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~~Great story made better by great actors, can't wait to watch more~~
Shengalang8 August 2015
Let me start off by saying that this review will contain NO SPOILERS. I have to say, the cast is freaking FANTASTIC. All of them are great actors who really fits into the role that they are suppose to play. When I first saw the main character Pete I said to myself, "Wow he really reminds me of Jesse Pinkman." And next thing I know, I see Bryan Cranston on screen and I got really excited. Hopefully, more episodes will come soon, but since it is an Amazon Pilot, who knows how many months it will be until we see a new episode. I hope it doesn't get the same treatment as Man In the High Castle because that show was amazing, but we haven't seen a new episode in 7 months.

The first episode of Sneaky Pete moved along at a great pace. Each character is being developed at a steady pace and they all feel like an integral part of the show already (maybe except the Grandpa). In a way this show kind of reminds me of White Collar, except it doesn't have that "light" vibe. I don't know how else to describe it, but there is a more serious tone to Sneaky Pete and that's what I really like about it. A con-man using the head hunting business to catch other criminals is very intriguing because it lets you see various types of criminal minds. There were a couple of suspenseful moments where you think someone suspects him or a character might be in actual danger, but never enough for it to be a nail biter. What's going to put this show above others is going to be the diversity of the criminals and the ability to show the viewers how a con-man really thinks. Overall a very interesting show with great potential and I can't wait to watch more!!!

If this review was informative in any way, please give me a helpful vote! It helps me out a lot and I would really appreciate it. Thanks!!!
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Amazon ordered a pilot ,, Amazon should'v ordered a couple seasons ;)
Aktham_Tashtush18 August 2015
The show got an amazing story .. the plot is so original and catchy , upping the level of Thrill and Drama as this could be one of the best Summer/Fall shows this year.

The script is so fast and connected ,, there is not even a single minute where you feel bored or less intrigued specially on (when Walter White is gonna appear :D ).. David Shore bravoo ,, he's so damn experience .. did an amazing job on "House M.D." and on the prematurely and insanely cancelled show "Battle Creek" >> so he knows how to make a show interesting and high rated.

As for the cast; The last i'v seen Giovanni Ribisi was on Ted but on a show it was on "Dads" and it was good but it was a whole lot different character yet here !! gosh this guy is freakishly talented ... and i love Margo Martindale she's amazing and finally let's not forget to mention the genius Bryan Cranston where just mentioning his name made a huge publicity to the show months before the pilot.

Overall,, Amazon is on the verge of great chance to making a TV new Hit show and yes they have the right to only order a pilot to see how the viewers will respond .. i can assure you Amazon or CBS that we want more .. we wanna see the full story of "Pete" the sneaky fox ;)
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I have been waiting for this show and didn't know it.
yerlo9 August 2015
It's a home run. Ribisi gets an Emmy. The show gets an Emmy--if they will produce more episodes in short order. Other than Major Crimes, we've had no new shows hold our interest (Battle Creek was canceled on us, as was Maxwell & King) so resorted to watching movies we've missed. Now Sneaky Pete. It got our attention in the first 5 minutes and held it. So often, we have to say, "Well, we'll watch the second episode and see if it goes anywhere." Better Call Saul worked like that, now we're waiting for the next season, but mostly it's been a drought for us.

I've been so-so on Ribisi over the years. Really didn't like him in Boiler Room. But he has so matured as an actor that he carries this show. Perfection! (If he has an acting coach, we need that name.)

I like seeing the high rating here, and the one review being good and accurate. Now if Amazon will just deliver on the promise of the pilot, Sneaky Pete will absolutely be a hit.
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Amazon, please make this a series
elobdell13 August 2015
The potential here is enormous for a hit. Ribisi is excellent, as are the supporting actors. The surprise appearance of a well-known guest star was a big bonus (and it seems like he'll at least be around for a few episodes) but said star is not a requirement for this show's success. I'm a suspense junkie, and the tension is palpable throughout the pilot episode, especially when "Pete" has plans that don't work out as expected. It seems much more real as a result. Not to mention the overall premise of the show. The unpredictability is refreshing and quite suspenseful.

There's a need for quality shows that are not TV-MA and can be enjoyed with a family of teens. Please give Sneaky Pete a go and if you like it, complete the Amazon survey if it is still up.
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You will be entertained. The pace is good and the acting is the best around.
boobooglue110 August 2015
I have always like Giovanni Ribisi's acting and that is what brought me to Sneaky Pete. The story does sound like it's been done before, but after watching the pilot ep. I was thrilled by high profile co stars from other shows like Breaking Bad and Mr. Robot.

This is a fun show! A "bad guy catching other bad guys". I remember seeing Magnum P.I. as a kid and I get the same feeling as this show.

Sneaky Pete has a budget to bring more locations that will open up the limits of the story as the show goes on.

All in all, I was very entertained and I said to myself "Good, a new show I will be watching and looking forward to every week."
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Drama by numbers
markustkaczyk8 January 2017
In 3 words, how would i describe "Sneaky Pete":

Predictable, Uninspired, Shallow

Each scene is marred by an overwhelming feeling of haste, as if dallying too long will unravel the shoddy plot. There is no cohesion, no glue that binds everything together. It felt like a flurry of average ideas, hastily mashed together, and presented to the audience, expecting us to accept it all at face value.

The writing feels graceless, forced, and lacking direction. I can almost see the impending conflict(s) on the drawing board as they're laid out in each scene - the solutions to which range from lazy to downright boring. It would not surprise me if some clash of vision led to the resolutions to in-show conflicts being drawn from a hat - filling in the blanks along the way. I caught myself several times, face in hand, groaning at the predictability of it all.

The relationships between characters feels equally artificial. I've made deeper connections in the line of the supermarket. The acting is sub-par, and the dialogue is uninspired.

I cannot recommend this show to anyone.

Quite frankly, it left a bad taste in my mouth.

Avoid unless hospitalized with a chronic illness, and the only alternative is reruns of Wheel of Fortune.
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MattyAndAnnika17 August 2015
Sneaky Pete (2015) - Episode 1 is an outstanding introduction to what looks to be a very promising show. Casting Giovanni Ribisi for the win on this one the show has some real great potential to be a long lasting show. I caught Sneaky Pete on Amazon on Demand of course and I wasn't sure what it was to be about, I saw Giovanni Ribisi and knew I couldn't go wrong giving it a watch; I was not let down. Now the wait for more is the biggest thing for me with this show now, great introduction/pilot/episode-1.

The acting in Sneaky Peak was excellent, this show has the perfect cast so far! The story was sinister-comedy and interesting in a great way, it reminded me of the feeling I get when I watched House M.D. The show all together from this intro is amazing and I look forward to seeing more of it, great start out; let's hope it don't get stopped like they do with all good shows.
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An Interesting Start
ahmad_nadal19 January 2017
First of all, it was enough for me to know that Bryan Cranston is in this show to start to watch it. The show starts with a nice scene and continues in a story that you feel at first that it is a side story but believe me it's not. But actually it was boring for me till we were close to the end when thing got interested.

Giovanni Ribis, at first you feel that there is something wrong with him performing Pete / Marius but you will get that this is exactly how he supposes to be.

Not the best episode you can see but it's not bad and I hope for better.

My rating is 8/10
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Love this show!
meemindy5 September 2015
Love! Love! Love! This is the best show I have seen in a long time.

Sneaky Pete has a very interesting plot. The show is something unique and fun. A lot takes place during this first episode. It certainly kept my attention and left me wanting for more.

Many of the actors are familiar faces. All with great talent.

This is a show I would highly recommend anyone. I am betting there is something about the characters that most would be able relate to.

I truly hope Sneaky Pete is picked up as a series. I cannot wait to see more episodes! I am, admittedly, Sneaky Pete's new biggest fan.

Keep it coming, Amazon!
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Fantastic new show!
Gnomes0820 August 2015
I must say I am sucker for a good drama series and the pilot of Sneaky Pete has not disappointed me. I am left waiting impatiently for episode 2 after seeing the previews for this show. I love the story line and find it to be very creative and refreshingly new. Giovani so far has played a brilliant character and I can't wait to see what he has up his sleeves for the rest of the show. Now if they play their cards right they will have me sucked righted in for many many more hours of TV viewing. I hope this one is promoted correctly and achieves the audience ratings as I am frustrated with every second show being cancelled these days. Keep up the good work and hurry up with episode 2!
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i need this in my life!
eyeflingpu18 August 2015
OK amazon, if you guys don't continue this into a series i'm going to cry! Never have I ever began watching a pilot and within the first 30 seconds said "I need this in my life" not even breaking bad, or better call Saul. It instantly holds your attention.I'm not going to put any spoilers in but you need to watch this through to the very end. Ribisi's finest role ever since he played Phoebe's little brother in friends( hey he was funny in that) The characters are very well played, story line is pretty unique. Now if this is how it will carry on then its going to command a cult following, bigger than breaking bad (in my opinion). Now amazon, if we could just get the entire series.... That'd be great!
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Awesome show
danieltooker15 September 2015
Great pilot!! Would love to see this show get developed into several seasons. With combination of great story and cast it looks like it could have great potential to become a awesome show! I believe the show has a great opportunity to go in great depth and explore details about Pete and all of the people in his new life after prison. The casting of the show excellent, I saw lots of familiar faces that seemed to have really good chemistry while acting to together. All in all I think is a great show and I would love to see you made for a full season. I would recommend the show to anyone that would want to see a new drama with great cast with a great story that can be developed further on in the following episodes to come.
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Great show
fbaccount12 August 2015
The pilot was so fantastic with a great cast. There was not a dull moment to be had and each character had a purpose. People are comparing it to Breaking Bad, but it's nothing like that with the exception of Cranston being in it. I loved BB, but this is completely different. Giovanni Rabisi is a confidence man who was released from prison and has made his way out to his cell mates family farm and has almost all of them convinced he is his cell mate and since the extended family hasn't seen him in 20 years, no one is doubting it....so far, anyway. That's all I am going to say about what happens because I don't want to give any spoilers...but suffice it to say, it's well worth the watch IMHO. I will be ordering the series off Amazon.
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