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Season 1

14 Apr. 2017
The Sword Princess and the Elf
Lefiya dreams of fighting in the dungeon beside someone she admires: Ais Wallenstein! When monsters attack the Loki Familia camp, will Lefiya be able to prove her worth?
21 Apr. 2017
Fittings and Purchases
The members of the Loki Familia recover from their most recent adventure. After a long day of errands, they visit Loki's favorite tavern where Ais runs into a familiar face.
28 Apr. 2017
Festivals and Courage
A day at Monsterphilia turns deadly when some of the monsters escape. While Ais tracks them down, a powerful monster attacks Lefiya and the twins.
5 May 2017
The Murder and the Jewel
Ais and the others get tangled in a brutal murder on the 18th floor. Meanwhile, Loki and Bete investigate the strange plant creatures involved in the Monsterphilia incident.
12 May 2017
The Red-head and the Lone Ruler
Loki attempts to get answers from Lord Uranus. Meanwhile, as the battle rages in the dungeon, Ais finds herself crossing swords with the murderer in a fight to the death.
19 May 2017
Subjugation and Escape
Riveria chaperones Ais as she takes on a brutal boss alone. On their way out, Ais discovers an unconscious, but familiar, white haired boy, and decides to take care of him.
26 May 2017
Requests and Divisions
A mysterious figure sends Ais to investigate the 24th floor where she teams up with the Hermes Familia. Meanwhile, Dionysus sends Filvis with Lefiya and Bete into the dungeon.
2 Jun. 2017
The Corruption and the Maid
Lefia finds out about the event called 'Nightmare on Level 27', and of Evilus, a dark faction that caused it. The story of Filvis, the Banshee, is revealed. Ais fights Revis.
9 Jun. 2017
Training and Jealousy
Ais finally gets her chance to speak to Bell, and the two agree to train together. When a brokenhearted Lefiya catches them, she becomes determined to get Ais to notice her!
16 Jun. 2017
The Boy and the Hero
The Loki Familia prepares for its expedition deep into the dungeon. Amid the excitement, Ais prepares for what she may find past Level 59.
23 Jun. 2017
Adventure and the Unknown
The Loki Familia expedition reaches Level 50. Armed with new weapons and determination, they delve into the dungeon's hellish depths. Meanwhile, Revis lies in wait for Ais.
30 Jun. 2017
Kin of the Gods (Sword Oratoria)
The Loki Familia run into a formidable foe, even together, will they still be able to defeat the monster?

 Season 1 

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