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Oliver Platt: Daniel Charles


  • Dr. Sarah Reese : [Dr. Charles was asked to evaluate a potential organ donor recipient]  So, uh... so, Meghan Scott.

    Dr. Daniel Charles : I got to say I have some reservations.

    Dr. Sarah Reese : But she's three years sober and committed to staying clean.

    Dr. Daniel Charles : Yeah. Without a plan or strategy to avoid relapse. Addiction is never conquered. Only managed.

    Dr. Sarah Reese : But she's got a support system in her daughter. Bria's involved.

    Dr. Daniel Charles : Maybe too involved. I mean, by delaying college, she is valuating her mother's life over her own, and as admirable as that may seem, it just doesn't tend to last.

    Dr. Sarah Reese : Meghan's sick. It makes sense that she'd want to take care of her.

    Dr. Daniel Charles : There's a very fine line between a healthy support system and an unhealthy dependence. I mean, did you see during the evaluation Meghan needed her daughter's help to reach a glass of water that was literally right in front of her? Look, it's a gut-wrenching process, and we just have to remember that we give Meghan a heart, we could be denying one to somebody who is just as deserving and might have a better chance of success.

    Dr. Sarah Reese : So Meghan's a no?

    Dr. Daniel Charles : No, I didn't say that. I just... I just want to sit with it a little longer.

  • Dr. Sarah Reese : I know you have reservations, but I've been reading about how others have managed addiction in unorthodox ways. There's meditation. Meghan already does that. Predicting your weak spots. She's cut off friends that were bad influences.

    Dr. Daniel Charles : The problem with these techniques is that they're all solo endeavors. What Meghan needs is the support of a sober community.

    Dr. Sarah Reese : But she's been successful without one. And she's got Bria, all the reason in the world to stay sober.

    Dr. Daniel Charles : Won't be enough. I've been treating addiction for over twenty years. And trust me. I know of what I speak. My brother lost his battle with addiction about fourteen years ago.

    Dr. Sarah Reese : I am sorry.

    Dr. Daniel Charles : I want Meghan to succeed just as badly as you do. But I look at her, and I... I see my little brother. He tried to do it solo, too. It just doesn't work. And I can't in good conscience recommend her to the Transplant Committee without one good, solid, clinical reason that might give her a chance to succeed. I've been looking for it; just... I just can't find it.

  • Dr. Sarah Reese : You're recommending Meghan to the hospital's Transplant Committee.

    Dr. Daniel Charles : Uh-huh.

    Dr. Sarah Reese : Well, what happened?

    Dr. Daniel Charles : Well, um... if you must know, a member of my junior staff drew my attention to the fact that, um, I was so focused on her risk factors that I was blind to the one personality trait that my late brother did not have.

    Dr. Sarah Reese : What?

    Dr. Daniel Charles : Grit.

    Dr. Sarah Reese : One's ability to persevere in the face of obstacles. A clean clinical reason.

    Dr. Daniel Charles : I mean, the stressors are still there, as are significant future challenges, but I like to think that the determination that's kept her clean the past three years is gonna help her go the distance.

    Dr. Sarah Reese : Mm-hmm. Hey, what made you think of grit?

    Dr. Daniel Charles : Fatherhood.

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