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More shocking detail emerges around Commissioner Miller?s death and Liz (Brit Marling) is incriminated over the nature of her relationship with him. Finn (Bertie Carvel) concentrates his efforts on positioning himself as Acting Commissioner Inglis? (Paterson Joseph) consigliere and sidelining Liz in her own department. While police on the streets can only speculate about the extraordinary events higher up the food chain, the fugitive bomber is located and Assistant Commissioner Sharon Franklin (Nicola Walker) is despatched to take the reins on the scene of a house-to-house search. As Banjo?s (Andrew Brooke) suspicions mount over Davina?s affair his agitation starts to affect work. When the ARV team is called to attend a nightclub after reports of a gun, the incident takes a disastrous turn as a black youth is fatally wounded?

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