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Delightful (small spoiler involving plot
raarset28 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Enjoyable story with broadly drawn characterizations of familiar religious icons: angels, devils, saints, and of course God the Almighty. You might argue with a few things, like the devil being portrayed as nothing more than a mischievous rogue, whose heart in the end is just as soft as any dogooder. But the story is meant to show that even angels have to fight the good fight, and need a little help now and then. The Czech actors (I hope I am correct in that) keep the action light without sacrificing the tension of the plot, which revolves around an object being irresponsibly lost from heaven to the planet earth. An angel of the Lord is paired with the devil to go fetch the object, and away we go. Again, one may argue that a devil and an angel would never work side by side, but it is used effectively as a plot device, highlighting the differences between how a good person (played by Ivan Trojan as the angel Petronel) will decide to act as opposed to a bad person (Jri Dvorak as Uriah the devil). If you can put aside any strict religious judgments, I think you'll find the story worthwhile for the whole family, as the message at the end is uplifting and easy to understand.
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