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Season 1

22 Jun. 2017
The Copeland family is separated when a strange mist that harbours deadly creatures enshrouds their small town, cutting it off from the outside world.
23 Jun. 2017
The Copeland family deal with being separated. Eve is forced to make a tough decision about the truth when put in danger at the mall.
23 Jun. 2017
Show and Tell
Things at the mall get tense when people want to establish rules. At the church, Natalie's faith is tested in terrifying ways.
13 Jul. 2017
Kevin and the others try getting away from the church and meet someone on the road. At the mall, a new rule is broken; punishment must be handed down.
20 Jul. 2017
The Waiting Room
Kevin's group make to the hospital in time to save Bryan. Kevin has a brutal encounter with his estranged brother, Mike.
27 Jul. 2017
The Devil You Know
At the hospital Kevin becomes an involuntary test subject on what is driving the mist. Meanwhile at the church, Nathalie Raven discusses her theories about the mist and has a violent encounter with one of the church parishioners.
3 Aug. 2017
Over the River and Through the Woods
Kevin's group finds an unlikely sanctuary in the psych ward. Tensions at the mall grow as food runs low. Nathalie and Father Romanov face off at the church.
10 Aug. 2017
The Law of Nature
Nathalie's influence over the remaining church parishioners continues to grow. At the mall Alex and Jay grow closer until Eve intervenes. Kevin and the group make a stop at Adrian's home where Kevin makes a shocking discovery.
17 Aug. 2017
The Waking Dream
Adrian arrives at the mall with somber news for Eve and Alex; meanwhile, the mall residents start to turn against them.
24 Aug. 2017
The Tenth Meal
Tensions at the mall finally come to a head, and the group makes a discovery which could provide answers about the origins of the mist.

 Season 1 

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