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Why did it have to be Stiles?
Imme-van-Gorp25 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I really liked the way they wrote this episode. It was exciting and I, personally, didn't expect the parents to be erased. When I saw the kid standing alone in all those pictures I thought he was a scizofrenian or something, but not that he was going to be erased.

I loved the scene with Lydia and Stiles where he said he wanted to kiss her and she was all like "you better not kiss me", and then he did it anyway and she totally enjoyed it.

The scene where they realised everybody was forgetting Stiles and that Lydia HAD to remember him was beautiful. I liked that he said he loved her, but it was heartbreaking that she eventually forgot all about him.

I'm excited to find out what happened to Alex, Stiles and the others, because I personally have no idea what's happening, even though I'm usually very fast in predicting these kind of things.

There were two things about this episode I didn't like though: 1. In the sheriff's station, Stiles and Scott find out that Alex has disappeared and Scott says that he should never have left Alex alone and that's all cute and stuff, but if Alex has been erased.. Why can Scott still remember him? Because he can't remember Stiles when he picks up the phone and hears Stiles' voice or in the final scene at school. It's very poor writing, since it doesn't add up. 2. Why was it Stiles that had to disappear? He's the best thing about the show! Without him the group is kind of dull.
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Remember me!
junmarutech15 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know what to say about the premier. I felt mix emotion after i watched. Yeah, i'm glad that Teen Wolf is back and It's nice to see the whole pack again.

-I love the opening credits. -I'm happy to see these names Linden Ashby, Melissa Ponzio, and J.R. Bourne in the opening credits, its about time. -The humor is still there, and that's one of the reasons i like about the show. -I admit that i like the new story line, it just that i'm afraid i might not see Stiles Stilinski in the next episodes. Because of the accident that he got during the film of Maze Runner, and i think he still in recovery at that time that's why let Stiles disappear for the meantime. -However it's the final season and i expect that this gonna be awesome season. Cross fingers. I hope i'm wrong, and Stiles will still appear in the next episodes. Overall it's 8/10 for me.
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