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Don't really get the praise
Horst_In_Translation9 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
"Hot for Teacher" is a 5.5-minute music video from 1984, so this one is already almost 35 years old, next year actually it will be, and this is one of the more known songs by singer Van Halen. I have seen a few of his music videos in recent months and they usually have more of a story than your average music video, regardless if we are looking at today's or evenmoreso those from back then. There is a main character here who is introduced to us during the first 60 seconds and we also see the teacher he has the hots for, well he is still very young the boy I mean, so you can forgive him that the teacher is not really that hot or attractive. By today's standards I mean, taste was surely different in the 1980s. The video looks pretty 80s to me and the song also sounds very 80s. I would say that the visual side here is better than the audio, but both is sub-par overall and nothing really special unfortunately. So my suggestion here is to skip both the watch and listen and go for something else instead. Not impressed and so far I am not buying the Van Halen hype and I am pretty surprised how big they were back then and still are considered today. But yeah, it kinda fits that many of their music videos are here on imdb as they have a bit of a story frequently like I said earlier, not the greatest story though, it's still all about the music and you obviously won't find sublime acting in any of these, at least not those I have come across so far. Not recommended.
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