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12 Nov. 2017
Episode #2.1
A wedding is taking place at Snagov Club: Magda, Relu's daughter, is marrying Teddy, The Captain's son. Meanwhile, in a parking lot, an incident involving a truck driver and a mystery man occurs. After the party, the newlyweds, who are expecting a baby, take off in the new car, a wedding gift, for the honeymoon, to unexpected consequences.
19 Nov. 2017
Episode #2.2
Magda and Teddy are trying to get their life back on track after the shocking event they went through. Relu starts looking for clues that could lead him to finding out the truth about the accident. He and The Captain agree to seek justice on their own and be one step ahead of the police.
26 Nov. 2017
Episode #2.3
Through less orthodox ways, Relu quickly manages to discover a vital piece of information that takes him closer to finding out the name of the person who has the answers to all his questions. Teddy gets involved in Relu's revenge and the brutal experience works for the boy like an initiation in a violent world where one pays for everything and no one gets out unharmed.
3 Dec. 2017
Episode #2.4
On his path to revenge, Relu gets into a confrontation with one of the most powerful mobsters, Nea Toma. As everything has a price in the underground world, Relu will not rest until justice is done. Emilian, an ambitious and unscrupulous policeman, starts working on the Captain's case. Gina, now divorced, gets closer and closer to her new boss, Sebastian.
10 Dec. 2017
Episode #2.5
Fearing that his affairs are endangered, The Captain demands some answers from Relu, who is not ready to reveal his findings. Gina tries to get by without her husband's help. Magda starts to have second thoughts about her marriage. Without much guidance from his parents, Chuckie gets in trouble with the police. Emilian is determined to put the Captain and his people behind bars for good, and Nico, to save her own skin, is ready to do anything.
17 Dec. 2017
Episode #2.6
After going through yet another ordeal, Teddy and Magda have a heart to heart. Driven by his thirst to prove his power, Emilian finds out some inside information that helps him close in on Relu and The Captain who have set up a huge criminal endeavour. It seems that there is no way out and Relu's world will fall apart.

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