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Prismark1017 October 2019
Madeleine de Foix is arrested as the poisoner. Her son is released and is certainly not happy with her mother's actions. Fabien tries to make her talk but she secretly takes a poison herself.

Fabien assumes she is not the only murderer in Versailles and wants to look at other unnatural deaths that have happened in recent years.

As for Louis, his baby daughter with Montespans dies. Claudine could not cure her and she is dismissed by Louis.

Old Cassel cannot get away from his treacherous past or his vices as he forces himself on Sophie in their wedding night.

As for Phillippe, he still leaves his new wife Palatine unsatisfied, she goes out horse riding with Louis who likes her attitude. However Phillippe has a big falling out with Chevalier.

There are some big losers in this episode. With the death of her baby, Montespans values has plummeted. It was noteworthy that she was not concerned at first when she heard that the baby was ill. Claudine gets drunk when she is banished as the physician.

Louis meanwhile believes sins can cause heartache, something the priests might agree with. The church would be in a a stronger position with a king who is virtuous as his wife.

It was good to see Chevalier get taken down a peg or two. If only Phillippe would understand that he only cares about his money.
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