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22 Jul. 2016
Space Stations
When Star Trek originally aired in 1966, NASA's space program was still in its infancy. But Star Trek allowed us to imagine what could be, if we dared to boldly go where no one had gone before. Visualized in the Star Trek universe as massive docking ports for star ships exploring the unknown, inhabited space stations have been a reality for over 15 years. Supported by nations around the globe, the International Space Station supports science and research on how humans can survive in the cosmos, laying the ground work for journeys well beyond our own planet. NASA is on...
8 Sep. 2016
International Cooperation
Star Trek first hit the airwaves in 1966 - a period of time when geopolitical tensions were at their highest. Not that you would know that by looking at the diverse crew of the Enterprise. The creators of Star Trek knew that if humans are to someday explore the universe, we would need to put aside our differences and boldly go forth as citizens of Earth. NASA and its international partners adopted a similar model when conceiving humanity's first International Space Station. They utilized the intelligence and resources of nations from around the globe.
1 Nov. 2016
Science in Space
For 50 years, Star Trek has inspired generations of scientists, engineers, and even astronauts to reach beyond their grasp, to help create a future for humanity with limitless potential. Warp drives, phasers, and transporters might be what you picture when you think of Star Trek. But some of the show's other scientific concepts are actually being researched and utilized aboard humanity's laboratory in the sky - The International Space Station.

 Season 1 

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