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Rather confusing and I suspect poor translation
peterfmodel20 February 2020
We are now introduced to another data dump and it takes a bit of effort to work out what is happening. A huge number of wyverns are attacking Safi and this is very unusual. Nyanta, later, claims that not even Shiroe saw this coming and decides to attack the Minami train, so we are led to understand the wyvern attack is somehow the responsibility of the Minimai. This could be their war, but if it is it is not very clear. Skipping ahead here the Minimai has created a device which allows a NPC to create a spectre, which can go out and as it gets stronger the NPC gets stronger. If the spectre is destroyed the NPC is still safe. Its basically an easy way to level up NPC's. My first point about this plot line is, why bother. We saw in the previous episode it was possible to level up NPC, at no risk, without going to all this trouble. Basically an adventurer does all the fighting and shares any up-levelling with his party, who could be low level NPCs. Regardless the spectres are created in the Minimai train and sent to attack the Odyssey knight's portable shrine. The Odyssey knights are in Safi and are fighting the Wyverns, or at least distracting them. Thus we need to ask ourselves who is the target, the town of Safi or the Odyssey knights. The Japanese version makes it clear it's the odyssey knights, but the English dubbed version is very vague. The next question, why are odyssey knights being attacked. My wild guess is its because of the portable shrine, which subverts the ability of Minimai to control the adventurers. None of this is clear and I could be very wrong. Now we go to our party, who are spending a lot of time in the middle of this invasion just talking and doing nothing. Isuzu is moping in her room, Rundelhaus is unsure of himself after Isuzu started crying like a baby. This is really pointless slice of life stuff which should not exist in the middle of a battle. Isuzu gets over her moping due to Rundelhaus and they start doing something. Tohya runs off to talk to the leader of the Odyssey knights, who reveals why they are acting so funny. This is a good story arc and needs more focus, but I suspect it will not get it. While Tohya is getting attacked Minori stands frozen like an idiot watching on and demands to know where Roe 2 came from and where she is going. If Minori had bothered to listen she would have heard in the last episode Row 2 comes from the moon. Regardless none of this has any meaning as the point was to allow Minori to realise where she came from and where she was going. I get it, but it all seemed a bit clumsy, it would be better for this type of reveal to occur while waiting for an enemy attack in defences, in silence and with no distractions. Row 2 decides to help Minori and then tells us that she is not human and finds it hard to express herself with human language. There is a good story in here, but its so mashed up and confusing its hard to find it. If you love this series, as I do, you will get through this and think it out. But if you do not love this series, I suspect by now you would have given up watching it.
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