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Sex & Nudity

  • Several women are shown wearing low cut dresses that show a lot of cleavage, especially the prostitutes who wear braziers that push their breasts up.
  • A prostitute is shown washing her genitals off with a rag after having sex with a customer. This is done off screen, no nudity.
  • While walking through the halls of Bellevue hospital a young female patient runs down the corridor naked, her bare buttocks are briefly seen.
  • A woman walks in on a male police officer urinating into a bucket. He turns around and exposes his genitals to her telling her to mind her petty coat because a "hairless rat has been seen running around the station." No nudity is shown.
  • A man is briefly shown having sex with a female prostitute in a brothel. She is on top of him and is shown thrusting into him. She is naked, but is seen from the side only; her arms are blocking her breasts from view. Heavy breathing and moaning is heard.
  • Some of the plot involves a location (largely not shown) where local men can go to have sex with young boys who are dressed as girls; when the police are forced to close the location down, the operators of the business are shown transferring the boys (some wearing dresses) to a new location across the street. Later, some boys are shown on a street at night, suggestively conversing with older men.

Violence & Gore

  • In the first scene, a police officer discovers the severed hand of a boy lying in the snow-covered street. The officer hears something overhead, and as he looks up, blood is shown dripping down onto his face.
  • A young boy's body is shown after being murdered. His lower right arm has been cut off and his eyes are gone, both are shown up close, a police officer explains they were likely eaten by birds or rats. As the boy was killed outside in the middle of the night during winter there isn't much blood due to it being cold outside.
  • An overhead view of the murdered boy is shown, in addition to his missing eyes and arm we can see that he is dressed in a girl's clothing, his throat was slit, he has a large chunk of flesh missing from his other arm, there is a open wound in his chest where his heart used to be and he was disemboweled, a large open wound in his lower abdomen can be seen.
  • A mental patient at Bellevue hospital suffering from the advanced stages of syphilis is shown standing in the corner of his cell repeatedly banging his head against the wall. A closeup view of his face is shown, he has lesions all over his face and there is a lot of blood running down the side of his face from his self-inflicted head wounds.


  • Underage male prostitutes, and female ones as well, are often referred to as whores.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • As the show takes place in 1890's New York a lot of people are shown smoking cigars and drinking alcohol.
  • A young woman is seen smoking a cigarette.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The series is about a serial killer targeting young (underage) boys working as prostitutes.
  • A man describes in graphic detail what he witnessed at the crime scene. He describes how the boy was dressed seductively in a girl's dress, his throat was cut to the bone, his chest and abdomen cut open and his organs ripped out and piled at his feet, his genitals were cut off and his eyes eaten by birds. His drawings of the corpse are also shown.
  • Some may find the scenes at Bellevue hospital disturbing, especially the typical treatment of the mentally ill in a late 19th-century setting; often they are simply kept in dark cage-like cells. A lot of them are screaming loudly (one has water harshly thrown at him to quiet him) and some of them are banging their heads against walls.
  • The bodies of a young brother and sister who were murdered three years earlier are exhumed from a cemetery, and the main character is afterward shown opening their coffins to examine the remains. What is left is essentially only their skeletons. The girl's skeleton is still in her white dress, holding flowers; the skeleton of the boy, who was killed more savagely, includes numerous broken bones. Later, his skeleton is laid out for a more intensive autopsy.
  • In an early scene, a terrified young boy who has seen the dismembered corpse of another boy is questioned by a child psychologist.
  • A woman whose two children were murdered three years earlier talks about her suffering; she recalls that her young son wanted to dress in his sister's clothing.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man, presumably the killer, is shown cutting up the liver and heart of the boy he killed and cooking them in a frying pan, he cuts off a small slice and feeds it to a cat. He also drops the boy's eyes into a pot of boiling water, indicating that birds and rats weren't the explanation for them being gone.

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