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CBS, why?
mollyscot_uk28 March 2015
I find it frustrating and quite sad that CBS had the chance to follow on from Craig with another unique, intelligent and unpredictable host yet, instead, chose to follow the growing trend of dumbed down TV for the attention deficit, celebrity obsessed, "don't ask me to think" audience.

We have more than enough of this formulaic dross already. Frenzied audience, whooping and hollering with evangelical hysteria for no apparent reason. Check. Embarrassingly unfunny opening monologue. Check. Pointless house band. Check. Pre-recorded sketches with celebrities doing "hilarious" stuff to show us they are oh so self-effacing and down to earth (pre-approved by their publicists and lawyers of course). Check. The host fawning over the guests du jour with sycophantic waffle "I just loved your new movie/book/album", "You are a legend/my hero/EVERYBODY loves you" and my personal favourite "Just listen to them.." (wide camera shot of brain dead audience on their feet clapping,chanting, whooping, …) Check.

This latest offering is just more of the same; produced, packaged and tied in a neat little bow. Late night Fallon, Kimmel, Leno, Letterman and yes, I'm looking at you too, Ellen. There is enough day time and evening dumbed downed fluff to fill a pillow the size of the Atlantic. Could late night TV not at least try to be a haven for some sort of integrity? What are the advertisers afraid of? Do they think their particular brand of insomniac medicine dulls the senses that much? Corden, at least, takes proctology to new heights; with each and every star utterance he either guffaws like a demented banshee or gazes open mouthed like a teenager in love.

It is as pointless to compare this to Craig Ferguson's show as it is to compare "Twelve Angry Men" to "Fifty Shades of Grey". I am, however, reminded of one scene from the former LLS. The opening sequence, Craig and Secretariat, their faces mere inches from the camera, both just staring wide eyed. Seconds pass. Nothing happens. Finally Craig says "We're seeing who blinks first". Pointless, infantile, laugh out loud genius. Groucho Marx would have loved it. It will be interesting to see which, if any, of networks blinks first.
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I can't stand him
cordenw13 September 2017
Truly a mistake in the cosmos of things. How did this talentless porker get so far in a business that chews 'em up like dog bones? I've tried to give him a chance but honestly it's like watching one of those rap videos or watching Beyonce put together one of those aimless, pointless dance routines... ten seconds is too much by far. And so it is with watching this bingo caller at the Saturday Night Legion session, five seconds is too much in his case. Those who stay up late must be pretty desperate for entertainment if they watch this visual porridge, but the ratings calculators say there are plenty of them so what do I know? I'll tell you what I DO know , it's just sawdust to fill in the gaps between ads, pure organic "no sweetener added" crap. Which means he'll probably last for quite a bit longer. Not in my house though , karaoke has been banned since it first ever came out!
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cindyapples31 March 2015
I don't think this show is funny and I'm not even sure what they are doing.

James Corden seems like he is an okay person who might be fun to sit at a dinner table with and just chat, but as a television host he is lacking something. I can't quite put a finger on it but he does not seem quite like he is just being himself and caring about the show or his guests.

All of the comedy pieces they do fall flat for us and I just don't see the humor value in them.

I get the feeling they are trying to be absurdly funny and weird and cool the way the last host was but the writers don't seem to get that being stupid doesn't automatically make it funny sometimes it's just stupid.
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Very sad, annoying, rarely funny
moviecollectoru20 August 2015
It's a really dumb'ed down show, even for people like me that are not highly educated. it's the "facebook cat videos" of night time TV. Corden is a sweet guy and every now and then says something funny, but all his inappropriate talk about especially men's physique is really embarrassing and irritating. I cannot warm up to that band. neither the way he looks, nor the "music" he throws at me. just can't stand it. I miss Craig. I can't believe he went to host an equally idiotic game show. I feel sorry for him and the his lost talent. I understand why he quit, but honestly, he just wouldn't have fit in the "dumb'ed out early evening entertainment slot" he was where he belonged, where we loved him, where his crowd found him. I wanted to like Corden's new show so badly....but it's lame and embarrassing...
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Where do they find these hosts for late night???
keelhaul-808565 September 2017
I used to enjoy watching Craig Ferguson and Conan. They weren't the top dogs on their channels, but they could hold your interest after the earlier shows. They were sometimes low-budget, potty-humor, fly- by-night comics, but they were genuinely funny. They seem like real guys, and they found corny and cheap gimmicks and turned them into gold on many occasions. Craig's conversations with a gay robot and that creepy music for Secretariat. So stupid, but somehow it worked. Craig was talented and silly enough to pull it off. It was different and underrated in many ways, and he truly made you laugh. I've sit up a few times with friends or relatives to watch this show, and I just can't get into it. This guy seems like the WORST choice ever to follow up. He seems like some pot-bellied dork with a silly accent(even though Craig had one LOL), wearing clothes that are too small, with a tone of voice that sounds like someone's little sister. He sounds like a child, and hardly any segments make me laugh. Where do they even find these dudes??? I don't know why they thought he would connect with the average American guy. Craig had me in stitches, but this guy reminds me of watching PBS. Who's butt is this Corden guy kissing to get all this attention???
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Finally! A Cure for Insomnia
kld006830 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I've been up slightly later than normal lately partly since I'm enjoying watching David Letterman wind down his show. Since the "Late Late Show with James Corden" follows immediately afterward I've caught some of those shows.

So far what I've seen is, bad monologue, silly banter introducing the guests as they pop out of their various green rooms and warrens (more on that), bad skit, and finally an ensemble interview.

I'm not quite sure what they have in mind when they introduce the guests and then peek the camera into the green room while the guest munches on craft services food, talks on their cell phone, of yuks it up with their pals or entourage. Isn't it enough to just mention the guest's names? Later, as the guests enter the stage from the back or the room, they are required to navigate a gauntlet of audience members who try to shake hands, fist bump or slap hands with the guests. I'm a bit surprised that the guests go for that close personal contact, many seem uncomfortable.

James Corden is conversant enough with the guests, but in a fawning sycophantic manner. The interviews are merely a platitude and not at all deep or particularly informative. Because of the couch ensemble style, the interviews seem awkward and stilted.

The set, and especially the curtains that the guests push aside to enter the stage appear low budget and cheap. It doesn't help the show any if entire stage area looks slightly worse than the old Doctor Who sets.

The show does get kudos for having the band members with the most hair. Sadly, that's not enough to maintain interest in the program.
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Not for me
jeppemichael24 July 2017
I like James Corden. He seems like a really genuine person when I've seen interviews with him on other shows.

I also liked the first few episodes of The Late Late show with James Corden. Thought he would bring something different to the genre. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. The more I watched, the more I hated the show. It's just unfunny in my opinion. The monologue is unfunny, the sketches are unfunny, the interviews are mostly cringe worthy.

I wanted to like this because I like Corden as a person, but it seems like he's caved into the demands of CBS to make this show as cookie cutter as possible. I wanted something new and original and was disappointed!
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Did a High School Drama Geek get a Late Night Talk Show?
gohurdler121 October 2016
Not a fan of "The Late Late Show with James Corden." Almost feels like the network decided to give a high school drama geek who is really into musicals a late night talk show. The Carpool Karaoke seems like a cheap gimmick that is overused. The annoying and repetitive theme song was apparently composed by Reggie Watts, and the show's band. The theme song more or less repeats the show's title over and over. I thought that Reggie Watts was great on "Comedy Bang Bang," but so, so on this program. Seems like he doesn't want to upstage Corden.

"The Late Late Show with James Corden" is just too show tuney. It's basically one step below "The Tonight Show Starting Jimmy Fallon." When Craig Ferguson was the host it seemed far more creative in a weird and surreal way, and not in a dumbing down way.

"Jimmy Kimmel Live" seems to be the only decent broadcast late night talk show. Although Kimmel seems to be trying very hard to almost recreate "Late Night with David Letterman."

The only real positive thing that I have to say, is that James Corden doesn't have the personality of a wet blanket like his counterpart Seth Meyers, the host of "Late Night with Seth Meyers."

If you want to see an example of the lowest common denominator, watch James Corden as host of "The Late Late Show."
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So unfunny and boring
juuldroid17 October 2017
Two friends of mine attended this show. What they saw on TV was different than what they experienced live. That difference is that the audience was almost dead silent. Practically no one was laughing. So the audience sound was added in the TV-version.

Having seen several episodes of this show I can imagine that the audience is not entertained at all. This show is never funny and so boring. Just a big waste of time.

Really hope Comedy Central, that airs this show, wil improve their programming. The quality of added shows has diminished so much. Used to be one of my favorite channels. Very disappointing channel it has become.
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News Flash CBS
nomdeplumette5 October 2015
Just because a guy has an accent doesn't make him a replacement for Craig Ferguson. Corden is unbearable. Not funny. Not witty. Not watchable. The show is a major disappointment. Ferguson was the best thing that had happened to late night since Carson, and if CBS had actually given him a budget, then he, Geoff & Secretariat, would probably still be on the air. Better yet, you should have given him Letterman's job! Now you have lost me completely from the late night lineup, and instead I watch reruns on ION. If you wanted to have someone worthy of Craig Ferguson's shoes, then Ricky Gervais would've been a much smarter choice. And what the heck are you doing with Colbert? His format is a total sleeper. Grown man dancing with a band that has zero personality? No monologue. Where are all the great comedy writers? They are gone from NBC's SNL, and now they're gone from late night, and they're certainly gone from awards shows. WHO is writing this dreck?
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Tried to like
spelbound14 June 2016
I gave this guy a shot. Tried my best to like this host, as I hoped that Hollywood cast an unconventional entertainer. The carpool karaoke was okay... Once!

But could not get past his desire to have the camera on him or sing louder than anyone else... this attention whore is more interested in taking the spotlight away from his guests.

He's unfunny, narcissistic and too full of himself. What happened to the day when hosts let the guests be the star of the show? It seems to be a common thread for these late night talk shows. Lets dumb down the audience so we have to do less work.

I don't have cable because I am so tired of this mindless form of entertainment. James Corden is no exception. Will avoid as much as I can even when he has amazing guests.
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Need to have negative stars Just AWFUL.
watchtiger127 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Where to start????? Well first of all Corden's show is a rip-off of Fallon's and Leno's but here is the thing it's NOT FUNNY.

I have watched all five nights and he needs to go.

Pre-recorded skits copies of Jay Leno's out on the street or visiting apartments.

A singing skit with Tom Hanks a copy of something Jimmy Fallon does.

I keep expecting something funny and I get NOTHING.

Tonight he did a skit with Mariah Carrey again NOT FUNNY.

I will be finding something else to watch I needs to be fired. Just really bad.
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Not Funny, Not Good
bobbyishilarious29 March 2015
I wasn't sure what to expect from this show so I went into and through the first week of shows with an open mind and a clean slate. I think I've seen James Corden in another show or doing stand-up on TV previously but I can't quite place him, which means he must have been neither great nor awful.

The problem with this show is, it is awful. Consistently and unfailingly awful.

Corden himself seems likable enough and is decent in his interactions with the guests (although he's a little stiff, which should clear up as time passes and he gets more comfortable). But he's just not very funny.

Most of all, the writing is not funny at all. I'm not sure how much of it is his own stuff and how much of it is written by other people, but it's really terrible. The stuff that is even somewhat passable is obviously borrowed from other, more successful late night and sketch shows. The stuff that isn't derivative is just plain atrocious, and there's a lot of this material every single episode. I'm not sure why when they have such top notch guests. These sketches are painful to watch.

Give it a rest or this show is going to end up canceled, I don't know anyone who is enjoying this stuff so far. We will give it one more week and then I'm not watching it again. Here's hoping you find your way, Mr. Corden!
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Don't understand the negative reviews. Show is Great.
robjdelaney19 December 2015
The poor reviews of this show must be from folks who watched one segment and made up their mind or have never even watched the show. James Corden is arguably the most talented man in late night and if you watched his show regularly, you would easily agree. So what if he's British. His carpool karaoke segments are frequently hilarious. The comedy segments are smart, well written and just plain funny. The skits he convinces the celebrities to take part in are just classic. His duet with Alanis Morissette with updated lyrics to "Ironic" was a great example. So entertaining and so funny. Same thing with Ellie Goulding, a duet with 8 different musical styles of her song "Love Me Like You Do" in 4 minutes. Lots of fun. Subscribe to his YouTube Channel and give him a chance before you prematurely write him off. He's a true talent and I love his show. In fact, I think he puts the other mainstream cookie cutter late night hosts to shame.
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So not funny!
hdayejr-4887312 October 2015
After seeing this fool's "performance" as a guest model on The Price Is Right on 10/12/15, I can see why he was given 1 star. This guy is so not funny! His humor is forced, was picking up contestants(invading their personal space no less), and was just all around a real ass of a guy!

How in the world did CBS bungle this one? He is NOT a good successor for Craig Ferguson! I think Craig should come back to CBS late night. Corden is a hardly known to US TV, and should go back to the UK where he came from!

IF CBS wants to stay in the late night game, they need to get rid of this guy IMMEDIATELY! I certainly hope he hasn't pulled down Colbert's ratings in the process.
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My Grandmother is funnier...
ChuckyCheese201724 November 2017
I have no idea why a reviewer said this guy is funny for? That person must be getting paid for the review, there is no other explanation! James' comedy scenes make me cringe with embarrassment for him, I hope he knows he is being recorded and it will be out there forever. I didn't mind Craig Ferguson although his comedy was getting rather repetitive like with the robot but he could be funny whilst interviewing guests, this new fella isn't funny, ever! He should of stayed in England and kept his dignity instead of (badly) doing a trashy American talk show.
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Only decent episode was from "Tommy's House"
pappycaligula29 September 2015
All I can add to the negatives is my observations of how Corden acts at the end of the show. He seems to shut down, almost like he wants to RUN from the studio and the silly, overpumped audience. I hope he turns down the CBS offer to prolong the pain/extend his contract. He's a talented person and the like the title says, "Tommys House" (with Beck and Jeff Goldblum) was the only enjoyable episode so far. BUT HEH, maybe I'm just a grouch. After 3 weeks, I find Colbert insufferably boring. It's like it's ALL about him the host and NOT about the guests. (his mic is louder, they get to say very little/he talks over the guests to the point of rudeness..

Fallon has late night locked up. CBS just doesn't "get it".

Reminds me of THE WORST of TV...Like "Small Wonder" from the 1980's OR "The Pat Sajak Show".
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All the way from...
Hawkeye-Costanza1 November 2015
As another person has stated here, a lot of these poor reviews were written not long after the shows debut. It is unfair to judge the show early as every program has teething problems in the beginning, imagine judging Seinfeld on its pilot.

After over six months on air the show and James have really come into their own, he isn't Craig Ferguson and he doesn't want to be. James Corden's fast wit, gentle humour and unique style breathe a fresh air into the stale, formulaic landscape of late night television. With extremely popular segments like Carpool Karaoke and Role Call which have been a hit online as well as on air James is starting to build a large fan base and with good reason. At 12:30 in the morning it's a relief to be able to forget about whatever dead end job you are stuck in or whatever terrible story you saw on the news and enjoy an extremely talented presenter and performer doing what he enjoys, making you forget about life for a while and maybe going to sleep with a smile on your face.
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I farted
jakeandersen10031 May 2019
When I farted my dog barked at me. Then it said, "eeeww gross!"
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Funny? Hell no!
ds00210 August 2016
The Late Late Show with James Corden has zero spontaneity and is not funny at all.

Exaggerated laughter from the audience on totally unfunny jokes. Embarrassingly unfunny opening monologue. This guy is so not funny! Corden himself seems likable enough and is decent in his interactions with the guests > But he's just not a funny guy.

Such a horrible replacement for the funny and very spontaneous and charming Craig Ferguson!

The carpool karaoke was okay... Once! The Late Late Show with James Corden is not worth watching it - definitely not.
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A Refreshing Late Night Host
stephenjsimmons73 April 2015
I don't like late night talk shows because of how robotic they are. The interviews are too planned and the hosts feel so fake.

James Corden is a breath of fresh air. He exudes humbleness and a genuine eagerness to entertain each night's audience and get the most interesting stories out of his guests. The Graham Norton-inspired style of having multiple guests on a couch and just chatting is different for American late night talk shows in a very good way. His humor style works much better than other hosts' when it comes to the opening monologue. Reggie Watts's nightly question for the guest is always entertaining.

For a show that just began, I'm already loving it infinitely more than Fallon or Letterman.
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Graham Norton For America
sara252023 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
James Corden is way too talented for the late night. He can sing, act, improv, quick on his feet, and is very humble. Did I mentioned the man has a beautiful singing voice? The first episode was great like the Graham Norton show in the U.K. He is not afraid to interact with the guests and I like that the guests weren't just on the show promoting some new movie. Any host who goes past the generic questions and allows us to know a little more about the guests is a great host. I also liked how he did not make the interview about him. He made it about the guests and he did an excellent job of making his guests feel comfortable. I also liked how the set allows him and his guests to interact with the audience too. I think he is going to do an excellent job with the show. And if I am up past my bedtime, I will definitely check out his show again.
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The unbearable James Cordon
groves-0405028 February 2018
I have never written a review on IMDB, until now! The main reason being, because of the irritating, fake, childish, and unfunny James Cordon. This is definitely a programme for people who have a dreadful sense of humour; the type of person who would find cancer funny.

I am absolutely dumbfounded at how exactly this overweight, talentless fool ever made it in America, but I suppose it has something to do with today's society.

Cordon reminds me of the boy at school, who craves attention, and will do pretty much anything to gain a cheap laugh. He's an irritating fatty who possesses an unbearable, yet confident grin. And don't get me started on that Carpool Karaoke...repetitive, overused, childish, and plain boring.

Whenever the talentless blob appears on tv, I immediately change channel. That's as much as he deserves.
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Another Boring Brit...
plbd-430623 June 2017
He's just another Boring, Dry Humored, Fat Dumb Looking Brit, who thinks he's got talent!?! I've watched many of his shows, only to listen to some his guests but when he does anything else, I either mute the TV or change channels briefly!?! He can't sing or carry a tune, & must like humiliating himself in public!?! He looks really stupid when he tries 2 act in the skits he makes his guest participate in!?! Why do these Brits come over to the US or Canada thinking they have talent?!? And why does CBS, NBC, ABC, etc., hire these people?!? Don't waste your time watching his shows unless you're really, really bored!?!
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Just a fantastic show
inthemindofswenio13 December 2015
This is just a really entertaining and funny show. James is always so upbeat and positive even when he's being negative. It's the only show left on television where the host and the band leader actually have a chemistry which works. Letterman and Paul Shaffer had a good chemistry and it made the late show entertaining and thats exactly the effect it has here. The same can't be said for the late show with Stephen Colbert who has a negative value of chemistry with his band guy who isn't even funny at all to be frank. I actually think James and Reggie should have the late show and Colbert should have the late late show.

The show has a great format from the ad-lib intro music and then the short monologue followed by a brief glimpse of the guests while they're still in their dressing rooms and it all just keeps a smile on your face. The guests always look like they're having such a good time which makes it all the more watchable.

I would go as far as to say this is on par with Conan which is the only other good late variety show.
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