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Great movie, Outstanding performance by Jessica Chastain!
ipekevamy27 January 2017
This is a powerful female driven film about the title character and politics.

It's one of Jessica's best performances if not the best. This character allows her to show so many things of her skill set. She's so believable, every nuance, every line she delivers is just so perfect. She should have been nominated for this role for every award show...

Miss Sloane is a great movie which has a very fast pace. You can't predict what's coming next, great performances by everyone on the cast.

Forget about the bad reviews, even if you don't like politics this movie will keep you interested.

It's upsetting that It bombed at the box office. I think It's because of the subject matter and people might had enough of the political climate in real life. But It really deserves to be seen.

I highly recommend this awesome, very underrated movie.
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From the standpoint of a dispassionate observer separate from the tangled mess that is US politics.
edwardgaremo27 January 2017
From the standpoint of a dispassionate observer separate from the tangled mess that is US politics.

One of the best movies I have ever seen. The intensity of the movie is unrivaled. The genius who designed the plot of this movie deserves a whole host of accolades for them personally.

Twists and turns around every corner making it engaging on a level similar to that experienced when deconstructing a Shakespeare play. This movie is for anyone who desires not only a piece of quality entertainment but also something that stretches their intellect. Aside perhaps from the role of Tony Stark I have never encountered a more badass main character.
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Awesome film
dj_shamrock24 December 2016
Loved it. Jessica is very believable as uptight and smart, her lines are delivered with sharp intensity and she is just darn right sexy.

Beautiful sets and cinematography. Cool wardrobes. Excellent whistle blowing. Any film that exposes truths about how massive greed and corruption are is a needed film to see.

The hidden message is NOT about gun control, it's about corruption and how deep it goes.

Seeing an educated, powerful women with needs also shows realism.

The score is also nice.

This is a great film and is very underrated!
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Worth an easy 8/10 - Pro gun folk are manipulating it
chrisjewyett27 January 2017
So many users are getting their knickers in a twist. They are giving this excellent movie with great twists a low rating because the story is about gun law, and sides with, yes you guessed it, anti gun lobbyists. All the 1/10s own a gun lol.

It's actually not about gun law at all. Gun law has only been used as the subject of the day, to put the point across about dirty politicians and lobbyists.

This movie is terrific. It's complicated at the start, but soon starts to make sense.

The main character is terrific. Cold, hard and calculating. Great job!

I can't say anymore because I never include spoilers. Just trust me.

Whether you're for or against guns, that's not the point. This is a political thriller folks. Sit back, relax and enjoy it!

BTW....it's not a true story. Don't take it so seriously.

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Why is this bombing at the box office?!!
davispittman23 December 2016
It makes absolutely no sense that this film is bombing at the box office, this is a great film! Maybe it's because it's fresh off the heels of an exhausting election, or maybe it's because of the other big time films out right like Star Wars. I sincerely hope that it's not because of the NRA, I hope that people won't avoid this wonderful movie just because of the gun lobby. Jessica chastain gives a real powerhouse performance as Elizabeth Sloane, a tough as nails lobbyist for the Brady campaign. Also here is Sam Waterson, who works for the gun lobby, and I really liked him in this role, he fit in it well and gives a good performance. I loved the great writing in the movie and the clever moves that are made. This political drama is so interesting and well constructed. Mark Strong is so good here too, chastain and him have a great on screen chemistry/presence too. The film will keep your attention the entire way through, it has too because there is just so much happening. Now I know that plenty of conservatives and big time Pro-NRA people will want you to avoid it and maybe even write a bunch of scathing articles slamming it, but don't listen, oh what a great movie this is! 10/10!
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Just look a great book - impossible to put down!
trevorhunt-1864125 January 2017
Fantastic movie - exceptional acting, intricate plot, suspenseful scenes throughout and an unbelievable twist at the end, which was impossible to predict.

Whilst some gun-tooting viewers may not appreciate the biased view towards the need for greater gun control measures (a point so intelligently made by drawing an analogy with car ownership), there can be no doubting the quality of this piece of work from a cinematographic perspective.

The recurrent theme not of gun ownership issues but rather of aberrant behaviour by self-serving politicians, if indeed not evident corruption and nepotism, is a theme that will strike a strong cord in many Western countries today, and lead us to question what democracy actually means in a world where money plays the role of god.
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Maybe not for 10, but certainly it's above 7.
antonionevescanin28 January 2017
Just watched the movie and I have to say I'm shocked that it's rated so low on IMDb, as I have watched much, MUCH worse movies with better ratings. Scrolling to evidentially biased ratings and reviews I'm giving it a 10, just hoping it will balance out the harm done. Jessica Chastain delivered great performance, but she wasn't the only one, whole crew was really good, but she really did earn that globe nomination. Furthermore, movie is beautifully captured, cinematography is great and whole atmosphere is really nice. The last but not the least, it's a great thriller, with an unpredictable twist and not boring for a moment. I do understand it's might be different experience watching it for an European audience, as from the start second amendment and gun legislative is for most of us here absurd, however, although I can understand that for some Americans it might seem one sided story, my question is aren't many of story lines one sided, to be honest it's not advertised as documentary, so why should you even expect other side to be equally represented? Strongly recommend to give this movie attention it deserves.
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great movie
polychron25 January 2017
i can tell that the gun lobby is also active on IMDb. this movie is straight told with unexpected moves. it is realistic as well as true. but in a world of alternative facts difficult to accept. it goes on too long far too long.. it has to stop here and today. the connection with the gun lobby and the senate is authentic. the characters are real. what i liked most of all was the fact that everyone is selling out anyone except the call-boy. in this world of business and in the world of politics , the decent one is the one who sells his body. while everybody would kill for their ego or for wealth.. he remains sincere and surreal . the whore is the only person with ethics and value is messed up world is quite a message, although it had little to do with the main story... again i feel disgusted by the reviews who have nothing to do with the movie but a lot with their political views... the reviews prove this movie is true!
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A thriller with a surprise!
louehp27 January 2017
I picked this movie without prejudice, as I hadn't heard a word about it. And I loved it!!!

The tempo is sustained, the performances outstanding. An interesting story with a twist, well written, and the perfect cast.

One element that also enhances the movie: its diversity. Multi-faceted characters which gives spice to the story's meat.

The only downside: the way love is given a bad name. How do you want the youth to connect if you keep telling them that love ain't the sh*t?? It is a recurrent theme in 21st century cinema that i condemn, because it perpetuates mechanic sex--humans deprived from feelings. I am for a little more optimism in that domain and the human species.

My 2cents; LM ARNAL
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f-rabit20 March 2017
This movie is awesome. One of the best pictures I've ever seen. Very strong emotionally. The performances are top notch; all of them. But In my opinion, this is Jessica Chastain's all time best role. She deserved at least an "actress in a leading role" nomination. She achieves a better performance level than Natalie Portman - "jackie", Isabelle Huppert - Elle" or even the winner - Emma Stone in "La La Land". Again, my opinion, of course. The interest prediction on this movie describes an ideal curve, growing strongly from the start till the end. And at the end it explodes in a rainbow of emotions you could never predict. It's absolutely astonishing. Loved it.
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I used my brain!
neil-4769 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Liz Sloane does not relate well to people: she has little empathy for others. She does, however, understand what makes people tick, which is why she is an excellent lobbyist. She is working for a firm which is seeking to generate senatorial support for a bill to require greater background checks for those buying firearms: the gun lobby is fiercely opposed to this. All this is presented within a framing story by which we know that there is a senate hearing into Sloane's alleged rule breaking during her lobbying activities.

Let me say at the start that this film engages the interest at the start and holds it throughout. It is a great pleasure to find one's brain in use all the way through over two hours of a movie: the story is fresh and always moving, with much drama along the way. Never difficult to follow, it has a couple of dramatic high points along the way, and a great ending - fair, but unexpected. I really liked the story here.

While I like Jessica Chastain on chat shows, I always find her performances a little cold. That very coldness suits Liz Sloane, however, and Chastain really impresses here. The rest of the cast are good too, providing some of the emotional connection which Liz Sloane can't (or doesn't) offer. Gugu Mbatha-Raw is as impressive as she was in Belle.

I wasn't expecting to enjoy this, but I did, a lot.
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A gripping and enthralling political thriller for all lovers of the West Wing
bob-the-movie-man20 May 2017
In a roller-coaster year for political intrigue on both sides of the Atlantic, and with all hell breaking loose again between Trump and 'The Hill', here comes "Miss Sloane".

Jessica Chastain ( "The Martian", "Interstellar") plays the titular heroine (I use the term loosely): a pill-popping insomniac who is working herself into an early grave as a top-Washington lobbyist. The game of lobbying is, as she describes, staying one step of the competition and "playing your trump card just after your opponent has played theirs". But all is not going well for Elizabeth Sloane. For the film opens with her being on trial for corruption in front of a congressional hearing, chaired by Senator Sperling (John Lithgow, "The Accountant").

Through flashback we see how she got to that point, moving from one firm headed by George Dupont (Sam Waterston, "The Killing Fields") to another headed by Rodolfo Schmidt (Mark Strong, "Kick Ass", "Kingsman: The Secret Service") against the backdrop of the high-stakes lobbying around a new gun-control bill. Her fanatical drive to 'win at all costs', and the trail of destruction, through her cutthroat work ethic, that she leaves behind her, digs her an ever-deeper hole as the political and legal net closes in around her.

Jessica Chastain has played strong and decisive women before, most notably in "Zero Dark Thirty", but probably never to this extreme degree. Here she is like Miranda Priestly from "The Devil Wears Prada", but not played for laughs. Miss Sloane is an emotionally and physically damaged woman, but a formidable one who takes charge both in the boardroom and in the bedroom, through the unashamed use of male escorts (in the well-muscled form of Jake Lacy, "Their Finest"). As such her character is not remotely likable, but one the I could certainly relate to from past business dealings I've had. (And no, I don't mean as a male prostitute!)

I found Sloane to be one of the more fascinating characters in this year's releases: I was never being sure whether her actions are being powered from a background of strong moral conviction (fuelled by a devastating childhood incident perhaps?) or through pure greed and lust for power. I thought Chastain excelled in the role, but for balance the illustrious Mrs Mann thought she rather overplayed her hand at times.

Outside of Chastain's central performance though, this is a very strong ensemble cast. Mark Strong – not with an English accent for once and not playing a heavy – is great as the frustrated boss, as is the seldom-seen Sam Waterston (who, by the way, is the father of Katherine Waterston of current "Alien: Covenant" fame). Christine Baranski (so good in "The Good Wife" and now "The Good Fight") pops up in a cameo as a flinty Senator. But the outstanding turn for me was Oxford-born Gugu Mbatha-Raw ("Belle", "Beauty and the Beast" – and yes, I'm aware of the irony in this pairing!). Playing Sloane's colleague Esme Manucharian – both a lady with a secret in her past as well as possessing a great name – Mbatha-Raw is just riveting and deserving of a Supporting Actress nomination in my book.

What binds the whole two hours together is an extraordinarily skillful script by debut writer Jonathan Perera, which has both a gripping and ever-twisting story as well as a host of quotable lines. Ladies and gentlemen, we may have a new Aaron Sorkin on the block! It's a brave script, dealing as it does with 2nd amendment issues, since there seems to be nothing that stirs up American comment like gun-control. For those living in the UK (where gun deaths are over 50 times less per capita than in the US) the whole topic is both fascinating and perplexing.

The marvelous Cinematography is by Sebastian Blenkov – the second time this gentleman has come to my attention within a month (the first time being "Their Finest").

The director is Portsmouth-born Brit John Madden ("Shakespeare in Love", "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel") and he does a great job in sustaining the tension and energy throughout the running time. This all makes it a great shame that the film has not done well at the US box office, perhaps because ( the film was released in December 2016) the public had more than their fill of politics after a bruising and divisive election. (I'm not sure the UK release date now – just before our own General Election – is wise either).

But for me, this was a memorable film, and come the end of the year it might well be up there in my top 10 for the year. I'm a sucker for a good political thriller with "All the President's Men" and "Primary Colors" in my personal list as some of my favourite ever films. If you like those films, "House of Cards" or remember fondly TV series like "The West Wing" or (for those with even longer memories) "Washington Behind Closed Doors" then I would strongly recommend you get out and watch this.

(For the graphical version of this review, please visit bob-the-movie- man.com. Thanks.)
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Well worth watching
ahowroyd14 April 2018
This film was a big surprise. Intelligent and thought provoking about the ethics of lobbying and the issues around gun control in the USA.

I thought the acting was top class and it had a genuine kick/shock at the end!
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Ignore all the 1-star comments!
janenicole14 December 2016
The main reason I'm posting a review is to counter all the 1-star reviews left by pro-gun advocates who obviously have not seen the movie. I saw it last night and it is *not* about the gun lobby, although that's part of the story. In fact, the movie does a good job portraying both sides of the argument.

About the movie. I liked it and thought it had depth and raised a lot of questions about power, greed, corruption, the weakness of some of our laws, means vs. ends, and the motivations of some of the country's movers and shakers and elected representatives. I plan to see it again. It also brings up the question about males vs. females in high power jobs. Men who act one way are called leaders, women who act that same way are called ice queens or something like that. For example, I'm sure there has been a lot of discomfort over her, er, sex life when I don't think audiences would have had the same discomfort if it had been a male lead.

On the downside, I thought it was a bit "over the top" at times and I just didn't buy into some of the motivations or plotting, but what do I know about power politics in Washington?
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The redeeming part comes a bit too late for this long overdrawn political drama
andynaik2 December 2016
It's almost like there are two separate movies within one.

The first part is a tedious almost a hour and a half political and legal jargon filled introduction to Miss Sloane and her pompous must-win attitude. She is lobbyist living in D.C. working for a large firm but has a unfriendly fallout and joins another firm to lobby against the 2nd amendment. She gathers some team members from her earlier firm and in Esme she finds someone who would come to play a crucial role later. We also get a look into Miss Sloane's personal life and what's the reason behind Miss Sloane's 18 hour workdays and insomnia.

Once we gets over the initial slump, there's a turning point after which the film really picks up the pace for a thrilling finish although it comes a tad too late to save the movie.

Jessica Chastain is a strong actress and the later half really drives home the point but the first half doesn't highlight it. If you're patient enough, it still works but I wouldn't be surprised if people are turned away by the tedious first 90 minutes and walk out the theater.
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Movies staring women are not promoted
slydon1325 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This is the first big movie about lobbiests I've come across. Jessica Chastain plays a tough part but unfortunately her personality isn't examined in depth during the 2 hours. The film explores the ways men are treated differently from women. For example she hires a male escort and while men would overlook this in a male lobbyist ('cos it would be far from the worst thing they do), for a woman it would end her socially. The escort is the perfect combination of sleazy and possibly entertaining.

I don't imagine the notion that background checks before the purchase of a firearm is a seriously debatable point and so the film doesn't get into some pointless debate. Perhaps the proposed 'Registry of Muslims' is to allow crazy WASP's buy a surface to air missile but prevent sane Muslims from buying a 22.

This movie was under promoted, like most films staring women. If you look at the posters for 'Arrival' you'll see that the female star got the same billing as her male co-stars who have a fraction of the lines.

This was a movie about a strong woman, not unwilling to be disliked by men. Its funny at the start when the NRA man who thinks women are best spending time in the kitchen, is nervous about meeting her. He doesn't know if he should shake hands with a woman in the business world.

Political movies where good triumphs (such as 'The Ides of March') didn't don't get much support despite the great cast and script. Instead tragic films like the new 'King Kong' or the recently lame 'Jurassic Park'offering are the only things in the cinema.

My totally biased opinion is that some stupid men (like the committee Ms Chastain refers to) make choices about movies. They make testosterone fueled choices and go for expensive pointless non- scripts like 'Gods of Egypt' instead of low budget films that have a genuine script.

Obviously - I'm with Her!
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A thrill ride of a movie that will leave you awed by the time it's finished. JUST SEE IT!
andrbdeea7 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
One of the best movies I have ever seen. The intensity of the movie is unrivaled, twists and turns around every corner. You can't predict what's coming next.

The hidden message is NOT about gun control, it's about corruption nepotism even greed and how deep it goes in the system. This will strike a cord in many countries today. It's about a cat and mouse game to see who can pull more tricks.

Sloane is one badass character. Jessica Chastain delivers a phenomenal performance! I'm definitely going to see more of her films now.

Besides the amazing plot and acting, another thing that stood out to me was that the only person not selling her was the call-boy. Talk about irony. One considered working a "filthy" job is the only one with ethics and moral.

Probably some of you won't agree given the low ratings the movie has here but we're all entitled to have our opinions.

A thrill ride of a movie that will leave you awed by the time it's finished. JUST SEE IT!
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A very pertinent film to these times
matvas19 February 2018
Outstanding acting, great plot, and a theme that is unfortunately deeply interwoven into modern society. Watched this movie just days after the 2018 Florida school shooting.
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Quinoa198420 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This is overall good work, a talky but fierce and intelligent script, featuring one of those performances that people hopefully will continue to go back to from Jessica Chastain that makes it clearer why she shows so much depth and dimension for a character that could, in other hands or on the page by itself, not seem to be as... human (the very opening, which you've seen in the trailer, shows her as so cold it may be, uh, "scary" to those men uncomfortable with women simply being strong *people*, regardless of gender, or, maybe, because of it too).

It's a very good movie, the kind that Hollywood used to make more of (or just saw a wider release than 1,600 screens at a s***y time of release at the end of an Election year), though just shy of greatness. If it had had a Fincher or an Alan J Pakula behind it or something with a little stronger of a vision - Madden is good, but standard, a hired gun who executes it as well as he knows how, and casts it impeccably, but shoots it like it's (often, not always) a TV show, and I thought less of House of Cards and more of Scandal, albeit this is much smarter than Scandal gets - then it might be unstoppable.

The only part of the ending I found unrealistic really is that a gun bill for universal background checks and stricter regulations could pass in this country, regardless of what comes out about the sneaky meetings between lobbyists and politicians - for practically ANY reason. It's a nice ending, but a little but of a fantasy in the world we're living in, where race and culture and so many other factors make gun control such a burnt hot potato, if that makes sense. But considering that's 5% of this movie, it's great to see the other 95% showing the political world as cutthroat as it is, which is how it f****g is.

Or as Sloane puts it, and I'm paraphrasing here, being cynical is something Polyannish people say when they don't want to sound naive. I'd add what George Carlin says about them: the real cynics think that everything is going to be alright.
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IMDb star wars....
lindsncal18 December 2016
This was not a movie about left vs right or agendas. The advocates for gun reform and background checks vs the gun lobbyists were merely the format for showing what a rigorous process it is to get bills passed in Congress, the price you have to pay for it and how broken our entire system is ... that most people are unaware of. It even left out the most important fact that 70% of Americans want stronger background checks to purchase a gun, so it really wasn't a pro or con movie.

It's obvious that those one star reviewers, who only talked about the movie in terms of liberal and Republican or the left and the right, never saw the movie and only wanted to discourage people from seeing it. I've seen literature from the right that tells people to go to movie and book review sites and down vote any of them that appear to have a liberal bias. They're told that they don't even have to watch the movies or read the books. Just bash them if they sound liberal. I'm not taking sides here, just showing how one side works.

After looking at the one star rating reviews, I gave the movie an extra star to offset their obvious political agenda driven star ratings. They had nothing to say about the actual movie.

There isn't any way, after watching the movie, that you'd think one star is all it deserves. There wasn't one second when the movie drags or that you would want to miss...unless you have no interest in politics at all (a serious problem in American culture) but in that case, you probably wouldn't go see it anyway.

This was one of the few much better movies I've seen this year after being lured into so many that have nothing to say, are all computer flash and bang and are forgotten the next day.

The acting was great all around but especially from Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain) who was incredible, and the ending was a total surprise.,

We need more people to see movies like this and IMDb should be wary of this problem with the ratings. I've seen it before (there's tons of them about this movie) and it destroys the credibility of the whole rating system.
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10 stars and deserving 5 orscars!
francisco89925 March 2018
Film production has been so low that recently there are 2 or 3 good movies to watch every year only. This is a good one. A very good one! it came to my attention only because a colleague from the office once turned to me and said: "You remind me of Ms Sloane"! I am still undecided if that was a good or bad thing but I thanked him after a couple of days, to have hinted such a masterpiece of corporate games, a real thriller. Come and thank me later!
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Amazing movie
katarinas16328 February 2018
To be honest, I expected a higher imdb rating for this movie because it's really, really good. I haven't seen a movie this good for months and seeing all these people insulting it and claiming it's just a bad propaganda makes me angry. You can disagree with the main Miss Sloane's views but you got to admit it is an excellent movie. It stands up for a great cause and have you seen the news lately? All the shootings in America? Trump? And this movie came out in 2016 guys. I'm going to stop now and just say that if you're about to decide to watch this movie or not, go ahead and watch it. I never give reviews but I just had to.
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No dull moment, fantastic performance by the lead role and well written
lykamaydsalon17 January 2018
Technically this movie might be an 8, but I gave it a score of 10 to balance the unreasonable scores of 1.

I think that if you watch this film, it would be impossible for you to think that it deserves a score of 1.

Although the movie runs for 132 minutes, while watching the film, I told my wife that I did not want this film to end because of how good it was. Entertaining, educational.

This is the kind of movie we must be patronizing. It's not really about which sides you're on, this movie presents both sides well.
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Not as good as i hoped.
heffner_lara13 December 2016
I live in Norway, we have one of the strictest gun control-laws in the world, I am anti-gun and even I got some heavy propaganda-vibes from this movie. The movie picks ups hot topic but does not invite to debate, you get force-fed a certain viewpoint and it just falls flat. I had hoped for something much better but i was sorely disappointed, this could have been really good but you are forced to think the same way as the main character and that does not make the viewing pleasant. I would much more recommend that you watch a real debate on the topic where both views are presented by both sides, movies like this one will only get this ongoing debate stuck and we will never hear the end of it.
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A French Film Studio, with a first time British screen writer, makes a film about American Lobbying and gun control
aj121813 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Before we go any further, I am a veteran, a gun owner, with a minor in film and a theater background, and I keep an open mind when I watch movies. I actually saw the movie and I will keep politics aside but as you can tell from other reviews a lot of people are just down voting or up voting this movie based on politics. My score and critique are primarily focused on the screenwriter and director. These two factors I feel sunk the movie. This is the Jonathan Perera's first screenplay and while a valiant attempt he wrote something in one of the hardest genres, about a culture that isn't his, dealing with an issue he doesn't understand. And the director who I loved in The Best Marigold Hotel has many of the same issues, not understanding the American landscape. It is like Mel Gibson doing Braveheart, it isn't accurate at all however the difference is that Braveheart wasn't being shown to William Wallace.

What made me want to see this movie is that it is a French company (EuropaCorp) with a British director and Screenwriter (John Madden and Jonathan Perera), a Dutch Cinematographer (Sebastion Blankov), about a controversial American industry (American Lobbying) that deals almost exclusively with a controversial American topic (gun control). It is almost a perfect storm of bad ideas and misconceptions, and it kind of is that. The one saving grace is that Jessica Chastain, who plays the lead, gives a great performance but it can't save this movie. The movie is meant to be an American Political Thriller that examines the corrupt world of Washington politics with a meaning message, but everyone involved is such an outsider to that world that it is greatly flawed, in both its depiction of D.C., lobbying, and American gun culture. The movie starts with Ms. Sloane being a powerful lobbyist in D.C. working for a right wing lobbying group. However for "reasons" when her boss asks her to start lobbying for a gun's rights, one of the most well-funded American Lobbying groups, she says no and immediately jumps ship and takes her entire team minus one member to a "rag tag" group. This is in the beginning of the film, and here is the fundamental issue. It comically misunderstands the issues and motivations of lobbyists in D.C, American Conservatives, and even American law. Besides the many non-competition clauses you sign when join a powerful D.C. lobby group, besides the gun lobby being portrayed in a comical fashion, what really hampers the movie is motivations of the characters especially the lead Ms. Sloan. She isn't an idealist or an activist. She isn't in it solely for the money. She just wants to win, but if that is the case you still question most of her decisions. But the moment you start getting into the movie, another terrible side character ruins it, or a terrible understanding of American politics ruins it, or a shoehorned in message about guns (really this is a very minor part of the movie seeing the ads and reviews you would think it was just about that). The movie does have a few tropes, such as the "Court Room Moment" that plays like the 15th season of law order as opposed to "A few good men". The movie is just lacking. The movie has a few good scenes but it is destroyed by inaccuracies and a lack of character depth. This movie has so much potential with this lead, but she can't save the sinking ship, and the marketing for it was just a huge risk that upset a lot of people, but that is what happens when a large team of outsiders only know America from online and media portrayals of us. See it only if you are a fan of Jessica Chastain. Otherwise go see Moana, or Rouge One, yeah they are Disney, but at least the motivations of the characters has more depth.
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