Brawl in Cell Block 99 (2017) Poster

Vince Vaughn: Bradley Thomas



  • James : Are you ok?

    Bradley Thomas : South of ok. North of cancer.

  • Bradley Thomas : [Andre shines torch in Bradley's face]  That necessary?

    Andre : Pretend like you're talking to God.

    Bradley Thomas : He doesn't smell like nachos.

  • Gil : How'd the transaction go?

    Bradley Thomas : Never a problem with Cuz.

    Gil : Yeah I like that nigger. Or is it - is it "nigga" with an A at the end, when you're saying it nice?

    Bradley Thomas : Don't think someone like you can say that word any way polite.

  • Bradley Thomas : I'm gonna use that one.

    M.P.V. : We're using it now, gringo.

    Bradley Thomas : Don't call me a foreigner. Last time I checked, the colors of the flag weren't red, white and burrito.

    M.P.V. : Wanna start some stuff?

    Bradley Thomas : I'm more of a finisher.

  • Bradley Thomas : Our marriage, us, we've, uh... It's like it's like when I go into the mini-mart at the gas station and get coffee. They got those three metal containers there. One's got cream, one's got milk, and the other's got that gray-lookin' skim stuff. And every time I go in there, those labels are faced away, and I have to guess which one's the real stuff, the cream. But every time, the first container I grab is always that milk or that skim stuff. It's never the one I want. The law of averages says one out of three times, I... I ought to get the cream, but it doesn't happen. Maybe if I go in there a thousand times, it'll even out like it should. I'll have a run of pickin' out the cream fifty or a hundred times in a row, but, uh... I don't think so. I don't think things even out fair like that.

  • Bradley Thomas : I'd rather knit baby booties with pink yarn than hit people for no reason.

  • [passing phone to Eleazar] 

    Bradley Thomas : Talk correct, or get raped.

  • Bradley Thomas : That's right, I'm loco. Now get the fuck out of my crazy way.

  • Bradley Thomas : When I autograph that cast, should I make it out to Mr. or Mrs. Bitch?

  • Detective Watkins : Give us some names. Give me one important name. Who are you working for?

    Bradley Thomas : I work alone.

    Detective Watkins : Who supplies your crystal?

    Bradley Thomas : Some guy.

    Detective Watkins : "Some guy" got a name?

    Bradley Thomas : I forgot.

    Detective Watkins : Would you remember if I showed you a list of names?

    Bradley Thomas : Don't like to read. Won't even see a movie if it's got subtitles.

    Detective Watkins : Well, what would happen if I read them aloud? You wouldn't even have to say anything. Just nod your head up and down.

    Bradley Thomas : I'll narrow it down for you. What's your name?

    Detective Watkins : Detective Lawrence Watkins.

    Bradley Thomas : That wasn't it.

    Detective Watkins : You find this humorous?

    Bradley Thomas : Your tricks are.

  • Andre : You box?

    Bradley Thomas : No.

    Andre : Them muscles just for show?

    Bradley Thomas : Helps me lift stuff.

  • Gil : In the fridge. Jill got you your faggoty mineral water.

    Bradley Thomas : I didn't know H2O's got a sexual orientation.

  • Detective Watkins : You're looking at four years, maybe five. Do you know that drug traffickers actually serve those sentences?

    Bradley Thomas : I'm aware that the system is harder on guys that distribute drugs than it is on men who commit acts of violence against women and children. Do you think that's fair?

  • Lauren Thomas : You're gonna be a drug dealer?

    Bradley Thomas : No. I'm gonna drive packages for a friend.

  • Cinnamon : I promise I can put a great big smile on each of those nuts.

    Bradley Thomas : No thanks. I don't want anyone to see their braces.

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