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Fifty Shades Bored to Death
kofila18 February 2018
I have to be honest. I am not a fan of the series. Nor the books nor the films. It just didn't speak to me. However... My better half insisted this will be a fun movie. She prepared me it is no Dostoyevsky we were about to see but god almighty was I in shock how far it went. This must be the least coherent, most half-arsed, pointless movies I have ever seen in this sharade we call life. The sheer boredom spread through the unbearable laziness of the script, the empty looks of the actors, the meaningless cuts, senseless sequnces of the scenes... I just couldn't believed it... This was greenlit by someone?! Good god. Made me miss Twilight...
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Well.. Black Panther still looks good, right?
gangstah_vino10 February 2018
Here we go again..

I genuinely hoped.. there would've been change.

Sadly, I have to state the obvious: this is among the worst trilogies of film-making I' ve seen.

Acting? Bad. They were both there for a paycheck and nothing else.

Story? Well you see them getting married in the trailer.. and then you see her ex-boss picking up a gun, right? well there you have it.

Cinematogrophy: Worst than the first, but better than the second. Nothing to add there.

Dialogue: ... let's not go there..

All in all, i would give it a 1/10, because it was nice to look at some landscape for time to time. This review is short, because the movie was done short. it was bad from beginning to end, with horrible dialogue, with unstable emotions of both characters.. you get a sense of where this franchise couldve gone and done it right at the very end... but by then it meant nothing. god... I hate the writer who wrote it and I condemn writers like that back to wherever they came from.
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Waste of Money. Absolute valentines day trap.
anonymoususer-1132710 February 2018
If I could give a 0/10 rating I would. Christian's character has nothing interesting left to offer. Anastasia was scripted to seem like she is taking initiative (somewhat) and defying christian but her acting is clumsy and she does an awful job at coming across as even slightly empowered. The only good acting in the entire film comes from the banker. The plot is lazily thrown together and the attempts at suspense are god awful. The only people who will enjoy or defend this movie are absolute die hard fans. If you consider yourself a movie buff or even just someone who casually enjoys movies, DO NOT SEE THIS. I will spare you the frustration. I even enjoy bad movies, I love having fun with a bad movie and making jokes about it to my friends while we watch it. I did that in this film but even that was not enough to make this an enjoyable experience. The "BDSM" in this film is a sad sad portrayal that only the oldest, driest, and most sexually frustrated wine moms will find arousing. A TSA pat-down is kinkier than this excuse for erotica. The sex scenes feel very required and obtuse. The ending is a horrible attempt to tie things up and make them feel complete, it is incredibly cheesy, as is every single bit of dialogue in this film. I can't even continue to review this because if I do I will need to down a bottle of excedrin. Just don't waste your money.
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Easy Cum, Easy Go
j_c_james410 February 2018
Summed up in five words:

A truly awful, awful movie!
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One of the wrost movies I have ever seen
ddarlingov18 February 2018
So my wife convinced me to see this Saturday night. I figured I was buzzed enough to at least enjoy the sex scenes. But the movie was SO BAD that not even that could save it. The script and acting is among the worst I have ever seen. Totally not believable. Whatever you do, DO NOT waste your time and money on this.
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Toxic junk
vladimir-janic8 February 2018
The whole triology draws extreme attention, which is really sad for the film industry, and it says really much of the people today. This triology represents probably the biggest commercial junk there is, and the insane amount of people are here to see it, and, of course, are fulfilling the sole purpose of these films - money. I have watched all three films so I could give a review, but just thinking about it gives me an utter nausea, it was extremely hard to persevere through that toxic waste and to see other people enjoying the same.

What gets me the most is that the audience for independent films, art films are extremely small, and for making those films, people give their hearts out, those are the ones that have something to give to the audience and to the film industry itself - pure, raw art.
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Fifty Cents Worth
rodrigoalderete9 February 2018
Finally the franchise is over. For me, this trilogy was a complete torture. What is that a new modern Cinderella with taste for boundage? I just can´t believe some "critics" reviewed this title with a 10 just to upgrade de rating: Nice try, it didn´t work. There is a bunch of surrealistic characters that reminds me of the Twilight saga. This is like soft erotica for soppy widows, a raisy magazine for feminist, S&M encyclopedia for Dummies. I can´t believe i watch this. But i can recognize it was fan at first, just for the greatest hype. Then, it felt it was a completely waste of time. This movies along with the books should be erase from earth right away.
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What a great movie franchise - said NOBODY!
tuksakat17 February 2018
Why do they even keep making, re-making this awful excuse of cinema garbage? Seriously, who watches this crap? Lonely cat ladies who have missed out on dating and sex and now feel angry about it that they must watch this annoyingly unnecessary movie? And 3rd time in the series!!! Are you kidding me??? Who pays for this?!!!

There are better ways to spend your money!

Can't wait for this franchise to just go bankrupt already.
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trinaboice15 February 2018
Grade: F

Rating: R. Why isn't this rated X?

In a Nutshell: Why is this trilogy of trash on the big screen? Why isn't this sold as the pornography it is?

I realize there are women who eat this franchise up, but it's a pathetic money grab and poor excuse for a romantic Valentine's movie.

Tips for parents: No. Just no.

Uplifting theme: This is pure garbage with no redeeming quality whatsoever.

Things I liked: · Absolutely nothing.

Things I didn't like: Pretty much everything. The dialogue is ridiculous and often laughable. The premise is ridiculous. Sadomasochistic treatment of women.

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Hopefully the end ... hopfully no more sequels
fiorela-4673011 February 2018
This film isnt worth any money to watch it ... or even the time you need to invest.

The plot can be quickly summarized ... the main characters of Christian Grey and Anastacia Steel got married before this movie. They seems to be in a happy relationship but an old problem in form of former manager of Anastacia Steel is threatening their happy new life.

That's it. More plot this movie doesnt provide. How it comes that this movie takes so long with such a bad plot? The gaps are filled with bad sex scenes, bad jokes every than and now and a relationship based on abuse.

As a openly living BDSM follower this movie and the books hurting every inch of me. And not in the good way. If you really want to watch this movie, I recommend to do this with big attentation on details and you will quickly notice, that the 'relationship' between Anastacia and Christian are based on nothing more than abuse.

Besides of this the acting is again not authentic or even good. For a happily married couple their is no feeling about this fact that you would think this is the case. You have to watch the second movie to believe it. But I dont want to talk the actors down, it mostly is because of the script.

The scenery is again nice but only because of this I cant recommend the movie in any way. The movie music is bad as in the movies before this and dont fit to the actual scene which helps you with enjoying the film by laughing in the wrong moments.

Why I still watched the film? Well, a running gag between my friends and me. After my first shocked reactions about such a bad movie based on such a bad book, my fellows like to watch my reactions which falter between disbelief, shock and second-hand embarrassment.

If you never watched this movie. Dont do it!
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Makes a hero out of a #MeToo culprit (Christian Grey), and romanticizes stalking and sexual harassment!
Hellmant9 February 2018
'FIFTY SHADES FREED': Zero Stars (Out of Five)

The third installment in the blockbuster erotic romantic thriller series, based on the three hit books (beginning with 'Fifty Shade of Grey') by E.L. James. In this chapter Ana and Christian are finally getting used to a more stable relationship together, although it's still really kinky and abusive, when a stalker from Ana's past continues to ruin their happiness. The film was directed by James Foley and written by Niall Leonard (the same duo also performed both duties on the last sequel), and Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan once again reprise their starring roles (for the third time). The movie also costars Eric Johnson, Max Martini, Brant Daugherty, Eloise Mumford, Rita Ora and Luke Grimes. It's received almost unanimously negative reviews from critics once again (like the others), but it is expected to be another hit at the Box Office though (like the others). I once again hated it.

Ana (Dakota Johnson) and Christian (Jamie Dornan) are married, and finally starting to live a happy life together. Christian can't relax though, as he's constantly worried about Ana's safety. Especially when the couple realizes that Ana's ex-boss, Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson), who also sexually assaulted her, is out of prison and stalking her. Christian does everything he can to try to keep Ana safe, including commanding her on where and when she has to be somewhere, but Ana wants her freedom, and doesn't listen. The couple's new happiness is of course soon jeopardized because of this. I've hated this series from the beginning, because it makes a hero out of a #MeToo culprit (Christian Grey), and romanticizes stalking and sexual harassment. These are both things that the Christian character is guilty of doing to Ana, in the first two installments of the franchise. In this one his abuse towards her is at least seemingly consensual, but it still seems like the wrong message to send viewers (and readers of the novels). So I've always had a problem with the morality of supporting these films and books, and I don't understand why any intelligent moral person would. I've only continued to see each movie so that I can review them; in order to speak my feelings on this subject, and it's also just a lot more fun to review a bad film than a good one. This one is a really bad movie as well, and it's even worse than the first two installments. It seems like just a series of random pointless scenes strung together, by the weakest example of a plot that I've seen in a film in quite some time, just so they can give the viewer lots of erotic excessive sex scenes (as well as lots of pointless nudity). The movie really just feels like a well produced porno, but of course it's a heavy R-rated version of one (rather than X-rated).
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Best action-thriller-horror trilogy ever
uwe200010 February 2018
I love this movie!! Its great!! Such acting skills! Wow! Much sex! Such joy! The fight scenes were amazing. Its like Jackie Chan with tits and butt-plug! Wow. Amazing! The helicopter chase scene was good - its like interstellar and marix with butt-plugs and handcuffs !!!

P.s. The movie theater was a sell-out. I wasnt expecting so many people to cum...
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What not to watch
itsachfigueroa689 February 2018
Fist of all I when to watch this movie knowing that this may be more lacking than the other two before. I really was not expecting this much of lacking, I didn't even know if I should have party because it was finally over this toured or if I should I cry. This movie cut not only the good parts but also the Christian Grey dominate persona. They give all to Anastasia and that was just to much to my like, they only part that I can applaud is the one that she is facing with valor that an unwanted pregnancy and she is willing to take care of the baby with or without him. That can teach some woman that you don't need a man to survival and much lest to father a child. But overall I cannot even star this film, it was a deception one after the other , music was great but nothing compare to the first film music. Farewell Fifty Shades of Nothing
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Not Trolling! Seriously!
montillanestor10 February 2018
My best friend and I lasted 35 minutes watching this and left. We were so turned off that we drank our concerns away at a true BDSM party. Oh what a night we had. Don't watch this. Save your money, I know we did. I'm not sure how much more I can write. This isn't an R movie. I've had more intense sexual encounters in the hallway leading to my office. You've been warned.
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thank god they end the franchise
asharirfan7 February 2018
Fifty Shades freed is just like the previous installment, some changes which are so minor like anna and grey go married, anna got pregnant, i don;t know why they stretched the movie, oh its torture not to be called a movie, because movie have story, there just added more various sex scenes i different position and times, that's new thing in the whole movie, anna looks beautiful otherwise she have nothing to do, cheesy dialogue delivery from her body language, and then talk about grey, he also not good in sex scenes, he have some muture dialogue other wise he looks sex obsessed man like previous installments, his decent sex obsessed man personality not suits him, and also have an robotic expressions on whole movie, so there is no good performance, not a good story here! don't watch it, if you are looking for a porn film so also don;t watch it, because of old sex scenes like previous fifty shades movies but have some different styles, you know what i mean.
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Total waste of money
dbleninro22 February 2018
This movie will remain top 1 on the most bad movie i ever see: over one hour of nudity just to point the ''big attraction'' from main characters ... seriously was that really necessary ? was like a very loooooong and inutile introduction ( i get-it those two are deeply in love after 2-3 scenes of love ... was not needed over one hour to point that ) , i became literraly bored waiting the main action to begin, and when is finally start ... it take place in last 30 minutes including the movie ending. So what i was pay for ? Well i was pay only for the movie title who promise so much: romance and action and surprises ... and... and many more that didn't happend. Now ''The English Patient (1996)'' came to my mind - that was a movie who made all cinema stop breathing and shed a tear - that was a true and real romance and action and drama - who made this so called romance movie should watch that movie first and take notice how to made this one in first place ... I'm still mad because i was tricked by the movie name, was expecting so much .. and i get so little :(
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Worst franchise ever
jillianetennery7 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I watched some of the first installment because I thought maybe the actors would have chemistry and pull of the story (they didn't). I only saw the first 10 minutes of Darker because I got to the point where Christian refuses to take a no from Ana when he asks her to dinner and the whole story is about this annoying, narcissistic, billionaire brat who likes to beat and have sex with women who look like his birth mother because he's never dealt with his issues. Ana just takes it. She's ordered around all the time and she doesn't stand up for herself and they argue and then have sex. It's a dramatic cycle.

Now here we are with the final installment. Still no chemistry between the leads. Cringe-worthy dialogue. Cheesy music.The male lead doesn't go full-frontal and Ana is constantly naked. They make Ana pregnant because what else are they going to do with her character.

One thing I can't stand about this franchise is there are no consequences for Christian's child molester. Calling her "Mrs. Robinson" is an insult to The Graduate because at least in that movie, the relationship is consensual. Christian is 15 when he starts having sex with his mother's friend.

I would give it zero stars but I can't. It's finally over so YAY!
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Missed the climax, and the plot
margaretafb9 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I went to see this one, like the previous two, because I thought it would be fun and also wanted to see the story end. However, the film is such as disaster that it made me reconsider "Fifty Shades of Grey" and "Darker". While the first one was somehow interesting as it is the one establishing the story, characters and tone, and the second one was an extremely hilarious experience thanks to the public in the cinema who shot joke after joke about it, the third left me with a bitter taste of hollowness and nothingness. Even the other people in the cinema were feeling irritated and bored; about 20 minutes into the film they started walking in and out of the cinema hall. They had a moment, I guess, when they wanted to leave but remembered they had payed for the tickets. Really, it was no fun, no thrilling, no sexy and sure as hell not climactic. It was a bore with loose narrative threads and sex scenes as fillers.

The supposed challenges the protagonists must face are laughable. First, there comes a flirtatious woman behaving in inappropriate ways towards Christian. Mmm...interesting, I thought! Then Ana knocks her down in a 40-second dialogue. Ok... I wonder what's next, what this new woman is up to, what Christian will do etc. Well, nevermind, we don't get to see her again except in a short scene hugging Eliot. Problem solved. After a "Fast & Furious" break, there seems to be a newer problem: Jack Hyde. There's some threatening and guns, we don't really know his motives and they really don't matter as long as the scenes drag the film further. No one cares anyway.

It was not until very close to the film's ending that I truly felt the way it failed. When Ana wakes up in hospital, Christian tells her, with wet eyes, something like "I thought I lost you" and that's when everyone in the cinema bursted laughing. The tagline warns us not to miss the climax. Well, I did miss it. The only effect this film had on me was intellectual frustration. In the end, I need to mention that I appreciated Dakota Johnson once again for making the best of what was given to her in this film. She's the one that makes the film watchable by her rather good performance. I'm glad the critics remarked her. I hope she gets over this whole circus and manages to establish herself as the talented and serious actress that she is.
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young-erika6522 June 2019
I am just glad there is a Mrs. Grey and they have a family. Actually much better than the first two Fifty Shades. But this was by far my favorite (Freed) Message: How to Love a Difficult Man in these Fifty Shades Movies. Love Finally Conquered all. Yes I actually watch this movie over and over. We all have dark secrets which can destroy us. Wounds that take time to heal. Someone to finally accept you as you are. True Love. I admit the Movie wasn't Perfect. But Think the relationship in the Fifty Shades were not either. Lastly the Fifty Shades Movie Soundtracks were so worthed.
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Really easy watching
alexjj-6363415 February 2019
It's easy, it's fun, it's a little mischievous, it's got a story line... I dunno why people are so harsh. I watch films to relax and switch off. It left a smile on my face at the end maybe I'm a romantic at heart, who knows. I guess I liked the ultimate love conquers all message :)
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I tried...
sdelargie11 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I thought the first two were fine, but this third movie was hard to watch. It was like watching glamorous domestic violence. He tracked her phone. She wasn't allowed to go out with friends. He got angry when she didn't answer his calls. He told her what to wear. She had to go home straight from work. I tried to suspend reality and go with the flow as it it just a puff movie, but no.
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Don't look for ratings.
deepakdst5 September 2019
It is something about the story but about passion, love, romance and commitment. I don't think any other series could give you that much of feeling of love that this gives. This is the best franchise about love with best romantic music in this world.
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not too bad
michaelaschalow9 May 2018
I never made it through the third book, but I have to say the movie was still decent. The low ratings make no sense to me. If you didn't like the first two, why would you watch the third? Just to complain about how bad it was for you? I'm just glad they didn't split this into two movies. This series is not brilliant, but still entertaining.
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An amazing way to finish the extraordinary love story
AnastasijaSp17 April 2018
As seen in my previous Fifty Shades trilogy reviews, I loved everything about it. The same goes for this final sequel. I love how it's very detailed, and shows off the contrast between Anastasia and Christian's relationship in the first movie versus the final chapter. The acting was fantastic as usual, I love how they got closer as the time passed. Some scenes really melted my cold heart, and the final scene couldn't have been done anything better! The whole trilogy itself is carved deeply in my heart. In addition, I would like to point out that I've been reading different reviews on these movies and I realized that opinions are very very different. I would just recommend that if you don't really seem to be into this kind of movies, don't watch the trilogy. There's no point in stating that the movies are ''garbage'' etc. That's only one person's opinion, which doesn't mean that it's junk in general. For me it was fascinating! For some people, it was disappointing. That's completely fine, but don't throw shade on something only because you didn't like it. I felt like I needed to write that. Hope that all of you who watch it like it as much as I did. Enjoy!
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Fifty Shades of much needed freedom
TheLittleSongbird16 February 2018
Hopefully, as a heterosexual female student in her mid twenties, saying this before the male critic hating and age generalisations continue, with a love of film that spreads across all genres and decades, this will come over as a fair assessment of a film that genuinely did nothing for me. Very like what was said with the first two 'Fifty Shades' films.

As was said before, my main reasons for seeing 'Fifty Shades Freed', wanting to see as many films of this year and of the latter half of 2017 (some released in my country this year) and that it just happened to be the film choice of a friend cinema film outing. General consensus of the group for the record being indifference and passionately hating it. Not because of wanting to hate it (have always aimed to be a fair and perceptive reviewer), following the crowd (have been known to go against the grain) or being someone who hates everything (generally am a positive reviewer and try to see the good in even awful films). And yes, am telling the truth about seeing it, have never reviewed a film without watching it.

Oh and the whole "why did you even watch it" rubbish, from those who denounce anybody who dislikes the film as trolls for having a different opinion, needs to stop, because it comes over as ignorant and disrespectful. People are allowed to judge whatever they want and the two most common reasons for seeing a film is completest sake (if trying to see as many films of the year as possible) and family and friend film nights and cinema outings, so that answers that question.

Which is the case here in 'Fifty Shades Freed'. Am not going to give it the lowest rating on IMDb, this is an extremely rare rating for me these days and reserved only for incompetently made films with no effort put into them. 'Fifty Shades Freed' has very little good with it, but there are also a few things good. It is the best of the 'Fifty Shades' trilogy, as there is a little more plot than the previous two, sadly this is not saying much.

Some of the soundtrack beguiles, it has a soothing nostalgia and appropriately amorous quality. Those lovely moments in the soundtrack, which should have been maintained more consistently, is the best thing about 'Fifty Shades Freed'.

It also looks good, nice use of scenery and very nicely shot. There is one acting bright spot, which is Marcia Gay Harden who does very well with her role and is too conscientious an actress.

However, the same flaws are all here. Other parts of Danny Elfman's score are one-note and repetitive, as well as too derivative of his recent work. He has composed some wonderful stuff ('Edward Scissorhands' is magical) but this is really not his best work. The same goes with director James Foley, whose direction is far too mannered and ill at ease, he has done some great stuff like 'Glenngarry Glenn Ross' and 'House of Cards' and when you compare his work on those and that for his contribution to the 'Fifty Shades' films it's like somebody else entirely.

Regarding the cast, only Harden is good. The rest fail to register in one-dimensional and in many cases underwritten and under-utilised roles. Eric Johnson phones it in at some parts and overdoes it in others as the painfully clichéd villain. More problematic once more are the two leads, and the chemistry is next to zero once more. Understated can be a lovely quality to acting, as long as it also becomes nuanced and with believability given to the dialogue. Dakota Johnson, especially in the first third, is too understated that it feels more like there is a lack of personality or emotion. Jamie Dornan looks uncomfortable throughout, delivers his cringe-worthy lines awkwardly and is just bland as dishwater with no charisma whatsoever. Chemistry is non-existent.

Again, the dialogue does no favours, dialogue so bad that absolutely nobody (even the best actors and actresses) can do anything with it. It would even be beneath actors and actresses who can't act to save their lives, and there is just as plenty of those around. It causes unintentional laughter throughout, is embarrassingly clunky and is pure smut. Then there is the story, even though it is the film with the most plot it still is so thin structurally, heavy in repetition, so badly plodding and without style or atmosphere that the film feels twice as long. Even with attempts to give more raunchiness and kinkiness, as well as edge, none of what goes on comes over naturally. Everything is horribly contrived and silly, with a climax that feels out of place and conflict that lacks tension and is instead unintentionally silly. The sex scenes are passionless and less than erotic.

Concluding, while very marginally the best of the three 'Fifty Shades Freed' pretty dreadful still. It is very early on in the year but my prediction will be by the end of it the film would still be one of the worst of the year. 2/10 Bethany Cox
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