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  • Two off-duty patrol officers cause Billets more trouble than she needs while the protests heat up outside Hollywood Station. With a suspect in custody, the Task Force begins to wrap up the case, but Bosch remains unconvinced. Irving learns he's being played and Honey Chandler makes a surprising discovery.


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  • S4 E7

    Desiree Zealy posts a video calling for a big protest Sunday. Two off duty cops, Powers and Edgewood leave a bar. Edge sees a man trying to enter a locked car, he shows his badge. The car owner arrives, it's all legit, but Powers pulls his gun and the situation escalates quickly. A patrol car arrives. as three men are being detained.

    Thursday morning Bosch drives in with Maddie, she wears her mother's ring. Bosch is perplexed how the Elias case turned out.

    Mayor Ramos and Kowski are with Chief Irving, wanting the Elias case wrapped up and suggesting how to spin it with Black Guardian before Sunday. After the Mayor leaves Irving tells his EA to get Millie Elias, the Times reporter and Bosch.

    Bosch comes to Irving's office, Harry says it may not be clear cut as Sheehan admitted Black Guardian but denies Elias. Irving gives him the full 48 hours they can hold Sheehan before charging him.

    Grace Billets has a smoke on the rooftop and watches the protesters led by Zealy down below. Bosch drives in. Sgt. Mankiewicz says Sheehan would like to see him.

    J.Edgar makes calls looking for Tiffany Hsiu, she appears to be missing.

    Bosch goes to see Sheehan in a holding cell. They argue as neither can explain the ballistics match.

    Honey Chandler ponders an email to Howard Elias about a laptop evidence.

    Billets gets an update from Barrel on the dead cyclist. The gun was reported stolen but the victim appears to have no record. Billets then sits with the Sgt who handled the night incident. The three men dropped any complaint but Powers and Edge should be suspended, but Billets says to give them Notice to Correct letters instead, due to the optics.

    In the War Room Bosch leads the team through the facts. Bosch points out how unlikely it was a drunk Sheehan could kill two people and get away. Robertson and Pierce will get a warrant for Sheehan's house. Chandler arrives, Bosch takes her to the Captain's office. She tells him Elias planned to show a video, a micro SD card is missing from the briefcase. The two speculate that the video could prove what really happened with Black Guardian to win the Harris case.

    Irving goes to see Millie Elias. He asks her to consider a position with a City Panel, she says Walker already asked her. Millie warns him the politicians are gunning for him.

    Billets counsels Powers, he thanks her at the end.

    Bosch asks Lincoln and Snyder about Black Guardian, how did Harris' fingerprints get on the dead girl's notebook? Possibly at a car wash where Harris worked. Nothing was on the junkyard security videos.

    A woman comes to the station, saying her cell is there, her find-my-phone app directed her. Barrel has her call her number, the phone rings on the desk inside an evidence bag.

    Bosch explains to Jerry about the missing video evidence, which is why Elias was so confident going to trial.

    Pierce watches Drake at a kids ball game. Robertson is there too suggesting Drake may want to review his earlier statement. Drake is disappointed Robertson won't protect another cop.

    Irving meets Capt McCurdy, his Social media expert. She says Desiree Zealy is being used by other interests. Irving says he needs some political leverage too.

    Bosch and Edgar go to the junkyard, the owner says go ahead look around. They go to the washroom and see where a camera could have been hidden. The owner denies having put a camera there but then admits hypothetically it went missing.

    Jerry gets a call from Tiffany, they arrange a meet.

    Ramos and Walker break ground at another Walker project. Ramos mentions an arrest is imminent in the Elias case and he will be starting an oversight panel to look at the Police. The Times reporter asks why Walker is funding this, Zealy is also there complaining.

    Bosch asks Sheehan who in RHD cleared the cameras, someone gave video to Elias.

    Robertson and Pierce check Sheehan's house, they find dismantled gun barrels and hollow point bullets. Robertson calls Bosch, they wonder why Sheehan wouldn't have swapped barrels before giving up his gun and why wouldn't he use hollow points for the killing?

    Crate and Barrel discuss their hit and run, the car driver has turned himself in.

    Maddie and Grace go to Eleanor's house. There will be no funeral. Maddie tosses a letter, Grace sees it is an acceptance letter from Chapman University.

    Jerry calls to tell Latonya he is too busy for dinner. Tiffany meets him, she is scared and takes him through the poker game. She is surprised Jerry knows about the guy who came later, but doesn't know who he is. Tiffany asks if Eleanor's daughter is OK.

    Walker congratulates Irving. Irving asks for support with this Oversight Panel, Walker is agreeable. Irving then asks for help in finding the arson suspect construction worker Bondigas.

    Maddie makes video contact with Reggie, in Hong Kong. Reggie weeps for Eleanor, obvious he loved her.

    Bosch studies the case notes.

    Reggie explains to Maddie he was in a detention center because of Eleanor and the FBI, suspected of being a spy.

    Pierce and Robertson start to think Bosch might be right about Sheehan. Pulling up to Hollywood Station their car is firebombed by protesters. They pull forward and call for backup. Pierce runs after the guys who threw the Molotov cocktail.

    Bosch goes to the Evidence Locker, requesting a file, he signs for the box. Looking inside he sees a few brown envelopes and brings it back saying something is missing. The log shows Amy Snyder had it two days ago.

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