gin it up with sex trafficking or prostitution for added public support, Raquel agrees, Angel disagrees. Raquel tells him she is under too much pressure. Angel gives her a hug and says he will back her up with her ex.

    A cop calls Raquel to say a possible Russian man was at the junkyard an hour before the cops came. She tells him to bring in the attendant.

    Rio gives out pouches to the female hostages in a washroom. Alison says she is chafing under her father's plans for her life, even Saturdays are programmed. Tokyo wonders what Alison was telling Rio, acting jealous and threatening. Tokyo kisses the teen on the mouth until Denver leaves a nearby stall zipping his fly. Tokyo smirks.

    Raquel talks to a con about Berlin, the man says he never knew anything about his cellmate for 7 months. The man wants a deal, Raquel offers conditional probation. He says Berlin takes a medicine daily, Rotroxil. Raquel says the other part of the deal is permanent chemical castration, the con is taken away protesting.

    Angel brings the junkyard attendant, he will do a facial composite ID.

    The teacher tells Berlin one student needs special attention. Berlin gets amorous when she says she teaches sex-ed, she eyes a pair of scissors. Berlin shows her Sylvia bound and gagged in the next room.

    Nairobi comes in to say Berlin is on TV, the teacher manages to grab the scissors before Oslo takes her back to the group.

    The Professor is alarmed hearing about the ID sketch. He grabs a cap and sunglasses and leaves his command post.

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