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Season 1

20 Apr. 2016
Episode #1.1
Preparing to strike out on his own, Suk Ho is on top of the world until a car accident turns his world upside down.
21 Apr. 2016
Episode #1.2
Suk Ho approaches Ha Neul about becoming a famous singer. Ha Neul's older sister is not so keen for him to return to music; especially when she finds out about Suk Ho's checkered past.
27 Apr. 2016
Episode #1.3
Shin Suk Ho looks to expand his band, but is uncomfortable with guitarist Na Yeon Soo's family situation. As the band grows, skeptics become wary of scandals to come.
28 Apr. 2016
Episode #1.4
After Ha Neul leaves the band, Shin Suk Ho scrambles to get him back. The veracity of Ji Young's sexual assault is called into question.
4 May 2016
Episode #1.5
Suk Ho has to choose between Jin Woo and Ha Neul, and tries to pretend it is not breaking his heart to break up the band. Ha Neul starts to figure out who framed him.
5 May 2016
Episode #1.6
Suk Ho returns and finds an enthusiastic drummer to complete the band. After they record their first single, Suk Ho has to figure out how to get around KTOP and promote his band.
11 May 2016
Episode #1.7
The station chief stands up to KTOP. Suk Ho gets his band ready for their first big break while Lee Joon Suk and Kim Joo Han scheme to take down Suk Ho by outing his methods for getting the last Jackson single to be on top of the charts.
11 May 2016
Episode #1.8
Ha Neul tries to console Geu Rin, who is devastated about losing her job. Kyle must decide if he can overcome his fears and approach Lee Sang Won for the good of the band.
18 May 2016
Episode #1.9
Ha Neul makes a discovery about the night of Ji Young's assault. Suk Ho tries to convince Jae Hoon's parents to let him be in the band.
19 May 2016
Episode #1.10
Suk Ho struggles with his feelings for Geu Rin. Entertainer Band play their first festival, but it's not exactly the kind of festival they were expecting.
25 May 2016
Episode #1.11
Kil Joo tries to strong-arm Lee Joon Suk into clearing Ha Neul's name. Ha Neul has a hard time dealing with the public's reaction to his criminal record.
26 May 2016
Episode #1.12
Ha Neul tries to figure out how to let Geu Rin know how he feels about her. Ji Young shows the rest of the video to Joo Han and then has to decide if she can trust Suk Ho or Lee Joon Suk.
1 Jun. 2016
Episode #1.13
Suk Ho takes Ji Young's video to the police and Kim Joo Han is taken in for questioning. Ha Neul is asked to be a witness at the trial.
2 Jun. 2016
Episode #1.14
Suk Ho is very excited that Entertainer Band will be performing a hit from Jo Ha Neul's second album. Suk Ho and the band find out who Yeo Min Joo really is.
8 Jun. 2016
Episode #1.15
Suk Ho tells everyone why he has been so upset. Ha Neul tries to process this shocking information.
9 Jun. 2016
Episode #1.16
Suk Ho finds Choi Joon Ha and tries to convince him to do the right thing. Feeling guilty, Suk Ho suggests that Jin Woo give back the song that he didn't write.
15 Jun. 2016
Episode #1.17
Jin Woo has a change of heart and finally agrees to do the right thing. Suk Ho makes contingency plans for Entertainer Band's future.
16 Jun. 2016
Episode #1.18
Jin Woo makes a public statement, Wild Company makes a play to buy KTOP, and everyone has to cope with the changes life brings one year later.

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