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You think you have seen horror films?
gottawalkit15 June 2017
If I may start 'off-topic' for a moment. I am male, mid sixties, and have watched, like many others, all the great (and not-so-great) horror films. After watching the ten episodes of 'The Handmaid's Tale' I can safely say that THIS is a real horror story. It makes the entire horror genre seem like cotton candy. After each episode I find myself shaking, often with tears in my eyes. I'm not going to talk about the story. I am going to tell you that the acting is beyond reproach. In almost every movie, every TV series, there are at least one or two characters that don't fit or are poorly portrayed. Not so here. I simply cannot find fault with the performances of the entire cast. Stellar! The sets, the direction, the camera work, the intensity all fit together seamlessly. This is a story of a good world...gone very wrong. This is a story about faith, twisted by evil intent, then thrust upon the common people. For me it is truly horrifying. I'm sorry I can't find better words to describe how this show affects me. I will say this: My daughter is currently attending university in the U.S. and I can tell you I fear for her safety every hour of every day. Not because this story is happening now...but because it is so close.
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It has been said already, but I must agree: A MUST WATCH
MoreWalkLessTalk29 April 2017
I've never written a review in my life. After seeing this and then looking for more information about it, I came across IMDb and instead of finding intelligent reviews from intelligent people, I find a few that scream of ignorance.

It is pretty easy to understand why.

As the 20th century began, human evolution was at a turning point. Science fiction of the day predicted a future that was more enlightened, civilized and more intelligent. But as time went on, things seemed to be heading in the opposite direction. A dumbing down of society began to occur. How did this happen? Natural selection, the process by which the strongest, the smartest, the fastest, reproduced in greater numbers than the rest and in which the weakest or not-so-intelligent were culled, a process which had once favored the noblest traits of man, now began to favor different traits. Evolution began not to reward intelligence, but to coddle and save the weakest. With no natural predators to thin the herd, it began to simply reward those who reproduced the most, and left "Intelligent Man and Woman" to become an endangered species. One need not look far within these comments to see that in effect. It's not that hate which is shown in some of these reviews that is killing the world. I think that up to a certain point all of us possess some level of hate. It is not having the mental acuity or aptitude to recognize it within ourselves, and to not let ourselves be led by it. Some of these so-called reviews are downright scary when you stop to think that is the actual mentality of the person who wrote them. One guy decrying interracial couples and gays to the point of not watching a television program that has them. A woman who says this could not happen and in the next paragraph goes on to detail how it could happen, only not as Christianity. Who cares what it is called, if you admit it could happen?

As for this series itself, it is relevant. For now. In this time. More than ever.

Beyond that, it is beautifully filmed and acted.

Do not fall for the negative reviews of those fanatics and zealots who are purposefully trying to bring down the ratings and who are so lost they cannot even practice the very laws of a god they are trying to defend.

This series is a masterpiece.
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This has historical roots and not just a dystopian future
KMChafin15 May 2017
For those of us 4 million mothers who lost our children to forced adoption during the Baby Scoop Era this Tale has multiple similarities . While the main difference is that we were not forced into pregnancy, that's where the differences stop. I was taken to a strange state, not even allowed to purchase my own clothes, I cooked, cleaned and babysat for an authoritarian family. I was drugged at birth, tied hand and foot to the labor bed, then not allowed to see or hold my son. A priest took my son to be adopted by his friends who had better pedigree than I, even though I came from a good background. Even now states refuse to open records so mothers and adoptees can be re united.

So if you think this is a warning tale for the future, it has already occurred. Google Baby Scoop Era. The best kept secret on the wholesale use of women as breeders.
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Should've been a mini-series.
tonybeva12 June 2019
The source material, by Atwood, was a mere 300 pages. The first season of this show was a brilliant adaptation of her work. The continuation into seasons 2 and 3 feels forced. Similar to GOT, when the source material runs out the plot grinds to a halt and the show becomes unidimensional and repetitive. If I have to endure another longing stare of scorn and disgust from Elizabeth Moss I might just gouge my eyes out. Although the political undertones of the show may appear to be on the surface relatable, the show fails to explain the giant leaps in logic and relies too heavily on the rhetoric that the religious right is trying to drag us back to the Middle Ages. The men of Giliad are basically straw men with not a hint of moral complexity. We get it. The "patriarchy" is evil and women have been victims up until about 60 years ago. This show is about as depressing as my Facebook newsfeed during election season. I think this should've been a one and done mini-series.
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Haunting and Chilling.
Margaery-Tyrell11 May 2017
To begin, I believe that most people visiting these pages are intelligent enough to tell the difference between those that are reviewing this series with honesty versus the ones who for reasons other than the viewing experience, wish to tear it down. As someone has already mentioned, the negative reviews are fraught with fear and the worst kind of delusion that exists: self delusion (the delusion a person hides behind and convinces themselves of in order not to see the truth).

The Handmaid's Tale is a series that presents what could happen were women's rights reverted or taken away. There is nothing in my previous sentence that is not true. Let me type it again. The Handmaid's Tale is a series that presents what could happen were women's rights reverted or taken away. Is it an extreme depiction? Let's study that for a moment. In a Puritanical society, the Bible was the sole authority. Puritans believed it applied to every area and level of life. The Salem Witch Trials are one such example of Puritanical beliefs in action. Were it not for historical documentation, you would have people negating those as well. So, as to the question of whether it could or couldn't happen, the people most decrying it and stating that it could not happen, are the ones that most believe it can. Don't let them fool you.

The Handmaid's Tale takes you into this dystopian future, and it has never felt more real. I had to pause it on a couple of occasions to catch my breath. No, it doesn't hit you over the head every so often with good scenes; the beauty of it is that it is equally haunting, strong and breathtaking in its entirety.

To grab from another review: "The echoes of resemblance to the United States' current political administration create another layer of exceptionalism. Make no mistake, this is a political work. But it makes its case in a way that, like George Orwell's 1984 reflect our world back at us in a mirror that is both familiar and perverse", and because of it, it is extraordinary.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★★★ Excellent
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Just drags on and on and on
quayummiah-8696525 July 2018
Season one was somewhat ok despite dragging on slightly. However season 2 is diabolical - this show just goes around in circles with no real development. So many scenes and episodes that have been dragged out for no reason. You can actually fast forward entire sections and still miss nothing.
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I really liked it, but season 3 is killing it
nickcrandall4 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Ughh. I really liked this show, the first two seasons were fantastic.. Season 3 is ruining the series. Cinematically beautiful, but the story plot is so boring. It's in the exact same spot that season 2 ends. Pretty much nothing has happened. Same old feud between Serena and June. Any hint of rebellion from season 2 is completely gone. The writers are clearly out of ideas and just milking the characters to death. It honestly should've ended with season 2. I'll finish the current season, but if it doesn't improve, I won't continue to watch in the future.
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Should have stopped at two seasons
dbh8507 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Season one held my interest. It was fresh and unique and painted a great picture of religion gone amuck. I loved the trip to Canada - brilliantly done. I loved how the Mexicans who visited showed no empathy for the handmaids, illustrating just how alone they were. I loved the anger and tension between Offred (June) and Serena, the growing love in Nick, the way June handled so many people and was as helpful as possible to the other handmaids.

BUT - as dystopian worlds go, enough is enough. In season two, when June gets away and has the baby and then has to go BACK? I felt like I had enough. I know the book ends dysmally and I absolutely hated the ending. I was encouraged to read that the director of this show feels the same way. But my god! Enough is enough. It's become a string of episodes depicting misery - even shot on dark sets. It is depressing, dismal, and feels utterly hopeless. I think it's dragging out too much and would love to see it end in season two.

As iMDB got rid of the discussion boards (NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!), I can't discuss this with anyone. I would love to say these things and read the opinions of others. I loved that. There are always those rude people who would tell me to grow up or to stick with "unicorns and rainbows." But many more will engage in meaningful discussion and I miss that SO MUCH. I learned tons of things from people who disagreed with my opinion on iMDB. Okay - enough whining.

Everyone is in their own place in life. I have a career that immerses me in the pain of others. I see much of suffering and have to diagnose and explain absolutely terrible illnesses. So yeah, unicorns and rainbows are nice for me. I do not need "realistic" dystopia for my entertainment. I do enjoy dystopic stories - loved The Hunger Games - but they had HOPE. This thing is just a looooong experience of being stuck in deep, dark, depressing mire.

I'm weary of it. Knocked my original rating from 10 to 4. Wrap it up already, guys. Or give us more bits of HOPE.
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What a disenchantment
mpampisgalanis29 August 2019
9 for season 1, 8 for season 2, 4 for season 3. Please no more close ups. Where is the story?
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The show is getting worse and worse
Hitchslapped16 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I have seen season 3 now and almost nothing happened. I haven't read the novel but they apparently went off script and this is all the creation of the show's writing staff now. All I can say is that the show is boring and drags on without any plot or character development. The show focuses very strictly on character which leads to a rather unbelievable dystopia. Without knowing the motivation of other characters, it feels like US citizens (or Gilead citizens) just became evil for no reason.

The worst however is the main character. June Osborne is so unlikable that you almost wish for her to end up on the gallows and while other women get mutilated for every minor incident, she seems to be allowed to openly rebel all the time and nobody seems to do anything about it. She has absolutely no power in this world but acts like she is some kind of mastermind that nobody is able to touch.

If you want to see dozens of hours of depressing scenery with almost no plot and Elisabeth Moss' singular facial expression go ahead. Otherwise you might want to look for a better show.
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Waiting for something GREAT to come on Television? Your wait is Over. THIS is IT.
MajorMAlice1 May 2017
Strong is the word for this series, and little, weak people detest strong so be prepared for the fake reviews and thumbs down across the actual reviews for it. Fear is a powerful thing.

The Handmaid's Tale is perhaps one of the the best Television accomplishments of not only the year (hands down), but of the decade. It is a profound glimpse into a future that could very well happen were it not for people like most of you and me.

In three unforgettable episodes, so far, women such as Offred ("Of FRED", since she belongs to Fred), played by the inimitable Elisabeth Moss, are coerced through bodily harm to be both concubine and scape/punching goat for well to do families. These women are subjected to physical, emotional and mental abuse in the name of God, or if not so much in the name of God, under the twisted word of god, by man. This is not to say that it is a Christian-bashing show, but it depicts what could happen under a theocratic society.

What is most outstanding is that the acting is so amazing, that its quietest moments may be its most powerful. In fact, at times, the series can be emotionally overwhelming and draining — but isn't that a characteristic of a superb and masterful viewing experience?

Don't turn away from it.
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"The Handmaid's Snail"
mzand-751-53957231 May 2018
"The Handmaid's Tale" is the TV adaptation of Margaret Atwood's dystopian novel of a right wing religious takeover of the USA that subjugates women. While beautifully produced, the two biggest problems of the series are the tortuously slow pace and the painfully boring performance of Elizabeth Moss in the leading role. Being one of the show's executive producers may account for her casting but she's five to eight years too old for the role which is about a woman being exploited for her fertility. The other major problem is that "The Handmaid's Tale" was a masterpiece of understatement and brevity. In trying to drag the story out over multiple seasons, the producers have been forced to go off on uninteresting tangents that did not exist in the book and slooow the pace of show down to an aggravating crawl. Do we really need to see endless scenes of Offred (Moss) climbing the stairs going into her room, slowly taking of her garb, all the while alternating between her three default expressions, dazed and angry, dazed and stricken and dazed and confused? Relieved by brief sequences of action where the story actually moves forward, insert the above in almost every other scene and that's the gist of the show.

If you're a fan of the book, the only way to watch this show is on fast forward. A better title for this series would have been "The Handmaid's Snail."
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Season 3 is a boring disaster
mariamakesmusic14 July 2019
First and second seasons were good but moved slowly enough for me to give my initial rating of this an 8. However like one of the reviews I read on this site said well is from the get-go this show has a very anemic explanation of how the world came to be in the show. But season 3 is a complete disaster. Too bad shows like this continue on when they shouldn't. 7 episodes of nothing in season 3 makes you wonder how these producers can scam their audience like this. If you don't have any story pack it in.
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honeygirlgbg27 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I liked season 1 so I was glad when I heard there would be a season 2. But then came season 2 and I wished it would have stopped at the 1. I was hoping for something new to happen and the ending of season two looked promising. But I should have understood it wasn't.

This show just goes around in circles. Something happens and I'm thinking, yes, finally the story will move forward, but then it just goes back to where it was before and I'm left indifferent.

Why didn't June go to Canada when she had the chance? Organizing a rescue mission from Canada feels like a greater chance then to go back to where she was before. She had already tried to escape with her daugther before and that didn't work. I hoped she had a plan going back but she was just lucky she wasn't killed right away.

I don't even know why I put myself through season 3. I'm two episodes in and already I'm bored again.

I give it a 5 star just because of the acting.
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Third season flop
toddsmith-3366321 June 2019
Loved the first two seasons. Honestly, almost halfway through season 3 and not much is happening. Boring. Maybe too many producers? Maybe they should have left off where the book ended. I'm still hopeful that it will pick up the pace. Fingers crossed.
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Fantastic Adaption Of A 'Must Read' Sci-Fi Classic, Good For Guys & Gals Alike
lewilewis199728 April 2017
If you haven't seen it yet or haven't read the book let's try to set the scene without spoilers;

Mankind is failing, most women are sterile because of industrial pollution (or Mother Nature just having enough of us parasites). Birth rates are plummeting. An ultra religious cult see it as their God given mission to 'save mankind'. They seize power by staging a fake terrorist attack against the US government, impose marshal law and set about rebuilding American society.('War On Terror' anyone?) They use The Old Testament as their blue print, but with some totally wack interpretations and distortions. Fertile women become the property of the state. Brain washed and farmed out to the new ruling elite as baby makers, slavery and subjugation is all they can hope for.

Margaret Atwood, Canadian hero, social commentator, environmentalist, activist, feminist, tech inventor, business woman and visionary always maintained that this isn't sci-fi, but 'speculative fiction', things that have a chance of happening in the near future. Written in the '80's it's probably more profound now; the Neo Con Christian's have become a powerful force in US politics. Could there be a Tea Party without the ultra religious Republicans? Probably not. Maybe it takes a next door neighbour from Canada to really see what's happening with the totally dysfunctional family next door? It has always been a source of debate about how a country so entrenched in the ideas of freedom and liberal philosophy can also be the home of such obvious bigotry and divide? Surely teaching Creationism instead of proved science in some State's schools is a warning sign? Maggie may well ridicule this dogmatic un-thinking, however it's far from funny when she points out the possible end game and consequences for society and women in particular.

The book, although heavy going at first, is one of those you can pick up every few years and just dive right in (thanks to Una for making me read it back in '87). I was worried that this TV adaption wouldn't do it justice. How wrong I was. It's slightly different, and relies on a lot of flashbacks like the original narration; however this narration helps to smooth over the cracks nicely. So it still sticks faithfully to the principles and main events of the story, albeit in a roundabout 'more up to date' way. The subtle creep up and takeover of government and power has been well handled so far. I am enthralled, totally impressed and on tenterhooks with Bruce Miller's adaption. The direction is also smart, (the hanging scene seen from the back of a van was powerful stuff). Every image is a perfect composition, nothing is wasted, it's real art in the hands of skilled camera operators.

The feminism is subtle, not the clumsy and overt 'all men are bad, all women are good little victims' like of some of the more hardcore feminist literature. Maggie recognises that some women can be bad too, and some men will die to do the right thing, as you will see. Her book made a point that this could only happen if most women were willing parties too, and that a 2,000 year old book of moral tales can hold a massive amount of power when deliberately abused in the wrong hands.

It's also highly commendable that the cast are just 'normal folk', no super skinnies, models, hunks or pretty boys are in sight. This makes it all the more believable, it could happen to you and me. The lead, 'Offred' (Elizabeth Moss) absolutely nails it. No spoilers, but she will impress you with her canny nouse and determination to survive despite many obstacles and traps. I haven't seen one bad actor in here so far, they've obviously got bags of talent and emotional range. The design and resurrection of 'The Shaker Movement', as in the book, harks back to an American and European age of persecution and religious fervor.

Adhering to Maggie's descriptions of the colour coded dress, the production designer's subtle placement of now highly valuable Shaker furniture here and there helps; the muted drab colours, even in the opulent wealthy homes, take us sub consciously back to the times of Salem, witch trials, mass hysteria and life devoid of 'modern vices' like free speech, self determination, free love and modern relationships.

I can't wait to see how this progress', although I know how it ends (can't tell you, but get ready for some shocks!). It's been made fresh for me. I hope you will all love it too.
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nlanzillotta15 August 2018
I refuse to waste anymore time on this show by writing a lengthy review. So I will accomplish what this show couldn't, brevity.
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Predictable, overrated, boring, and repetitive.
vanheryk14 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Main plot without spoilers: During both seasons you will see June getting multiple chances to escape from Gilead (which it's something that she seeks desperately for). And that's it. You won't see more (probably she will finally be free in season 10 or so, you know how the business works), but in contrast with other soap operas, in which the viewer gets more entertaining from the side stories, THT only focuses on June's failed escape attempts and you will see the same over and over again (same gestures, same dialogues' essence, same characters, etc).

It is so sad that a potentially good storyline gets overshadowed by screenwriters' lack of imagination and the fact that the series has to be profitable.

Visually, the production is definitely good! So if you have a lot of time to waste... go for some episodes.
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Two dimensional and long-winded
okulo2 July 2017
I watched the film version of The Handmaid's Tale several years ago so the storyline was pretty familiar and the film I might give six or seven stars. However, in this adaptation, I had expected a little more than mere filler to justify the extended length. I don't think there was a major plot point which was not in the film. Both film and television versions seemed very two-dimensional, it has to be said, the dystopian world in which it was set seemed to operate without any explanation of what those in this world who do not occupy one of the roles we see actually do. It was a bit like looking at the cardboard set of a cheap sci-fi movie with banks of unconvincing fake spinning tape reels and purposeless flashing lights. The dystopia may have only existed in the lives of the households of the commanders and the lives of the handmaids for all the viewer knew; everything else was hidden from view. In the film, perhaps this was acceptable but in ten hours we learned more about the characters' lives in our near present than we did about the world into which they were forced.

I don't really know why I watched it. Perhaps I hoped that the dimension missing from the film was going to be furnished but it wasn't.
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Empty and slow
hp-3372924 June 2019
I love sci-fi and stories about a dystopian future, but this show just isn't very good.

I don't think I'm saying anything groundbreaking here, but if you are a writer creating a brand new fantasy or sci-fi universe, it's the little details that matter. If you leave them out, your world will appear lifeless and the reader or viewer won't feel that it's real, breaking the immersion. We see very little of this world to begin with and what we do see doesn't really make any sense, making it a huge nonsense, even if you're trying to symphatize with the story and the protagonist.

It also doesn't help if you're trying to inflate a short novel into several seasons without any interesting ideas. It's so slow that you can practically do your chores while watching it, I guarantee you're not going to miss anything even if you take a peek at the screen once every 5 minutes. I could only get through 4 episodes and eventually started working instead, that makes a lot more sense than wasting my time on a story that goes nowhere.

My third big problem with the show is the main actress (coincidentally also one of the producers), who doesn't really fit this role and is genuinely unlikeable. I don't really get her characters' motivations either, her actions seem to be all over the place and it's extremely confusing. Of course, this could all be on purpose, but shouldn't there be at least one person in the story you can identify with or root for?
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Disappointed since S2 finale
echin_karababa27 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Everything was well until S2 Finale. Since the last scene of S2 this show stopped making sense. We have seen 2 seasons of June trying to escape at any cost and last scene, when a real opportunity appears, she is a completely different person. Lets her baby go without her because she remembers that she has another kid. And everything she did up to that point was for what? We are supposed to believe that she has a change of heart suddenly. Ok, her motherly instincts kicked in and couldn't abandon the other. Isn't it strange that it does when she actually can escape? After all that she must surely be executed, yes? I mean people get murdered for way less. But again the impossible happens and she is alive and well and gets moved to another much nicer and cosier home. Just a few slaps on her feet and the show goes on for milking purposes. What a huge disappointment. I don't know how they did it but they somehow have managed to ruin it further with S3. Nothing has made sense so far. For a while June and Serena had a frienship going and again next scene everything completely changes, Serena betrays her for no reason at all and they come up with another nonsense reason: "seeing my child change everything and now I want it back". Why S2 finale then? Is Serena bipolar now? Just tell me who comes up with this insanity? All there is now is June's long angry looks into the camera while dramatic music background. Why have you lost the need to make sense? 9/10 until S2 finale, 1/10 ever since.
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missyjoy2527 April 2017
This story is terrifying (especially if you are a female). Imagine what happens when the world goes completely crazy and some new completely sadistic world order emerges who claims their acts of incredible cruelty, murder, control , oppression and slavery are all in the name of some mystical God that no one has seen, spoken to or has any proof exists and yet uses the name of God to justify the most horrific and barbaric atrocities.

Without spoiling this is the story about this new world where women who are still able to bear children after the most of society is rendered infertile are made to be handmaidens/slaves to wealthy women who want to have babies but can't. Despite their unique baby making abilities they are still treated like the lowest life form on earth and the only reason they even get to live is because of this ability.

Elizabeth Moss and Alexis Bledel are amazing in their performances along with the rest of the cast. They broadcast the first 3 episodes on Hulu last night and of course I had to binge watch. It made me cry and made me incredibly sad to see how cruel a species humans can be.
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Season 3 is a disaster
kjello7821 July 2019
The producers of this show must think their viewers are idiots. Season three is not moving forward.. Just one close up after another. Red fabrics and pale backgrounds. It was beautiful in season one. Now I'm just fed up. And if you are looking for some deeper meaning or any hidden story between the lines, I think you can stop looking. There is none.
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Xophianic29 April 2017
People aren't really falling for the negative reviews, right? As a dude who has watched it with his girlfriend, I need to agree that the negative reviews are ridiculous. I can imagine the same person thumbing down the real reviews. Lol. Pathetic.

Mine is the only review you will need. j/k

Watch it. That's it. Don't let some repressed and self-deluded person make your choices for you - they love that. Watch the first episode and decide for yourself. Do I believe it can happen? Maybe. Anything can happen. But the thing is, why are nutjobs taking it so serious if they don't think it could happen? If it's just a show with no basis in reality, why get all up in arms about it?

I thought it was well done. It is entertaining and compelling. 8 out of 10 stars but my GF made me give it a 9. Heh. Joking aside, I'd recommend it.
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What a shame...
kellyleelucas-9082411 July 2019
..that this once brilliant and powerful show has lost its way and given over to the ratings machine.....just write itself out of miserable existence. Virtually EVERYTHING I once loved about it, has so quickly become...well...just obvious and annoying. I mean, am I the only one who is tired of the "June-Closeup-Emotional-Twitch" face? The musical scores set to her talk over quips? I am baffled at how in just one season (3) they have managed to turn June, a once powerful, smart emotional -relatable character into this annoying, rash, narrow-minded woman that suddenly doesn't seem to know how to use her resources or manage her emotions to her benefit? This season is slow, all over the place, and disappointing on SO MANY character levels i just thing unless they have written and ending to this drudgery...this once H.T fan...just may Hang it up.. (pun intended:)
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