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imrebel2116 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This episode did give us a decent resolution to a season long conflict. However one scene again showed us how poorly written this show is written. Maggie is now going to rebel against rick? Jesus and Daryll on board with Maggie's rebellion? Maggie's anger for negan being kept alive is understandable but rebellion over a discussion with rick one of her close friends? Jesus being ok with a plan that with lead to more killing after a full season of preaching saving lives? And daryll being pissed at rick for sparing negan after he himself just spared Dwight and set him up to go find his wife? A 30 second scene with enough flaws to topple an entire franchise. I am continually disappointed by this shows choices.
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I am dumbfounded as to how this has such a high rating. I guess this show's standards have been lowered THAT much.
curiousbush16 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Wow. This was an embarrassing, cheesy abomination of a finale for the 2 season long story arc of Negan, an arc which I thought would be the best of the series, but ended up making me hate it.

I won't focus as much on the godawful characters like Tara, Henry, and Ezekiel, since they were barely in the episode, but I'll touch on some things I hate that have existed in the past two seasons and continued in this one.

1. CHEESY SPEECHES. Oh my god. Make them stop. Every two minutes a character will spew out some stupid speech about keeping your humanity, how they're all in it together, etc etc, with a sappy piano in the background.

2. THE GOOD GUY WINNING BECAUSE THE BAD GUY IS MONOLOGUING. How many times in Season 8 has a member of the Survivors escaped from Negan because Negan started monologuing when he has a clear shot to kill? (E.g. Carl in S7E16) This pattern rears its ugly head in the worst possible way when Negan has Rick on the ground, and instead of killing him (which he promises to do after Rick's 10 second cheesy speech "for Carl" anyways, so why wouldn't he just kill him then?) he monologues for a bit, then drops his weapon and walks towards Rick with his hands down. How stupid can that get?

3. THE WRITERS AVOID GUNFIRE THAT WILL KILL THE GOOD GUYS. So annoying. We wait the entire season for a definite confrontation, and what we get is the Saviors all killing themselves from a backfire that Eugene engineered? Save the implausibility of the situation, I'm sick of the Survivors catching every single break in a war. Here's what the writers need to understand: IT'S OKAY TO ROOT FOR THE GOOD GUYS WHILE ALSO WANTING A REALISTIC FIGHT. It's like getting cheat codes in a video game. It just becomes boring to see them win every time with no casualties. Yes, I know Carl died, but that wasn't even in the war. No major character has been simply shot and killed in the entire season.

4. CHARACTER MOTIVATIONS ARE AWFUL. The first Daryl vs Rick saga was awful, and just when I think I can put it in the past, it happens again, with him scheming with Maggie and Jesus. Maggie and Daryl who have been with Rick for almost the entire series are going to turn on him because they don't like that he's locking up Negan instead of killing him? Huh?

I hate this show so much (I used to love it), but like a car crash, you can't look away.
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2 Seasons of Saviors for that?
hansjs23 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
There was so much promise to this storyline. You had the obvious survivors vs saviors, but also the under current of, which group was really the evil one given all that they had done. But that ending? That quick? No real casualties from the regulars. The stupid backfiring bullet thing that you could see was happening from the second Gabriel made that one bad bullet.....and that was the key to the whole battle? I can live with plot holes in a show about a zombie apocalypse, but obvious storylines you can see from a mile away, that i can't handle. And the big battle between Rick and Negan....how many times is Rick going to shoot at this guy, miss, and then run out of bullets? All that buildup for that pathetic end? By far and away the worst episode yet.

I scrolled through and saw almost all 1/10 to 3/10 ratings...yet somehow this episode is over 7?
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worst season of the walking dead!
akar-4134817 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I mean seriously guys! what the hell! that does not make any sense at all! rick and morgan kills the saviors after rick gives his word to them that they could go to the hilltop with them, for what? just to get to negan and kill him, and finally let him live! wow, or why maggie, jesus and dyril should act like that? i think the director needs some new enemy! and they can't get new actors and make new personalities, they're like ( oh! let's make maggie and and two others stand against rick for next season! impressive! that was my last season of watching it. if they give it to a kid to write the story of it, he could write much much better story than this! by the way! thanks for season 1-7 guys.
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Disappointing Conclusion
claudio_carvalho16 April 2018
The overrated "Wrath" is a disappointing conclusion of the awful Eight Season of "The Walking Dead". It is impressive how bad the writers of this season are! The worthless Eugene changes his behavior and becomes the key element for Negan´s defeat with a shallow explanation to Tara. Daryl releasing Dwight is acceptable despite his promise of killing him. But the bipolar Rick sparing the life of Negan despite of what the guy did to his friends (Glenn, Abraham, Daryl among many others) and the communities, with Alexandria totally looted and destroyed, is a bad joke. In the penultimate episode ("Still Gotta Mean Something"), Rick killed Saviors after giving his word that they could go to Hilltop with him. Now he decides that Negan shall remain alive, in a country where capital punishment was a practice before the zombie apocalypse for criminals like Negan and despite the opinion of his friends. My vote is one (awful).

Title (Brazil): "Wrath"
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It's officially over
silvabak5622 April 2018
I have been just hanging in watching this show particularly over these last couple of seasons. The writers appear to have nothing left and their efforts in dragging this out deserves an award. What a dreadful finish to a season. No......wait.......what a seriously poor ending to any show anywhere, any time. To say that it was ridiculous flatters it. Unless I, and I don't appear to be the only one, can get a sense that the show is going to have a final season to bring it all to a reasonable conclusion, I'm out! The producers have over stayed their welcome in this one!!
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This was the Diet Coke of finales
robertlee-9584516 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
All this torture ended in 2 minutes on a hill, ( something that could have happened a dozen times before this) and the most hilarious thing about it was the ending where they had Maggie sitting there like Don Corleone plotting some weak revenge,and Daryl comes out of the shadows to add his two cents LOL I literally laughed at this like it's supposed to be shock value or something.... please please just end the show, it's like Rian Johnson wrote this whole last season
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ottawa10116 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Let me get this straight. TWO SEASONS of the Walking dead have been dedicated to Negan vs. Rick. They've had several conflicts leading up to all out war! Finally after two painfully gruelling pointless seasons the grand finale was over between commercial breaks.

Holy hell was that predictable and pointless. The simplicity is insulting. To nobodies surprise Eugene turned sides again. Read my old posts, that was predicted the minute after he said he's Negan. Rick runs out of bullets...again. The idiot is at the bottom of the hill with a machine gun then minutes later he's chasing Negan down the hill with his pistol and yet again he misses and runs out of bullets.

This should have been a two hour episode. With is only being an hour including 30 minutes of commercials, it was impossible to do it justice. You can't have a two season finale complete itself in 30 minutes of programming.

Finally, why is Darryl a part time character now? A main character in seasons 1-6 was relegated to about 8 lines of dialogue in Season 8. Tonight he was gripping. It must have taken him more time in makeup than it did to study that line of his.

Watch TWD up to season 6. Great show with plenty of development. Season 7-8 complete garbage.
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The Talking Dead...
carsons-116 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I think it has been interesting how this show has turned from zombies being the bad guys to...other people being the bad guys. That being said, Negan would seem about as bad as they come. But...I got so tired of his smartass remarks and his supposed carelessly psychotic behavior - it got to be a joke. And every episode was about 80% hand-wringing and pontificating, 20% action, etc. The show got to be a drag. And this episode was the icing on the cake and not in a good way. Seems next season Maggie and Daryl are going to try to subvert Ricks future plans. This does not bode well for season 9. This may be the last season I watch this show. It is becoming very predictable, tame, talky, preachy and just boring. Things need to change or the channel will...
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I give up now :(
vip-omar-34-60869819 April 2018
I gave a chance for TWD to be better with season 8 but they dropped the ball with lack of creativity and more of the same.

Now I can say goodbye to TWD, It was a good series until the end of season 6 but not any more with a lot of boring episodes!.
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Im a huge walking dead fan, that being said
plargreg17 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I absolutely hated this episode! IT WAS AWFUL!!! there was no real climax other then rick and negan crying into each other eyes for a while, the weirdest non-battle ever happened in a strange void-field where negan could see rick but not vice versa and had invisible speakers in the trees. AND SOMEHOW WE ARE TO STOMACH THE WRITERS MAKING MAGGIE JESUS AND DARYL THE NEW UPCOMING VILLIANS?! got dont even argue how its possible doesnt mean I WANT TO WATCH IT or even that it's a STUPID IDEA oh hey did anyone else forget maggie IS SUPPOSE TO BE PREGNANT?!?!?! I do love my tv preaching to me for an hour about violence is never the answer to any problem ever nope nuh uh it isn't, this week on the care bears rick and his friends hug zombies till they decompose gently Maybe in a sense it's good they avoided an entire final battle by having Eugene lamely decide to sabotage every gun just as he finally got evil and interesting because every other battle this season looked like it was filmed by a film student
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The Walking Brain Dead and Buried! Bi Polar Characters (Kill/No Kill) in a Convoluted Contrived Soap Opera with Zombies! Audience Manipulation.
Bababooe16 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Rick daydreaming about him and little imposter CORAL walking up a country road. At least they cut the little kids hair to look like CORAL. Show starts and ends with this. How nice. I'll give it that.

Eugene comes through with the bullets, and gives Neeg a demonstration gun with the bullets. Neeg sends some of his men to death for another planned ambush. Rick and Co. kill Neeg's men and find another ambush plan. Neeg ambushes Rick and Co. & SURPRISE! Euge sabotaged Neeg's bullets, the Savy's guns explode. The battle was lame. The Savy's give up. Rosy sucker punches Euge for the puke. Now, we're supposed to love Euge again. How frustrating. Rick chases after Neeg. Rick shoots, misses, runs out of bullets, again. Rick and Neeg battle, looks like Rick got a belly hit by Neeg's zombie blood bat. So, I guess Rick's dead?????

Rick's down, Neeg's ready to finish him off, and like all contrived, can only happen in movies, Rick asks for 10 seconds to explain to Neeg CORAL's wishes. Neeg obliges, before the 10 seconds is up Rick cuts Neeg's throat. But wait, it's not fatal, and Rick calls the Doc to patch Neeg up, while Michone holds Magy back, in the most pathetic acting this viewer has ever witnessed. Just plain pathetic. I think Mag still had a gun. Why not just start shooting Neeg. Hell, why not the other Hillys start shooting? Who made Rick boss? Now everybody has to follow this Kill/No Kill Rick the Dick scenario? Somebody is taken for a ride, the audience manipulation.

Meanwhile at Hilltop, other Savys show up, Tara evacuates the Hillbillies and as the Savys follow, they are burned. This was the best scene, quick and simple. The Oceaners are throwing flaming balls at the Savys. No sign of Aaron?

After the Savy's give up, Morg takes off, later to be seen going to Jady and saying that Rick invites her. Jady gives Morg her real name, Ann or something, and starts packing. I guess we won't see a three way with Carol, EZQO, and Morg. EZQO, Carol and O'Henry go back to the Kingdom. Daryl takes Dwight to the woods. Dwig apologizes for killing and realized Dar will kill him. Dar gives him car keys and says "if I see you again I'll kill you". Real original writing there. Not. Dar, the man boy, Mr. Tough Guy. Some of the Savys go back to Savorville. Mag speaks to Jesus, something about killing Neeg, and in agreement out of the shadows, yes, we see Dar, the man boy. Oh, the suspense. Soap

Gabriel is back in Alexandria in his burned out church, he sees light. It's a miracle. He can see.

Rick, Mich along with Doc speak to Neeg. They'll keep him alive in prison as an example for people to see evil, like a prop. Justice. How about just hang him off the gates? That's a prop. And it's cheaper.

So, what did I think? It's a bunch of nonsense. For this to work, Rick and Co would have to trust Greg and Dwig, and Neeg's plans. Then after ambushing Neeg's men, they have to buy the next plan. Then they're trapped, and Euge has to double cross Neeg. Got it? Then Neeg gives Rick 10 seconds. Then Rick doesn't die from Neeg's zombie bat to the gut. They let all the Savys live. They let Neeg live. Everybody goes home. Nice and Simple. Morg takes off directly from the battle. And this all happens why? Because Rick is now listening to his dead son, CORAL. Thou shalt not kill. The same Rick the Dick, who only a few days ago along with Morg the Dick gave their worthless word to a bunch of Savy prisoners and then killed them in cold blood. That's right folks. Let's believe that. Let's believe that Euge All of a Sudden changed sides. Why? Did Gabe influence him? Was it the botched kidnapping by Rosy and Dar the man boy? Who knows. The writers just make stuff up. Up and down, audience manipulation!

And, now, that's not enough, we need a set up for the next season. More intrigue and confrontation. Ok, how about collusion with Mag, Hezus, and Dar the man boy, against Rick and Mich. What a bunch of idiots. All of them.

So, after the end of the half season I was done. But suffered through to the end. Now, I am truly done. All of you who love this will have one less voice stating what's wrong with the show. Ignorance may be bliss for you. One eye closed, the other blind. What I have witnessed are a bunch of convoluted unrealistic soap opera stories with characters going through bi polar disorder, kill/no kill. So, will Rick die from Neeg's bat to the belly? If not, why not? I predict next season will start with CORAL waking up from a nightmare.

Here is a much better finale. More intense, bloody and Final.

1, Start with, Rick the Dick asking Sadiq how CORAL got bit. Sadiq blames it on his mother's idea of killing walkers for sport. We then see a prolonged bloody beating by Dick of Sadiq to inches of his life. When Dick walks out the door he says "You're an Fn doctor, fix yourself"! - TWD theme music, commercial.

2, Dick and Co are ambushed by Neeg, Euge does not sabotage the bullets, but some of the bullets do backfire, because of amateurish and rushed job. Ok. Dar, Mich, Sadiq, EZQO, Morg and Tara are all killed. Dick counter attacks. Oceaners show up with their flame-balls. Aaron gets killed. Neeg blows away Gabe. Rosy kills Euge. It's a bloody mess. Savys all die. Dick goes after Neeg & cuts his throat for real, not fake. But Dick gets the zombie blood bat to the belly. So, we do get one last Dick speech at the end.

3, Mag, Jesus, Rosy, Jerry the axman, Carol, and Dwight form a new team with the Oceners and Jady.

4, Time jump. Mag finally delivers her baby, but she dies in childbirth.

The End
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Really disappointed
mauricepuhlmann16 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
One third of this episode is alright.

I liked that Eugene did back up the opposition.

I liked that the beach people did show up.

Well that's it.

It's a disgrace that Rick mortally wounded Negan and then says: "Save him". I could have thrown up at this point.

It's a disgrace that Daryl simply banishes Dwight for no obvious reasons.

It's a disgrace that Maggie is plotting on Rick for letting Negan live.

It's a disgrace that Rick lets Negan live just to use him as a symbol.

I am so disappointed in the show... What happened? I am done with it. I don't give a damn about who did make that show a mess. For me it's done now. No coming back.

Thank you for wasting so much of my time.
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I don't usually review
pauldocherty-6270916 April 2018
Please stop! Enough is enough. It feels like we keep going for the sole reason of keeping people employed. I hope you can but I don't see how you can revive this franchise anymore.
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My love for the show has officially ended
synysteraryan17 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
What the actual ass was that episode, was that some kinda of sit come comedy show??? so bad, so predictable, cringe worthy, how such a badass villian got defeted that easy i was just like ughhh really? eugene signling negan to start fire at ricks squad that immediatly gave up that he was working against negan and then rick pulling the same lame trick he pulled at the last episode saying there can be change blah blah and slicing negans throught, that did it that made mehate the show after all these season. Season 7 was hands down the best season yet and this season is just awful. I hate this episode more than i hate IRIS WEST from the flash. Hope the show goes downhill after giving such a dissaponting episode. and people that are giving higher start, are you retarted or something???
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Maybe the worst season finale in TV history
Dimitris_Kountouris16 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I gave it a 2 instead of 1 because of Lauren Cohan, the only character that made me feel ANYTHING in this episode and that's the worst part of it. There is no emotion!

I absolutely hated Carl as a character and I despised Chandler Riggs's performance and I think I'm not the only one. And now he's the base of the whole New World that Ricks wanna build? Gimme a break...

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the best part of this show and after 33 episodes that he's been the best antagonist, the one that made Rick and his group kneel before him, Negan suddenly becomes an idiot that loses the battle like a cartoon villain!

I saw a review that says "the twist was absolutely mind-blowing and unexpected". Ha, ha! I was with a couple of friends the other day and told them "Eugene's bullets will backfire and Negan will lose, even though he has them cornered". Guess what, I was right and I'm 100% sure I wasn't the only one that predicted that (ofc I wasn't).

The only reason I will keep watching the show is the fact that probably we're gonna see something new, because the past two seasons were sooo boring and if it wasn't for Negan they would be absolutely unwatchable.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character deserves better, so I hope he won't be "backstage" just existing and that we will get to see him again, even if he dies. I prefer him being dead by Maggie's hand than just rotting.
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Wrath or Wrost?
k-phuriphat18 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This EP destroys what the storyline has been built from finale of ss6 and then the latest 2 seasons. It has nothing such a fight, just purely talk. And is the great Negan clever enough to use all of homemade bullets to all guns? Then just all die, Negan runs like a dog? WTF is this? You tried to bring the series up from the downfall since the prison and just cock it away with this lame script? Are you kidding me? The feeling of this EP is incomparable with the finale of ss6 ss7 or even the premiere of ss8. I'm very disappointed, man. Hope you can bring it up again next season.
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What a slap in the face.
mathewwestman16 April 2018
After 2 seasons of drawn out battle with Negan and the Saviors this is the "Big War" the amped up?!? Absolutely fell short of being remotely entertaining. A failure to fans and left us with a BS plot to look forward to for next season. END THIS SHOW.
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Waste of time
mwluvsjc18 April 2018
The writer lack so much creativity that they can't think of new characters, and their current characters have run out of story line. Every episode of the season was a long drawn out emotion lament.
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I'm out
domjanlaci18 April 2018
I suffered since several seasons to see that Rick and the team loses their balls and the walking dead stops focusing on the walking dead. This episode is the worst, weakest seasons's finale I've ever seen and it confirms that I should stop watching the series.
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The Worst Season Finale of Anything Ever
danny_holt-341-81015616 April 2018
Don't even waste your lives watching this. If I could have rated it 0 I would have. I will never watch the shown again. This paragraph is the last amount of time I will waste on this programme. RIP The Walking Dead.
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Terrible, lame, ridiculous
richardsandbrook18 April 2018
Terrible ending to the worst season, the ending is so random, doesn't add up or make sense. With that the predicted storyline for next season I won't watch. The creators should re write the ending and try again or end the series there.
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Tossing my Walking Dead tee shirt in the garbage...
rsvp32117 April 2018
...because that's where the writers have taken the series - into the garbage!

I guess Rick's colourful hallucinating about the future where he and Negan are cheerful besties in a garden were really taken to heart. (Can't we all just get along? Barf!)

They should have had flashbacks to the introduction of Negan, showing his brutality esp to Glenn and Abraham, then show King Rick now sparing him from some ridiculous dictatorial moral high ground.

I never, ever imagined that I could ever dislike this series. I have to say that after two years that it's taken to get to the final Rick/Negan climax, I'm finding it pathetic.
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It is what it is
ndme-140-37119029 April 2018
A pure and sad disaster. Season 7 was crap. Season 8 managed to be even worse. Nobody in the creation team of TWD cares about this show anymore. The writers give a sh#t. They are not interested in telling a story anymore. The directors deliver uninspired action scene after action scene. They all made this show a walking dead itself which can be going on forever. Dumm, dull and pointless trying to bite money out of the viewers' pockets creating a herd which will follow their hollow path. But I have survived. I'm out for good. Finally.
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And I'm out.
rham-975-64491716 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers

The most ridiculously unsatisfying end to a most ridiculously crappy story arc culminates with Rick going out of character toward Nagen - who is a known sociopath.

There's just so much wrong, such crappy writing, no character fidelity. I'm genuinely embarrassed that I've stuck with for so long after it went to pot. I feel like an idiot.

No more.
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