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  • Bosch has to face the aftermath of his confrontation with Waits, while his daughter's unexpected visit offers some precious time together. In the wake of the bones investigation, Bosch's job is in jeopardy, and he's suddenly on the outside once again.


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  • Harry Bosch has his mandatory psych evaluation after the Waits shooting. Harry makes an analogy of two inner dogs, good and bad fighting inside a person. He shows little remorse and feels he just did his job.

    Arthur Delacroix is laid to rest, his father Sam, mother Christine Waters and sister Sheila attend but don't talk to each other. Bosch waits by the cars, once more he asks if Sheila is ready to file charges, she tells him to leave her alone. Christine comes up next and is friendly to Bosch but saddened. Harry gives her the box of information on the orphans Nicolas Trent was supporting with cash, she will continue. Sam Delacroix staggers by, when Bosch goes to kneel by the coffin he returns, angry, and asks for justice for his boy.

    Sgt Washington tells Deputy Chief Irving he heard from a friend that the DA has convened a Grand Jury to look into the Waits case.

    Billets asks to speak with Bosch to update on Stokes and urges him to close the case.

    In the evening Rick O'Shea tells Irving the Grand Jury is there to keep Irving true to his word since the DA can control it and what is investigated, this is to neutralize the video taken when Raynard Waits had escaped.

    Bosch revisits Dr. Guyot and he updates the retiree on the Delacroix case. Back at his own house he spreads out files and listens to jazz. In the morning his living room is still covered in paper. He notices a name and calls Jerry Edgar to check out a Property Manager named Joe Olivas. Eleanor Wish calls to say Maddie has run away and is headed to LA on a bus, he heads to the bus station.

    At 7:30am the bus arrives, Maddie is there. Harry is upset as she is only 15, but decides to spend some time together, they go to Du-Pars for pancakes.

    Edgar talks to Olivas and with some pressure, gets Stokes' address.

    Eleanor will be coming on a evening flight. Maddie says her mother is even more restrictive than before, Harry says Eleanor loves her as a mother. They go to his house, Maddie is impressed by the fantastic view. He explains movie money, for The Black Echo, bought the place. Harry goes to shave and cleanup, Maddie snoops around the files. She finds his childhood McLarens file while Art Pepper sounds fill the house.

    At an old apartment building Edgar spots Stokes and opens his phone.

    Harry takes Maddie to the La Brea Tarpits and introduces her to Dr. Golliher the Medical Examiner, and his archaeo dig. She is interested, when Jerry calls, Harry leaves Maddie there and says he has to go for awhile.

    At the apartment several patrol cars are outside. George Irving has led a team inside. Bosch and Edgar enter cautiously and make their way to the third floor. They hear sounds of a struggle and a gunshot. Going forward they see Stokes on the floor, Irving had shot him with a beanbag round. Bosch says nice work and takes Stokes away. In the interrogation room Bosch goes over what he knows. Stokes makes a story about it being an accident, but Harry flatly states Stokes killed Arthur for the skateboard.

    Then Harry retrieves Maddie, she is a little upset but he takes her to the beach. Maddie admits she read his file and asks some questions, she is sorry for what happened, Harry is moved. At the airport Eleanor has just arrived but they have to return right away. Harry hugs Maddie farewell and Eleanor thanks him and leaves.

    The next day he drives back in to work. As he enters the building Irving's EA calls and summons him to HQ in 30 minutes. Julia Brasher is just leaving the office. Irving explains about the Grand Jury, Bosch is puzzled, Irving says it is pure politics. Irving has also heard Stokes has been arrested and is pleased. He has also re-instated Brasher but is sending her to Pacific Division, and she will not charge Harry with sexual harassment. Bosch is surprised this was even being considered. Outside HQ, Julia tries to talk to Harry and settle things. She doesn't want to quit her job but Harry won't forgive her for lying and says good-bye.

    Harry and Jerry see a DA. Stokes will have to be released because he was a juvenile when the crime was committed. As Stokes is being led out of the Station, Capt Pounds angrily taunts Bosch and the two men begin to fight, Harry pushes the superior through a glass wall. Suspended pending an investigation, Harry turns in his gun, ID and badge to Lt Billets. He empties his desk of his personal effects. Jerry is sad, Johnson asks for his car. Harry says he is going to see his daughter. The next morning at home he starts to pack a bag.

    Jerry calls and Harry drives downtown. At a crime scene, Johnny Stokes is dead, Sam Delacroix is under arrest. Lt. Billets tells Bosch to go away and he walks off. He grabs his bag and leaves his house.

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