F*&% the Prom (2017) Poster


Madelaine Petsch: Marissa



  • Maddy : How could you do this to me? I never did anything to you.

    Cole : It wasn't supposed to go down like that. It wasn't supposed to be you.

    Maddy : You blame your entire shitty high school experience on me as if you being a loser is my fault. You just stood on the sidelines judging me, thinking you were better than me.

    Cole : You're right. I'm sorry.

    Maddy : Sorry's not good enough.

    Marissa : [Marissa pulls down Cole's pants]  Are you kidding me? Tighty lives!

    [Students cheer] 

    Cole : [Cole steps out of his pants and stands on top of a garbage can in his underwear]  Enough! I'm sorry, Maddy. But this is all on you.

    Maddy : What? I didn't even do anything.

    Cole : Exactly. You never do anything. Which is exactly why guys like Kane think it's okay to torment us endlessly. Because there are no consequences to their actions. You stay their friend. You go to their parties. You become their girlfriend or boyfriend. You stand idly by like citizens of a war who believe they have no blame for the atrocities that happen in high school. So yeah, we ruined your night. So what? We didn't shoot up the school, none of us committed suicide. Even though we may have thought of it just because of the way you treat us. And the saddest part is that most of us just wish you liked us. We even fall in love with you. We all grew up together. The only people in our entire lives we'll be able to say that about. And here we are, using all these new forms of communication not to bring us all together, but to rip each other apart. Movies have been made for decades about how cruel we are to each other. And we can relate. Just nothing ever happens. High school is just a popularity contest. But for some reason, that's not good enough. So we created an actual popularity contest... for prom king and queen. To verify just how unpopular the rest of us are. What is up with that? Prom.

    Emile : Fuck the prom!

    Cole : Yeah, fuck the prom!

    TJ : Fuck the prom!

    Abbey : Yeah, fuck the prom!

    City : Fuck the prom!

    Sweats : Fuck the prom!

    Strings : Fuck the prom!

    Everyone : [chanting]  Fuck the prom! Fuck the prom! Fuck the prom! Fuck the prom! Fuck the prom! Fuck the prom! Fuck the prom! Fuck the prom! Fuck the prom!

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