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WWE Payback 2017 Review

Liam Hoofe reviews WWE Payback

Raw’s first PPV after WrestleMania is done and dusted, and what a weird and wonderful bag it was. We saw two title changes, a heel turn and one of the worst matches in recent WWE history. The show, for the most part delivered in the ring, and a lively crowd kept things hot when things got a little stale. While, unfortunately, the show will likely end up being remembered for just one match, there was a lot to like about Payback – here’s my match by match review of the show…

Enzo and Cass Defeated Gallows and Anderson

Watching Enzo and Cass do their usual entrance shtick I couldn’t help but wonder what has gone so wrong for both of these teams. This time last year, the excitement around both teams was at an all time high – Gallows and Anderson as The Club
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WWE Smackdown & Raw roster trades announced! Goldberg retiring?

Wrestlemania weekend wasn’t just noteworthy for huge WWE returns and heartbreaking retirements, it also contained an excellent amount of Triple H photoshopping. Following Triple H posing with his own cardboard cutout, the Internet quickly collaged Triple Triple H, Quattro Triple H, and now, in the most recent multiple, Decahedron Triple H. That’s 30 Hs, maths fans.

@OliDavis getting a little out of hand now pic.twitter.com/I1fXoeARL6

— Kevin Logan (@jagerbomb5150) April 1, 2017

@KayinNasaki on Twitter has taken The Game one step further, horrifically recreating Randy Orton’s Wrestlemania 25 feud with the Cerebral Assassin, superimposing eight Triple Hs on the ring mat from his match against Bray Wyatt at the weekend.

Bray Wyatt has gone too far pic.twitter.com/fUxoraAEf0

— Kayin (@KayinNasaki) April 3, 2017

If Wrestlemania was measured by the amount of Triple Hs, this year’s would be an outstanding success. Instead, as pay-per-view buy rates are no
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WWE Fastlane 2017 – Results & Review

  • Nerdly
Well the road to Wrestlemania continues for the WWE with the Raw-exclusive pay-per-view Fastlane, one of the companies lesser PPV’s… For most fans this is just the WWE spinning it’s wheels while waiting for the biggest event in the wrestling calendar.

Taking place at the Bmo Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Fastlane opens with a video package showing all the big matches: Owens vs Goldberg, Bayley vs Charlotte, and Reigns vs Strowman. So we know right there that the only titles possibly changing hands in this event will be either the Womens Title or Universal Championship – Gallows and Anderson surely to retain given the non-focus on their match.

As always Spoilers if you haven’t seen the PPV yet…

Opening Fastlane is Samoa Joe vs Sami Zayn in a match that is sure to Not live up to the fantastic Nxt rivalry the pair had prior to their subsequent call-ups.
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