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Nice contuinity
pearlsha16 December 2018
Good having scenes all outside lakewood, still in suspence mood and worth watching
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a little Brandon James break feels good once in a while
yannikdamerau20 October 2016
This episode (in the length of two episodes btw) was a nice entertaining extra episode for the upcoming Halloween. It picks up right where it left off after the season 2 finale which is really great, because after the finale you always want new information, new input about the next season, new hints about the next plot. And that is what this episode did. It had a whole different horror story with great references two other horror classics, but it also managed to satisfy that thirst for knowledge that had begun to grow inside me. At least for now. The horror story line for this episode was fun and entertaining, with a few jump scares here and there, but to me it was a little too predictable, which is why I still rate it with 8/10.

Overall a good episode with a -for diversion- refreshing new story line.
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Unexpectedly good!
gamwtomounitsmanas20 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I am really excited after watching the halloween special of scream. Kieran's death scene was amazing and brutal as an opening scene in any Scream should be. The plot with the "murder island" was highly unexpected and with many more elements as the many references and tributes to many horror movies (Freddy vs Jason, the original Scream, even And then there were None) makes this series more cult than ever. This episode made so many things right compared to the episodes. The amount of horror compared to meaningless drama was just about right. And after all isn't this what the audience expects from a good horror slasher flick? Good death scenes and a nice atmosphere, and this episode provided both. Maybe the killer reveal should have been delayed more but still i was kind of surprised that the killer had taken the place of the original resident of the mansion. Also i would like more involvement of the rest of the group (Audrey, Brooke, Noah,Gustavo ) to the horror who i did not feel were in danger in most of the episode. Overall i am really satisfied by this episode. Can't wait for season 3! Keep up the good work guys!
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MixedVeggiesMitch7 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know how I missed that there was a Halloween special after the season 2 finale, but I've just watched this. I assumed this would tie things up since season 3 will be an entirely new cast and storyline. But this was completely & utterly pointless. Reveal who Kieran's accomplice/killer is, or just don't even bother. Waste of time.
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