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Just ask for diamond
Prismark1021 November 2016
Wilkie Collins proto-detective novel is regarded as the first detective story and has set a template which exists to this day.

BBC Daytime has taken on the multi-voice narrative by focusing on a different character for each of the five episodes hoping to encourage the younger members of the audience to seek out the book.

John Thomson plays Sergeant Cuff the detective who investigates the theft of the Moonstone diamond. Characters are interviewed in the billiard room and there is subtle use of lighting to distinguish the past and present with hues of blues used for the present day scenes where a gloomy cloud hangs with the loss of the valuable diamond.

It is low budget because BBC Daytime has less money to lavish on dramas, there are less wide shots and more close ups, it takes a while for the drama to kick in but I was intrigued by the end as the culprit is revealed.
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dtdenver-987-92554610 February 2019
Oh dear but this version drags on, logging in at a whopping 225 minutes. It's not so much telling each person's version as just showing the same scenes several times, going back and forth between the year. Long, long, l-o-n-g mood shots of anguished actors of the do-math-in-your-head school of acting. Crisper editing could have cut at least one episode. I love BBC period dramas but not even I could sit through this convoluted, contrived, overwrought version without fast forwarding.
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all hail the great-great-grandfather of detective novels
myriamlenys25 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
One would expect the BBC to be good at this kind of thing, and indeed, this is a good adaptation. "The moonstone" is right up the BBC's alley : a classic English-language novel of considerable age, filled to the brink with picturesque characters, meticulous plotting and sumptuous period detail. And then, who doesn't like tales about ancient gems, especially ancient gems with a romantic and dangerous background ?

I was particularly fond of Sarah Hadland, who played the toxic Miss Clack with obvious gusto. Her mix of pious nastiness and brainless meddling was just what the series needed. (Note the nicely satiric lines about Christian duty and modesty forcing her to do things she likes.)

About the only problem I can see with the story concerned the unrequited love felt by a lonely servant girl. This storyline was so sad and poignant that, by rights, it should have made the series move into an entirely different direction. One would suppose that at least some of the characters would say : "God, this tragedy has changed my whole perspective ! Never mind the moonstone, the emperor of China can eat it for breakfast, for all I care !" By the same token, one would suppose that at least some of the characters would bid their current lifestyle goodbye and turn into a monk, a pirate or a social reformer. But nah, life continues as before - these Victorians were a sturdy lot.

In short : a well-crafted and entertaining series, well worth a watch.
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Very enjoyable
jim-burke-819-36158120 November 2019
I felt when I was watching this that it really seemed of the time. I have looked at some of these productions set in the past and they've got too modern a feel. The players seem to more of today than the time it's supposed to be. I didn't find that with this one. Did Wilkie mean for the Betteridges to be of African descent and the maid to be Irish or is that an attempt to make it more inclusive? I'm Irish but I don't remember the maid being Irish. She was very good in the part. All the cast were excellent.
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