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Wish there was a season 2
picklesandcarlos21 October 2017
I watched this show all within a day and enjoyed it.

In reading reviews I saw some critics described it as 'fraud feminism' because the main character was selfish. I disagree with this as I see the Grilboss as showing how a female created a business out of nothing, I see a strong, determined female character. I don't understand how a flawed character (who yes, was irrational and childish at many times) taints the feminist message? Feminism is inclusive of all women? Not only the perfect, altruistic characters. Frankly there is no perfect female. Personally I disagree with this 'fraud feminism'.

Sad to see the show is cancelled. Definitely would have continued to watch it, and will recommend it to my friends.
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Wait for it
ericsanchez-1559230 April 2017
I almost gave up on this after the first 2-3 episodes. It didn't seem to have any direction or purpose but I figured since they are only 30 minutes each I would play em in the background while I do other things just to see how she does. They've turned out to be entertaining and funny. If you stick around I think you'll like it.
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Hilarious - don't give up after a few episodes!
agabel1224 April 2017
I am by no means going to state that this show is 'real' in ALL aspects. Some of the occurrences (especially in the first few episodes) are a biiiit over the top. However - if you stopped watching after 3 episodes, I think it's not necessarily fair to review an entire series. I'm on Episode 10 and I can already say this show has completely transformed since the beginning. You begin to see real sides of Sophia which helps explain the reason she is the way she is, and like all people there's more that meets the eye. Yes she can be selfish and annoying (but as someone that works with teenagers daily.... THIS IS what a lot of our youth are like!) - it doesn't mean they don't have hearts of gold and good intentions and are good people - they just can't help it! But I digress...

Basically, at first I was annoyed by her character but I have grown to love her andddd continue to love her best friend, Annie. Their relationship perfectly sums up true friendship and their dialogue is absolutely hilarious (well all the dialogue is hilarious really. Each relationship Sophia has with other characters is unique and genuine). If you enjoy the humour of shows like New Girl and Brooklyn 99 - you will enjoy the crude, inappropriate and brilliant writing this show has to offer.

DON'T give up after the first few episodes. Make it to at least Episode 5 where we find out how Annie and Sophia became friends. I promise you won't be disappointed!
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So Real It Hurts
scythertitus22 April 2017
This show is so much deeper than it first appears, the most important thing is to stick with it. It starts by presenting itself as another 'quirky' girl comedy and within the first episode shatters that illusion, while still going back to it on occasion. As the series progresses it gets closer and closer to reality, with problems and issues coming up, sometimes being resolved, sometimes not, just like life.

You know the feeling when you are walking down the street and you think you look cool and everything is great, and then five minutes later something happens or you remember something and you feel rubbish and like everything is terrible, then five minutes later you are smiling and happy again? That is what this show comes close to capturing. In an effort to showcase real life even further it also has moments of the sheer mundane, like a joke you and your friends love but anyone listening would find stupid, it's not funny but you can appreciate it because you can relate.

Overall it is another case of a show that could never have been made if not for Netflix, it takes risks and at times really captures some great and insightful moments, sometimes it misses but at least it tries, unlike a lot of safe network shows that pretend to be progressive or 'edgy'. The only general complaint might be that the female lead is mostly annoying as a person, but she is meant to be, and she is called on it more often than not. She's not completely likable, but she is relatable, at least to a degree. Either way it shouldn't let you be put off a show that has a lot more thought and heart than it maybe first gives off.
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Good premise, bad delivery.
nicolenicole-7490122 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The synopsis for this show led me to believe I was going to watch a riveting show about the ups and downs a woman goes through as she builds her own fashion business. Welp, I was completely wrong. Sophia, the main character is a crude, careless person who engages in very self indulgent behavior.

After Sophia gets fired from her job(trust me she deserved it), she decides to spend what little money she has on a vintage jacket at a thrift store. Somehow the vintage jacket makes her feel so good, she ends up dumpster diving for food, stealing a rug, and sleeping in a park, only to get kicked out by security. BUT WAIT, why sleep in a park when you have this amazing apartment? Yes, Sophia goes home to her amazing apartment. At her apartment, Sophia takes a picture of herself in her new vintage jacket so she can sell it on Ebay. Sophia starts off the bid a $0.00, which quickly climbs up to $600. This sparks an idea in Sophia to buy and resale vintage clothing. In order to help get her 'business' off the ground, Sophia goes to a book store and steals a book about selling on Ebay. Sophia gets caught by loss prevention, and I will admit I was a bit happy because finally she will have to see consequences to her continuous crude behavior, but nope she ends up getting away thanks to flashing the loss prevention guy a boil growing next to her vagina.

Sounds like a comedy right? Well I'm not sure if its a comedy(because I did not laugh) or what the point of this show is. I am on episode 4 and so far all I see is a crude girl who has no control over her attitude or her life and is far from a "girlboss".
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First impressions can be tough...
TVstudentNL21 April 2017
But this show is nailing it!

In episode 1 of 'Girlboss', we are introduced to Sophia. She's not necessarily likable. She definitely beats to her own drum, but that particular drum isn't one that the audience will necessarily appreciate for its rhythm and timbre. She is rude to her boss, demanding to her not-one-night-stand, and obstinate to her father who is reasonably worried about her future. Regardless, the show makes the audience care for Sophia because we get a look at her when she thinks no one is watching. After she angrily 'quits' her job at a shoe store and she is on the phone with a friend, she tells her friend to hold on because an ambulance is raging by, when in fact she uses the break to allow a tear to escape. She knows she's an asshole. She knows she's impossible. The audience will know the struggle, because we were all impossible assholes in some measure at some point in our lives.

The show's brilliance lies not, however, in the troubled young adult that is our lead. We've seen troubled young adults in many a show and movie, they are an old and bored trope. No, the show thrives when it shows us the moments in which Sophia is letting her true self speak. In fact, when Sophia says 'I know I don't know anything. And I know I am supposed to, so I'm going to figure it out, I will.', I personally felt relieved. Finally a young adult who admits to not knowing anything at the beginning of a narrative, as opposed to one acting like they know everything only to find out that they don't know crap the hard way, 2/3 into the story-line. As she stands in front of a vintage shop's mirror, checking out a top and considering whether to take it, the reflection in the mirror shows us she is imagining an over the top, wonderfully fashionable and dramatic look, fur coat and all. It is casually edited into the shot, and no special attention is paid to it, because this is just how Sophia's brain works. I, personally, can't wait where else Sophia's brain is going to take the show when the story allows it to come out more often.

The show is not perfect. Running out of gas at the top of a hill with no one coming to help is not realistic, and stealing a rug with the shopkeeper's comment as 'oh, okay' being the only objection even less so. They try a little too hard to claim the 'own drum' characteristic that shapes our protagonist, and take away from the empathy that is needed for the audience to really want Sophia to succeed.

But I do still want Sophia to succeed. The mirror-image trick is repeated at the end of the first episode, when an idea strikes Sophia and she makes her first move to become a 'girlboss'. (Much as I like the first episode of this show, I hate the 'cutesy' title.). Her mirror image is bathed in golden lighting, but not until the camera turns do we see it is not just her imagination this time. She has seen the light, and darn it if that doesn't spur her to immediately take action in an attempt to get her act together. Now let's just wait and see if the rest of the season answers our want to see Sophia succeed and actually get that act together.
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samhamilton-564213 May 2017
I actually created an IMDb account just to review this show (I know, super dramatic).

I was so hoping for an exciting, witty, stylish, inspirational, motivating show about a woman who's struggling to find her place in life (because let's face it, I spent my 20s doing the same thing - it's super relatable) and beats the odds and comes out strong by building an empire she's created from the ground up. Who doesn't love a story you can root for?

Yeah, this is not what you'll get.

Let me first say this. I love shows, movies and books with flawed characters. They make the most interesting and exciting protagonists - I'm totally on board with a flawed main character. BUT, Sophia is detestable. I love Britt Roberson, and I think she does well with the material she's given, but the way they've written her character is infuriating. So much so that you don't root for Sophia and you hope she fails. But at the same time, the writing is so disjointed that you kind of just want to stop watching all together because it certainly did not hold my attention. I was half bored out of my mind and half trying to conjure up some voodoo to give this girl an actual reality check.

What really upsets me, though, is that Sophia is supposed to be flawed, right? You're kind of supposed to not like her. But, she has no redeeming quality. At all. She steals, she's entitled, she's selfish, she's lazy, she has no work ethic, she can't connect with people and everyone is the world is in a huge conspiracy to make her fail. I'm a Millennial, but this brings it to a whole other level, and kind of offends me. We should NOT be glorifying this kind of behavior. I feel like the actual Sophia this show is based on should be horrified and embarrassed (I kind of hope she is). The real Sophia is probably also flawed and unique and spunky, but I would hope that she also has redeeming qualities like passion and hard-working. The way she's written in the series, it's like a caricature version of herself, which just works against the whole point of the show.

Also, I think it's hilarious that this cute guy in a band, who's super nice and cool, would be attracted to the TV show version of Sophia. It was so forced and contrived that I actually laughed out loud. But he seems to be head over heels for her, and it's just so far fetched and unbelievable.

I tried so hard to like this show. I gave it three episodes, and I feel like after three, if it's not grabbing you, then it's a stinker. And this one was a huge, disappointing stinker. I can't believe is has a 7/10 on IMDb. Each episode was torture.
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Wish it had lasted longer
holcombes-879814 April 2018
So, the show is awesome but not without its flaws. Aside from hating the main character most of the time, this show is absolutely amazing and Britt Robertson can literally excel as every type of character imaginable. The show ends on a good note but it would've been nice to see how her empire grows. Watch it. Totally recommend.
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Britt Robertson makes the show..
warrenb-2121024 April 2017
Seems that most of the reviews are bashing the character flaws of "Sophia", but nobody seems to be crediting the actress (Britt Robertson) for giving such a great performance that her portrayal of this character is capable of sparking such a reaction of contempt.

I admit, I really enjoyed another of her earlier shows: "Life Unexpected"

In both cases, Britt is fun to watch. As an actress, she finds the sweet spot between being lovable and having an old-school punk rocker attitude.. like some adorable cross between Patti Smith and Joan Jett.

PS: did they ever actually say who the story is (very loosely) based on?

update: apparently, the "inspiration" isn't very inspirational.. founder-sophia-amoruso/
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ozolas28 April 2017
This was really, really hard to watch. The main character is so annoying, and I think the choice of an actress was not right, the acting is so forced and fake.

after watching this it made me really dislike Sophia. And that comes from a person that has really looked up to Nasty Gal when it was running full on ( now that it is under a new ownership it lost it's spirit ).

It left me non inspired rather than otherwise. After watching this, i just want to be anything but like Sophia.
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Don't waste your time.
laureldlane22 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I have tried to like the character, but try as I might I cannot. She is entitled, ungrateful, and has no regard to any of her friends and family. Case in point, she steals whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and I think we're supposed to applaud her for this? She shows up late to her job, treats her boss like crud and is actually upset when she gets fired? I thought this was supposed to be a fun, funny, empowering show about a young woman finding her way and all I see is the exact opposite.
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Also aborted after 3 episodes - Detached from reality
stevepat9922 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
All well and good to see Sophia scripted as a young woman marching to the beat of her unique drummer. But not so good when the script detaches from reality time and again. Sophia would 'never' go to a free clinic but has such severe pain she has no choice. Doc says a strangulated hernia will kill you, surgery will fix it. She has no money and he lets her walk. Really? Maybe doc should have said: go the ER every time you have severe pain, tell them you may have a strangulated hernia OR get medicaid (poor, no job, no income) and free surgery. No, he just lets her walk.

She lives in S.F. but calls the cable car a trolley. She steals a rug, owner does nothing, steals a book, steals a cable car ride and so on. The ebay concept is also alternate reality. The very reason people don't model clothes, especially expensive clothes, is that buyers need to see the item in good light, close-up in multi photos to show excellent versus any damages front, rear etc. The idea of doing away with all that and instead have a sexy model in one photo is absurd. Why bother to dine with dad when she knew exactly what he'd say especially when she arrives with her stolen carpet and brags about her theft. Then she announces she's unemployed. She demonstrates her instability by intentionally getting herself fired. She might as well have arrived at work with 'fire me now' written on her forehead. I decided that walking away from Sophia was better for my mental health.
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The Disney Channel version of a female fashion entrepreneur
jhaslauer22 April 2017
This show feels like the Disney Channel version (if they allowed cursing and almost-sex scenes) of what could be a great story about a young woman who starts her own business. Sophia is too cutesy to be considered any real kind of anarchist and her rebellious stunts feel more like goofy hijinks to be found on a shitty sitcom. As another user said, Sophia is not a real girl and her actions and behavior are not those of a real person.
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far from reality...far from a great show
carlyclifton25 April 2017
I really wanted to like this show(as I am a fan of most Netflix shows), however, Girlboss misses the mark on all accounts. The main character, Sophia, is egocentric, selfish, and surly, not to mention the fact that she insults others for the tiniest of flaws, and expects them to gravel at her feet in return. The false reality that this show portrays is astounding. Its HIGHLY unlikely that someone with Sophia's demeanor and incompetence would ever become a raving success. She obviously has no respect for the law or authority given the way that she frequently steals and mistreats her boss. Is she really that shocked that she got fired? I seriously hope that this is not meant to be an anthem for millennial girls, as the entitlement attitude in this show is nauseating !! Clearly Sophia is TOO GOOD to work like us regular people;she must be special. Oh wait... isn't that her dumpster diving for some scrap bagels?? Poor thing has to steal a rug just to have something to call her own(sarcasm)..Don't worry though because she still gets to return home to her fully furnished and modishly decorated apartment, where her laptop and abundant wardrobe resides. And we are led to believe that this is struggling?? Clearly i'm confused!! This girl has no work ethic or morals. I'm not offended by crude humor or cuss words, in fact, given the right context it can make an entire show. However, in this program, I found it to seem forced and ill fitting. I just kept waiting to laugh, and never did. Overall, i'm sad that Sophia is the protagonist of this show. As a female who is only a few years older than a "millennial", this show should be something that I could somewhat relate to; sadly that is not the case. There is NOTHING inspiring about these events or characters. Sophia needs to get her s*** together and wait tables or something until her "business" takes off. At least that would be lucrative work, and I could respect that! Please don't waste your time watching this show, unless, for some reason, you want to witness a total fail.
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Pretty much waste of time and bandwidth, space, etc.!!
tabipha23 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I had seen numerous previews for it prior to ever watching the first show, but unfortunately, these seemed to be the ONLY good parts of the show and since Netflix LOVES to beat ads to DEATH LONG B4 a show comes out and since they do NOT give u the option to FF these SAME ads OVER AND OVER, I had ALREADY seen the best bits of the show at least a dozen times b4 it ever came out on Netflix!! Therefore, I discovered there was NO point in even watching the show!! I got bored during EVERY ep I watched and kept FF, hoping to find some better parts, but after spending over an hour with the first few eps, maybe even 5, I just filed it under "never getting that time waste back" and moved on with my life. Had I had access to ALL these reviews beforehand, I would NOT have even watched, but stooooooopid me (sp intended), I had to be one of the first ones to watch. Won't make that mistake again!!
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This show was troubling
susanelliott-9875224 April 2017
After watching the first episode I am still troubled by it. I hope the writer isn't trying to promote the main character as typical or in any way a spokes person or role model for her generation. The main character is a terrible person. I didn't want to spend any time with her. The way she treats people (her boss, the guy she sleeps with, the shop owner she buys a jacket from) isn't cute or funny. It's just annoying and crappy. At first it made me mad at so called millennials, if this was what they were like. Then I realized, No, it's just this character and this show.

It actually took me a couple days to get over my anger at this show. I don't recommend it.
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Spoiled Brat Warning: Spoilers
I've tried giving this show a shot, probably on its 4-5 an already regret it. I might watch one or 2 more but doesn't change what I think..

This girl is in no way empowered or inspiring. I am actually scared of what little girls are going to think watching this show..

This woman is 23, steals, gets fired for talking back to her boss, stealing, well not doing her job at all and more!. All because she doesn't know who shes gonna be at 23!!! I am 28, still don't really know what I am going to do I went back to school at 23 for interior deigns! I had a full time job and full time school while doing it! No help from parents or anyone, but you don't see me being entitled or a brat! She only got lucky from finding a jacket and then having to sell it cause she can't pay rent. Oh and she sells it on a website EVERYBODY USED TO MAKE MONEY! OMG she's so smart... Then she notices she makes money off it and decides to go find more clothes to sell..

The way she treats everyone including her best friend and boyfriend who stay by her side no matter how much shes a bitch, rude and annoying.

This show is unrealistic!!! How many times she steals just because and doesn't get in trouble! How people stay even tho she's the world biggest bitch to her friends and family. Then gets lucky with a career selling stuff online. PLEASE STOP NETFLIX, you are creating a world of ungrateful lil brats!!! Who will never become something, because they GIVE UP TO EASILY!!! I was actually looking forward to this being a good inspiring business story. Instead its about a spoiled brat. Which now my co worker is mad at me because I pointed this out to her and she thinks its a great story.. she 21, and thinks her bf should have been picked for a promotion, but instead says he didn't get it because his too young.. Not because he had no experience. His 25, his not too young, and no they shouldn't give him a chance just because.

It seems only spoiled brats like this show because they think they are going to become rich off posting pictures on Instagram...
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Next Please.
bshaef21 April 2017
Suffered through three episodes and turned it off forever. Sophia is not a real person and real things do not happen to her (stealing the rug for instance). Besides that she has a very annoying voice which really grated on my ears. I do not believe that I could have sat through another episode even if someone paid me. Plus all that, the story never did progress during the episodes I watched. I kept waiting for something to happen but it never did. I hope Netflix didn't spend a lot of money on this series. I normally like Netflix series but this was a strikeout from the word go. I guess they're entitled to a whiff every once in a while.
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Don't bother
jennyurwin23 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched the first two episodes but I'm not going to bother with anymore.

The main character is an absolute arsehole to every single person she comes across. In the first scene you see her break down in her car on a hill and then start swearing at the tram guy who offers to help. I instantly thought she was horrid, but that she couldn't be that bad all the way through, but she is. She steals stuff when she wants it, shouts at strangers, is really mean and rude, and so entitled.

This could have been a really exciting and relevant story, but it just makes you hope her stupid ebay business fails as she doesn't deserve it to succeed. Also, the character of her best friend is terrible too. Very over acted and unnecessarily crude in a way that's supposed to be a bit out there and funny and but is just cringe.

So gutted RuPaul is in this - why RuPaul, whyyyy?!
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Thiis is bad
gringita428-576-75378924 April 2017
I usually really like Netflix shows - this is so bad. The main character is awful and after watching a few episodes the writers still hadn't made care about or root for her. It is also not funny (it is supposed to be a comedy).

The acting is not very good either.
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very awful TV don't waste your time
lajiyouxiang24 April 2017
honestly i just saw a douche... fake feminism all over the place. i don't see how this will be a positive information to young people or any TV viewers. The main actress's behaviors just annoy me. She is spoiled, ungrateful and stupid. and the nastygal has went bankruptcy, so I don't see the point here at all
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Awful & annoying
raikaw-194-37601522 May 2017
Anyone wanting to start a business needs to be tough and sometimes a badass. However, a TV series - no matter whether based on true events or not - needs a character, preferably the protagonist, you can identify yourself with. That's not happening here though. Without knowing the book or the full story of the real Sophia I cannot identify or even sympathize with this self-centred and clueless brat of a character in this adaption. As the old lady in the beginning says: if that is our future then I'm glad to be dead by then. Maybe I'm too old already for this but when I was in my early 20's I myself didn't know what I wanted from life but I tried various things and knew that I needed to cooperate with "the system" somehow whether I liked it or not. But the utter cluelessness of this character is painful and the fact that we wouldn't listen to advice or allows someone to help her is outraging just as much as the impertinence she is demonstrating towards others. I've stopped watching after 6 episodes as it just made me plain angry. Having researched the real Sophia Amoruso it shows that her approach was not successful in the end. She might have made lots of money at first but also got sued several times by employees and the company Nasty Gal had to finally file bankruptcy. So for me that is not a success story but rather one how it shouldn't be done.
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Total FAIL
deepika-066648 May 2017
Netflix's new show #girlboss based on true story of a fashion multi-millionaire Sophia Amoruso is a FAIL for me. Every single episode I watched made me ragey.

Listen, I get it. Starting something from ground up and doing it yourself is hard work. Being your own boss is hard. I understand all that stuff. But being a JERK while doing so is not OK. Treating people like crap and irrational behavior is not okay. Going into a department store and tearing clothes from mannequins is childish behavior at best. Treating SMART people like idiots is not okay.

I don't care if she made it into a successful business. I do not condone this behavior. For me people and relationships always come first. The fact that Netflix made it into a multi-season series worries me because if that is what our youth is aspiring to be, then we are doomed. Honestly, my 6 year old has more class than the lead character in this show.
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Worst series ever, and embarrassingly over-acted
gary-lynette23 April 2017
This may be the worst series I've ever wasted time on, time I'll never get back. Totally unbelievable, and over-acting the likes of which I've been able to avoid for years, mostly by the main character and her best friend. So much by the best friend that it's really embarrassing to watch. But someone from Netflix wrote a rave review when it was just added as a new show and I fell for it, again. This is probably the third time I've fallen for their false enthusiastic reviews so now I'll just stop paying attention. I hope they become more discriminating with the shows they put out and the reviews they give, especially since they've recently taken away the ratings. All you can do now is give a thumb up or down, and you can't even see other viewers' thumbs ups and downs. Please just don't encourage Netflix by wasting time on this show.
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GirlBoss fills the vapid void...
annaatg23 April 2017
GIRLS (HBO) is gone but the equally (if not more) vapid GirlBoss has taken it's place. Did they cast someone who specifically looks like Dakota Johnson? This is 60 Shades of Gray torture for the audience. Vapidly repulsive. The writing is as self-congratulatory and indulgent as the protagonist. If this was satire, it would be genius. But, it's not. It takes itself as serious quality. I can see the writer patting herself on the back.

The premise is an interesting "bio": in 2006 (so retro!), 20-something slacker creates her own business reselling thrift clothing. That's pretty much it, other than self- know, paying bills and stuff and not being a jerk. There's also a drummer boyfriend who will be the tumultuous, on-again-off-again relationship.

It's formulaic. But, formulas—with someone like Darren Starr—can become charming brain bubble gum. This isn't it. It's boring. And, it has as much charm as a spud.

In recent years, we've had a slew of products that have GIRL in the title, for example: Gone Girl, Girl on a Train, GIRLS

It seems that if the word GIRL is in the title, it's a guaranteed success.


How about we have a show called WOMEN for a change? Maybe then it would have substance.
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