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  • Saul goes to Abu Dhabi. Carrie delivers bad news. Quinn senses something.

  • Now Quinn remembers his near gas-poisoning, the nightmares get even worse, and his lust for unresponsive 'nurse' Carrie. Dar briefs the president-elect and chief of staff Rob Emmons on nuclear security, notably Iran and North Korea. At an Abu Dhabi conference, Saul gets to question Mossad-caught rogue Iranian arms buyer Farhad Nafisi, open to blackmail on his affair with an Isreali agent, who convincingly claims there never was an actual Iranaian nuclear program, just a deal to stop the sanctions, but Saul spots an oddity and goes check in the West Bank. Sekou is desperate and furious when Carrie admits her intervention wrecked even his change at a plea bargain.


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  • Homeland S6 E3

    Quinn has a nightmare remembering being gassed, Carrie is there to give him a hug. He gets a little grabby with his hands, Carrie pulls away. Her phone rings and Quinn rejects Max.

    Saul is in Abu Dhabi having a taxi ride, they're following another car. Saul gets out into a marketplace. A woman on a scooter offers a helmet and the rear seat.

    Carrie arrives at work, Reda Hashem lawyer says the State is withdrawing the plea deal because Carrie defied the court order in seeing Saad. Reda is upset, Carrie apologizes and goes downtown to make it right.

    A man visits a hooker in Abu-Dhabi. She offers a joint, and then leads him to a room, Saul is waiting with two thugs. He is Farhad Nafisi, an Iranian here on a conference, but suspected of making a secret deal with North Korea. Saul has photos of Farhad having sex with Mina, a Mossad agent. The Mossad actually has no real evidence of the North Korea link.

    Carrie visits Sekou to let him know any plea offer is removed because Saad reported her to the FBI. She says they have to go to trial, Sekou is furious as he realizes he may be facing 15 years in federal prison. Carrie is subdued.

    Saul returns to the Iranian, who is nonplussed and has a smoke. Saul wants to know what large funds of money is for, Fahrad says it is for Russian missles. He denies going to North Korea. Farhad does seem to know the tech details of the S400 missle, which Iran is entitled to buy. Saul lets him go but threatens to send the sex photos to everyone on his contacts list. The Iranian tells Saul on parting that Iran never was making a nuclear weapon, it was just a strategic negotiating ploy. Saul tells the Mossad after that Farhad could still be passing money to North Korea.

    Quinn looks out his window, he sees a figure in the window across the street.

    Saul reports to Dar, Dar is upset they didn't "break" Farhad. Saul hints they were wrong about WMD before. At the paper shredder Saul sees a crumpled cigarette pack in the wastebin, he recalls Farhad smoked that brand, had palmed the package and left with a Mossad agent. Saul pockets the package.

    Carrie sees a CIA agent Roger and asks for a transcript of the the FBI calls to Saad, he refuses to help.

    Saul calls Dar again, Saul says he is in the West Bank to see his sister.

    Dar meets the PEOTUS, she wants to talk to Saul. Dar says Iran is working with North Korea and states Saul has evidence. Dar says Israel and the British know about it. Dar advises her to re-install sanctions and bring in the 5th Fleet. They trade barbs but Keane says she'll stick with Dar.

    Carrie receives a USB key, she inserts into her phone, and plays the phone call. She plays it for Agent Conlin. Carrie demands all charges dropped against Sekou Bah or she's going to the Attorney General.

    Saul visits his sister Tova in a quiet area, the town has been growing, tripled in size. They go over family photos, hear gun shots in the distance. She asks about his ex-wife Mira. He never got along with her husband, Moshe. Saul then gets angry with Israel expansion.

    Quinn gets the dirty blonde to give him a ride, he takes the keys. He is after the man who stole his money at the crack house a few days earlier.Quinn knocks on the door, the man lets him in. Quinn clubs him and takes his gun, saying they are even now.

    Carrie visits Keane at a restaurant, she has a private room. Keane reports on her conversation with Dar, Carrie says she should rely more on Saul's written report and to talk to the outgoing President. Dar listens in with a bug in his limo outside.

    Saul fingers the Iranian cigarette pack and takes a late night stroll. He sneaks away to a waiting police car and is told to get on the floor.

    Carrie drives home after dark, Quinn is waiting under the stairs and sees that she is being watched from across the street.

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