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Season 2

14 Nov. 2017
Beneath the Stairs
New homeowners spot a barrel in their crawlspace and are horrified to find a body inside; later, forensic experts recover a cryptic note saying, "I told the truth."
21 Nov. 2017
The Last Time They Saw Her
When Det. Pat Postiglione finds a woman's body at a truck stop, clues suggest a serial killer. The focus shifts when suspicion falls on the victim's two drug-dealing friends. But Postiglione's first instincts were right... and the killer is targeting him.
27 Nov. 2017
The Shadow of the Steeple
Parishioners arrive at church unaware they are passing a grisly crime scene in their own parking lot, where Tracey Bagwell has been stabbed 30 times in her car.
5 Dec. 2017
The Women in the Woods
The grisly discovery of the bodies of several young women in a remote section of the Molalla woods in Oregon reveals the sadistic practices of a serial killer with a seemingly normal job and family.
12 Dec. 2017
First Comes Loves
A husband has gone missing from a happy marriage, but a trail of e-mails detectives followed toward the killer has suddenly gone cold. Does the widow know more than she's telling?
19 Dec. 2017
Proof of Life
Police are dubious when a woman reports her father Dwight Tobyne missing after eight months. None of the Tobynes seem eager to talk least of all Dwight's wife Shari. This family's secrets will lead detectives to a grim discovery in an Arizona desert.
25 Dec. 2017
The Manner of Murder
Everyone in town adores Sara Dixon, and police are baffled when they discover her shot dead in her sleep. Their only clue: Christmas tinsel that the killer tracked in. But rumors of a secret family feud will soon reveal a story of monstrous betrayal.
2 Jan. 2018
Baptism by Fire
In the wreckage of a church fire, detectives think they find the headless body of beloved pastor, John David Terry. Worse still, a friend named James Matheny has vanished. Is Matheny the killer, or another victim?
9 Jan. 2018
The Secret Code
Investigators in Portland Oregon, working on two seemingly independent murder cases, watch as evidence weaves the two murders together. Street punks, and a wheelchair bound father are all victims of a cold blooded killer.
Her Mother's Prayers
A 9-year-old girl vanishes while delivering cookies around an affluent neighborhood in Nashville, Tenn.; investigators turn up several suspects, but it takes more than 30 years for the case to be solved.

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