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Abzolutely Great!
geogroup14 August 2019
This game was fantaztic!! I've just completed the story mode and after having played the first 3 in the series, this has to be my favorite. The first three had timed events and I, as a completionist and explorer with ADD (oh look, a squirrel bomb) I always felt too rushed in the first three with the timed missions but this one allowed me to enjoy it without the stress. Add to this the amazing menu/pause music and the brilliant Christmas theme, the unbeatable voice acting and you've got the whole package. I have to add that Frank's lines in particular are delivered impeccably and raised many a chuckle from me and even a few gafaws and i just can't believe they haven't made a GOOD dead rising movie with Frank yet with the very same actor as lead. A great game that I'll no doubt come back to in the future for another pkaythrough at a higher level of difficulty, it might be my new Christmas tradition.
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Play this every Christmas!
cosicop-286-59901018 November 2019
Love this game! I have been a Dead Rising fan since the beginning. These games never disappoint. Some minor bugs but nothing that takes away from the game. The zombies this time around felt rushed compared to Dead Rising 3 other then that this is my Die Hard of video games. It's not Christmas until Frank West returns to Willamette and Hans Gruber falls from Nakatomi tower.
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A Zombie of a game
residentgrigo13 April 2017
The game got a lot of (arguably fake) outrage when it was announced that the timer would be dropped. That I am fine with, as only the 1st game was truly build around time management. What I am less fine with are the mediocre graphics, as the game looks worse than the under-appreciated 3rd entry. The utterly flat story and the abysmal characterizations are even worse. Our protagonist Frank West started out as parody of Bruce Willis but is turned into a walking joke here. The final act is even gated behind DLC that will be released at a later date. DR4 is best described by comparing it to the slimmed down Wii version of the first game, as it has the same bare bones approach. The basic gameplay works... fine, if i forget the out of nowhere power suit segments, but the final result ultimately feels a generation out of date and soulless. DR 4 is a rental for die-hard fans of the series a best, as not even a veteran as I could be bothered to finish the tiresome campaign. Get any of the 3 previous games instead if you want try out this series. 5/10
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Best Game In Series
chubbypug23 August 2019
Dead Rising 4 was the best game in this franchise. It was short and sweet. Should have been longer but made up for that in quality. So good I have played it four times and unlocked every achievement.
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Best game in the franchise
lukerose0220 July 2019
First of all, the game does have many bugs, but nothing game-breaking. But I feel that it is the best game in the franchise.

The christmas theme makes this game feel much more unique, there is a ton of stuff to do, it has the largest map, the combat is better than ever, so is the crafting, there is no longer a time limit so you can actually explore the map, and the bosses aren't extremely hard to defeat, this bugged me a lot in the previous games. However, if you like difficult gameplay, there is a higher difficulty mode.
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