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Season 1

19 Jun. 2017
Episode #1.1
Whist detective sergeant Annie Redford and husband Alan are at a curling match, their daughter Evie and her friends, Jonjo and Kieran, create a hoax construction of the Loch Ness monster to boost Alan's business taking tourists round the Loch. Annie is called in to investigate, but finds herself on her first murder case after college lecturer Craig Petrie finds the corpse of gay piano teacher Niall Swift. The victim's brain has been removed. To the annoyance of Annie's superior Frank Smillie, DCI Lauren Quigley is brought from Glasgow, along with forensic psychologist...
26 Jun. 2017
Episode #1.2
Lauren orders interviews with Niall's pupils whilst a phone, possibly the victim's, is thrown into the loch. Lauren's key suspect is Leighton Thomas, on life licence for a 20 year old murder, but she also believes Craig is hiding something. A dead wolf, released from its sanctuary by Jonjo, is found at his father's abattoir, increasing animosity between Lauren, who orders its closure, and Frank, whilst Annie learns that unpleasant doctor Simon Marr, who sacked Niall for being gay, owns to running the wolf over and asking for its incineration at the abattoir. Annie ...
3 Jul. 2017
Episode #1.3
At an appeal for the missing Jonjo, Blake causes chaos by announcing that a serial killer is at large, and Lauren must step in to prevent his removal from the case. After Evie and Kieran have told the police about their ordeal, and suspicions about Simon Marr following a text from Jonjo, Evie makes a discovery when she illegally enters the doctor's home, whilst a house to house reveals that Kieran's soldier brother Jordan is being kept alive in a comatose state by his family. Blake believes handwriting found on a newspaper next to Niall's corpse will be that of the ...
10 Jul. 2017
Episode #1.4
Following Jonjo's murder Craig is questioned, since his handwriting matched that on the newspaper found near Niall's body. Videos on the computer in his locked room show him counselling students, which Blake attributes to his controlling personality, though Lauren is less sure. Craig mentions seeing Leighton when he discovered Niall, but Leighton has another problem - the reappearance of his knife-wielding ex-cellmate Oliver Tench. Alan learns about Leighton's criminal past, putting him in danger from which Annie and Leighton rescue him. Meanwhile Craig is blackmailed...
17 Jul. 2017
Episode #1.5
Blake is taken off the case after assaulting Craig, who is also targeted by a gunman, possibly student Dessie Toner, his suspected blackmailer. After Mair's house is raided Evie uncovers his relationship with Bethan McGrellish and the secret they are sharing whilst Lauren believes the suspect seen on CCTV is actually not the killer but their first victim. Annie finds weapons possibly used by the murderer at the same time that Craig is taking his students on a tour of a hydroelectric dam. She joins Lauren as they pursue their suspect along its darkened corridors, ...
24 Jul. 2017
Episode #1.6
Annie is in desperate pursuit of the killer as he closes in on his latest victim.

 Season 1 

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