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edwagreen20 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Still another dull award show.

Great seeing Tracy Morgan back, but don't you think he should have said something about his partner killed in that fiery car accident?

Frances MacDormand is a phenomenal actress and her award for "Olive Kitteridge" was extremely well deserved. Ditto for the rest of the cast winners.

Ricky Gervais is obnoxious and I can't understand why they keep bringing him back.

Sorry to have learned of the passing of comic Jack Carter during the in memoriam segment of the show.

Surprised that Julianne Margulies wasn't nominated for being Alicia in "The Good Wife." As usual, the great television show "Blue Bloods" failed to receive a nomination in any category. What does the academy fail to honor this wonderful show with great writing?

Same winners repeat. Dinky from "Game of Thrones," and "The Daly Show" persist in winning. This year Bill Maher wasn't even nominated. Why?

Viola Davis: You made it. You're a terrific actress as we saw in "The Maid," and "Doubt." Miss: You win awards for your acting. Stop bringing up race. To have quoted from Harriet Tubman was ludicrous at best. If you're so concerned with minorities, how about stating that Asians are rarely nominated or winners of coveted awards?
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Mediocre awards show with mostly terrible winners
Horst_In_Translation15 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"The 67th Primetime Emmy Awards" took place in 2015 and they were actually really long at over 2 hours runtime. The host was Andy Samberg, actually a Golden Globe winner at that point already for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Maybe this is the reason why he was unbearably smug throughout the entire show. I would say it's fine when a host gets as much screen time as Samberg did here, but in his case it was not doing the show any favors. This is especially disappointing as some of the jokes he made were actually pretty decent and sometimes even funny. But his delivery was exactly the same from start to finish. And he had nothing on the likes of regular Golden Globe host Ricky Gervais for example, who basically stole the evening with his two brilliant moments here.

Anyway, about the winners, things could hardly look any worse. I am not a fan of Game of Thrones at all and there were several more deserving winners than Veep too. Haven't seen Transparent yet, so I cannot really say anything here, but Jeffrey Tambor is pretty likable, so I don't mind it. I do mind the Inside Amy Schumer win though as she is as hard to bear with as her Jennifer Lawrence BFF routine. Cringeworthy stuff. Minorities cannot complain here as Davis, Aduba and King scored wins in big categories. Then again, the Asian and Hispanic minorities never complain anyway thankfully, so we do not have to deal with more whining and fake-accusations of racism and discrimination. I guess Gervais nailed it with his fake tears as well as honestly, no matter how important and relevant an acceptance speech may be, it always feels pretty cringeworthy if it is all staged like it was many times that night. Viola Davis is a pro when it comes to giving rehearsed speeches and you got to see that during the 2017 awards season more than enough. To close the review on one positive note at least, I am somewhat happy about all the love for Olive Kitteridge. Frances McDormand's acceptance speech shows everybody how it is done and really being a fan of Murray and Jenkins, I am very happy for them too. Shame the former wasn't there to accept his award. Anyway, overall this was not a good show sadly, in terms of both hosting (no surprise Samberg did not return) and almost all of the winners.
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