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sit back and have a laugh
bh279769 September 2015
Blunt Talk is so much fun! Not only are the characters lovable yet amusingly flawed, they are articulate, funny and very entertaining. Maybe it's fun to watch them mess-up because we're thinking, "Well, at least I'm not THAT bad!" But forget the analysis, I'm really enjoying watching their antics and can't wait to see what happens next. I like the dialog and the casting very much. I disagree that it's only humorous because Patrick Stewart is playing against type. In my view, his portrayal of Blunt is brilliant, believable and intrinsically funny. I hope Blunt Talk runs a long time; it lightens up my day and puts a smile on my face.
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thespiscraeft-8424322 August 2015
I went into this partially skeptical. I was so pleasantly surprised and immediately addicted. Stewart is brilliant and the casting director equally so. This series is now on our "Do not miss" TV schedule! The writing is chaotically streamlined. What I mean by that is there's a lot going on with the dialogue, but not difficult at all to follow. The acting is... well... Patrick Stewart. He's an actor's idol and all the supporting cast keeps up with him with an energy unsurpassed in almost any other series. That was the fastest half hour I've ever spent and would love to see it expanded to a one-hour show. There was absolutely no moment where I wasn't enthralled.
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Daily life of Hollywood Patrick Stewart
quincytheodore6 September 2015
Blunt Talk seems like someone's drunken idea to mix Entourage and Episodes but with Patrick Stewart as the lead. If that's the case, that someone deserves a cookie. It's highly exaggerated, a bit juvenile take on superstar's career and personal life.The series might not hit all the comedic mark and it hinges on the veteran lead, but with enough material packed into thirty minutes episode as well as Stewart's charming performance, it's a respectably enjoyable viewing.

Walter Blunt is a British newscaster who finds an opportunity in Los Angeles, however after years of monotony his show has become stale. Not to mention he has all sort of personal vices that always put him into unsavory situations. Blunt then resorts to silly antics and the help of dubious characters to maintain his talk show.

The show is banking a lot on Patrick Stewart, and with lifetime experience he's fully equipped for even these quirky gags. Script is pretty funny, although it doesn't rise to the level of more polished comedy such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This is definitely not an in-depth social commentary about an idol lifestyle, just merry occasionally mindless ride through it. The comedy style works for most part simply because the contrasting nature of the usually composed actors and his exaggerated predicaments here.

It can be a bit crude sometimes, but watching the versatile Patrick Stewart tumbles around the celerity life is a gleeful spectacle.
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Another Jonathan Ames quality comedy
cornmuffin7711 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I highly recommend this show to anyone who was a fan of Bored to Death on HBO! Jonathan Ames' writing is very apparent, with colorfully troubled characters, awkward over-the-top situations, and the theme of strong friendships all being part of this show, as well.

My favorite character in the series so far is Harry. (Adrian Scarborough should be nominated for an Emmy just from the few episodes I've seen!) I love all the scenes he's in, and the dynamic he has with Walter is great (I feel it's like watching a real life Pooh and Piglet. haha), and totally reminds me of Jason Schwartzman/Ted Danson/Zach Galifianakis'friendship on Bored to Death; despite their extremely flawed personalities/lives they're always there for each other.

I also love that this show features Richard Lewis and Ed Beagley Jr.! Anytime they're on I squeal with joy. haha I also loved the Brent Spiner cameo!! I can't wait to see who else will make an appearance!! :D

And to add to the comment about Blunt Talk being like real life American Dad, it sort of is, but for those who are familiar with Patrick Stewart's character on American Dad (Avery Bullock/Stan's boss), Walter Blunt is a much sweeter/nicer man than Avery. haha He's still got his issues/loves women and substances, but Avery is more harsh and conservative, while Walter is a sensitive blow-hard.

Anyway, I just wanted to leave this short review to counteract the negative ones. haha I can see this show not being for everyone, but I do think if you liked Bored to Death, you'll like this show.
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drinkdrunkthedifferencei17 February 2016
For me this is a very rare 10 and an even rarer review. I should disclose to begin with that I have a pretty weighty man-crush on Jonathan Ames, the creator of the show. His memoirs, fiction, and TV work all have the same vibe of sweetly honest strangeness, and I find them all disarming and hilarious. He's a weird guy, but he's not ashamed or proud of it, he just presents it as is, and the result could maybe be described as absurdist realism? There's nothing fantastical about the world or the characters, but everything's just slightly off-kilter so that there's a vague surrealism pervading everything. (A comparison could be made with Miranda July's stuff.) But the human relations and emotions are completely real, and they manage to steer clear of mawkishness even though your heart's always feeling snug and warm by the end of an episode. You haven't laughed at anyone's expense, you've just laughed at humans being humans and trying to connect, and you switch the TV off and go to bed with a smile. This is my favourite of all Jonathan Ames' creations, I think. (Or is it only because I just now finished the first season? Maybe I'll go back and have another look at Bored to Death, just to make sure…)
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Well...Patrick Stewart is good, but.....
Rob_Taylor31 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
... the rest of it...not so much.

The problem with Blunt Talk is that it relies entirely on its humour being the antics of a man whom we wouldn't expect to be doing this sort of thing.

Not that Stewart isn't without comic grace. He manages to be amusing with every scene. However, that really is all the show has in its comedic repertoire - Patrick Stewart clowning around. The lines aren't funny in and of themselves, for the most part. It's only Stewart's delivery, playing against type, that makes them so.

The situations Blunt gets into are ludicrous enough, but that doesn't make them inherently funny. Ask yourself this - if anyone else played Blunt, would this show even raise a smile? I'm not sure that the show has a lot of mileage in it, to be honest. It's been given a two-series order, but honestly, if this is what passes for comedy at the moment, then I think it won't last.

It is nice of Stewart to give this a try, but I'd think a more cerebral comedy would be better suited to his acting ability. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be what people want these days. All we get is bathroom humour, drug and bodily function related jokes and grown adults acting like children.

SUMMARY: Relies too much on Stewart's gravitas for most of the humour. Gets old very quickly. May get better with time.... but I doubt it.
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P.G. Wodehouse On Meth & Tinder
LouieInLove9 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The 1st episode is a little bit hammy, however, by the 2nd this show really starts to grow all over you.

Think P.G.Wodehouse on meth & tinder, that's the best way I can sum-up Blunt Talk. The show clearly borrows (or blatantly thieves) from the classics, but that doesn't hinder, as the theft has been done with tongue-in-cheek perfection.

There are so many boring 9th rate chop-shop plastic-pretty comedy shows pumped out of the US, so it's simply refreshing for something a bit different to be produced. Patrick Stewart gives us his version of Alan Swann & after the 1st episode, I'm sure Peter O'Toole would approve.

Regardless if this is your type of comedy, kudos must be given for Blunt Talk being different,new & old. Nevertheless, Blunt Talk does have its flaws, for one, the obligatory Jewish reference jokes (which are so over-used in US shows that they've become boring, lazy & verging on creepy) & the bed music, which is really annoying once you notice it (but that may just be me as I was self-medicating with a natural weed type medicine whilst watching).

The show is probably an 8. Well done for trying something a wee bit different.
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I wish this could find an audience
jdollak21 December 2016
I remember when I watched the first episode, I thought it was amusing, but sort of confusing. I wasn't entirely sure what kind of show I was watching. Gradually, that feeling goes away, and it's replaced with a strange affinity for these characters.

It's hard to say that each episode is plot driven. There's usually some sort of story going on, but the real charm is in the dialogue and the characters. There is a larger story, one that builds very slowly, but for the most part, these are characters that are self-focused, and their own issues tend to distract them from other things.

But that raises the other, more important point. For all of the peculiarities these characters have, and their broadly inappropriate behavior, there's something sort of beautiful about how they completely accept each other. The characters genuinely like each other. In fact, none of the characters seem to dislike other ones.

This approach makes scenarios that normally would feel like cringe comedy in other hands feel... sort of nice.

It's a shame it's been canceled after two seasons.

But I completely understand. Whenever I've tried to explain the appeal to other people, I find it hard to explain the premise.
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HotNoob24 August 2015
Absolutely hilarious; at some parts it is like i'm watching American dad in real life. ie, the cocaine ;)

yeah.. i think that pretty much sums it up. a live action of directer bullock running around with his own TV show.

maybe a little bit too much drugs; sort of feel like its one big messed up trip :P

as a side note, it's nice to see some familiar faces :) data just randomly in there.

are we sure this isn't just captain picard day dreaming / in a holo suite? :P where's jordy? well at least there's no wesley crusher :)
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Broken animals with poetic souls
kofila16 November 2015
I do like a good Hollywood bad boy. And Walter Blunt despite his advanced age (still got it though) is one bad bad boy. The show balances the dissolute, decadent and nihilistic view on the world with the kind, sensitive and appealing view on love and personal relationships. With emphasis on the fact that everyone is in their own way broken on the inside. You will enjoy Walter's awkward encounters with the real life as well as his drug fueled insane parties. I would say Blunt talk is what Californication's and Bored to death's love child would be like. I do mean that as a compliment being fan of both "parents". Starz, please, do not cancel!
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"South Park" grown up!
Mike-Bear19 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Just watched the 9th episode of the "Blunt Talk" (2015). Well, it is funny, silly and sometimes egoistic, but I like it. It is not a perfect or the funniest thing that I ever watched, but it is well done and contain a lot of sarcasm, satiric.

This TV Show a little bit unusual compare to others, Why?! Firstly, contain a hot news that people discuss right now (transgender people, multicultural marriages, foibles, text communication, even about restrooms that nowadays full of electronics). Secondly, because you will realized (not from beginning) that this TV Show, is "South Park" for our parents. No, seriously for open minded parents (who knew Woodstock, listened Jimmy Hedrick's, watched Jon Stewart) will understand this jokes and would not think "Ugh....what a stupid cartoon"! Finally, in this TV Show they mixed generations. Young and Adult people, so we can see how they acting and how reacting in some situations or dealing with some problems.

In my opinion, it is really good TV Show. I wish/hope that it will became "South Park" for adult and older generation! This TV Show contain amazing, astonishing and enormous potential!
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Very predictable and boring formula TV comedy
oscar-3524 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Blunt Talk, 2015.

*Spoiler/plot- A British Falkland war veteran flawed midlife male becomes a TV personality in the USA and follows his day to day Media 'Circus Life' in many comedic situations.

*Special Stars- Patrick Stewart, Adam Scarborough, Timm Sharp, Dolly Wells, Jackie Weaver, Karan Soni, Mark Holland, Ken Weller. PROD: Seth Macfarlan.

*Theme- TV cable comedy series. Some peoples lives are too big for TV.

*Trivia/location/goofs- Shot in Los Angeles. Typical Seth Macfarlane humor with excessive drugs, extraneous cursing, toilet humor and all round juvenile humor.

*Emotion- Very predictable and boring formula TV comedy. Very clichéd and tough to watch again, especially for those fans of Patrick Stewart's better work.

*Based On- Extreme TV's tabloid TV shows.
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Brilliant, hilarious & fascinating!
jeffchill2 December 2016
Okay, I think I summed up my thoughts on Blunt Talk! LOL! I am so glad I gave this one a chance and stuck with it through a few eps. It's not easy sometimes, I cringed a lot at first. But it really got a toehold and is now making me laugh so much, it hurts. It also brings up some seriously important issues and handles them with thoughtful humor and compassion. I'm definitely hooked and swoon pretty much every time Patrick hits the screen, which is most of the time. :-) The supporting cast is a real standout with some highly interesting character 'stories', too. And it's beyond refreshing to be entertained by some REAL actors who aren't fresh out of drama school or modeling college. Having a lively mix of pretty much every age group, minus children who can rarely act anyway, is my cup of tea.
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Simply brilliant!
drkoraf5 October 2016
I don't know why I kept putting off watching this show, I really don't...but after the first minute of watching, I was hooked. This show is simply brilliant! Every one of the characters is well developed and highly entertaining in their own right. This show has the classic English comedic feel to it with extremely supportive dialog that compliments the quirkiness of the cast. Shelly's "breast check" scene is simply hilarious yet not-at-all out of place somehow.

I will never view Patrick Stewart in the same light again as he has completely reinvented his public personna. The character of Walter Blunt is as far from Captain Picard as is possible and shows the wonderful range of Stewart's talent.

Really, this show is entertaining on so many levels it's astounding! I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an exceptional viewing experience.
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Unfunny and crude
riverzak22 September 2015
Blunt is yet another instance of what has become known as "cringe" comedy, which is a genre of comedy that derives humor from social awkwardness. From the very start, Walter Blunt (whose name derives from Shakespeare and possibly Gordon R. Dickson) is a thoroughly unlikable character. Within minutes of the first episode opening Blunt has offended bar patrons and picked up a transgender hooker. The talk quickly devolves into penises and vaginas and goes even further downhill from there.

Now, I have no problem with humour of a sexual nature, but it seems that that is all that comedy writers are able to write about these days. I recently attended a comedy club in New York. Out of five acts, four consisted of nothing but "frank" talk about pussy and blow jobs. It's not "edgy". It's just talentless and crude.

Surely we can aspire to better and more clever comedy than Episodes, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Comedians, and this latest pile of guaranteed (and intended) to offend pile of crap.
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A brilliant performance - great show
steverichm1 February 2017
This is a brilliant show , mad and funny but deals with important issues , real issues in life

The great cast makes this show into something completely different and i love it i wish more producers and production companies would have the balls to create content like this. i would recommend anyone who hasn't watched it to do so. Walter Blunt , played by our loved Patrick Stewart is simply an ingenious character , morbid and happy at the same time full of life and advice and yet childish and playful the supporting cast is also an assortment of "weirdos" who make the show come to life with their over the top issues and loyalty to the main character

as i usually don't find good things to write about , this review is by far a oddity for me ( i also don't write under this name) but here it is

One of the best shows on TV
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scott-2588816 December 2016
This show is hilarious and has an intriguing storyline. Every character has their purpose and is funny in their own way. I would love to see a third season. Please help starz realize this so we can continue enjoying it!

Patrick Stewart and the ensemble cast have a great chemistry together, providing interesting sub-plots with every episode. As he does with every Seth MacFarlane production, Stewart delivers with his timely British humor and doesn't disappoint. McFarlane did an amazing job in finding this role for Stewart. If this one fails to see a third season, hopefully, the two of them will team up to find another interesting concept.
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Shockingly Unfunny
kirkcljunk2 September 2015
I just read all the rave reviews and posts about this show, and I simply have to wonder whether they watched the same two episodes I did? Other posters compared this to Gary Shandling, etc, and I just don't see it -- not by a long shot. The Gary Shandling Show was clever and funny. This show -- and I loves me some Patrick Stewart and Seth MacFarlane -- is neither.

Another poster likened it to Sh!T My Dad Says, which was METRIC TONS funnier than this (and it even starred another captain of the Enterprise).

The show is so ridiculous, it's not funny. Not at all. And while Stewart is a good actor, he's not good in this. He looks uncomfortable -- like a fish out of water.

Although I don't do drugs, I am often accused of having an inappropriate, sophomoric and even juvenile sense of humor, and even so, I will only give this one more episode before I pull the plug.

There's way better TV out there. What a shame.
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Blunt Talk is doing it's thing
jdollak4 April 2019
Simply, it's not for everyone. I don't know exactly how to explain the feeling of the show. It's funny, it's bleak, it's charming, it's uncomfortable, it's oddly soothing.

In a way, it reminds me of Boogie Nights. It's a family of characters who are all closely connected in an intimate way (although intimate, not exactly sexual, most of the time).

The first episode intended to make more of a splash, but fell flat compared to the rest of the series.

If you get through two or three episodes and enjoy it, continue. You might feel conflicted, but the end result is a show that you'll like more and more as you think about it.
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Another fantastic irreverent comedy from Mr. MacFarlane
ThatOneNoirFan3 November 2018
Sir Patrick Stewart stars in yet another half-hour comedy that revels in its sheer abrasiveness in the best way. It's not him against his "typecast", he loves the more "out-there" roles. Hell, just look at Green Room and of course the obvious American Dad roots. All in all, Blunt Talk is a very Seth MacFarlane show, not entirely unlike "Dad's", his other live-action comedy venture. Hilariously debaucherous and ended far before its time to shine was up. A solid 9/10.
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Jonathan Ames hits the mark, yet again!
mamawalts7 June 2018
I'm a massive fan of Jonathan Ames, and when I saw that he was collaborating with Seth MacFarlane I just had to watch. I loved 'Bored to Death' and was hugely disappointed when it was cancelled. I wondered if US tv networks only employ tasteless idiots! However, their choice to screen 'Blunt Talk' surely disputes that idea? Definitely! This show is laugh out loud funny. Some of the dialogue appears to have been lifted directly from Ames early literature, and reflects the proclivities and idioms of characters from his books, and, despite this repetition, it is truly entertaining. If you like anything that differs from the norm and banal, then you will surely enjoy watching this show, as much as Patrick Stewart obviously enjoyed acting in it!
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Sadly Disappointed
thobelman24 March 2017
Patrick Stewart is a wonderful actor, but I feel that the quality of this show is so poor that not even Mr. Stewart's acting talents can save it. I have watched the first four episodes and have not laughed even once. And, I'm not a hard sell when it comes to good comedy. Whatever humor is intended is either juvenile or clichéd or so poorly written that it simply falls flat. Just because they have quirky characters doing bizarre and outrageous things does not automatically make for comedy. I feel that they have focused more on "weird" and completely missed the comedic mark in the process. Each episode works hard to achieve an unending stream of frenzy and chaos. The only thing I have really enjoyed are the ending scenes of Walter Blunt (Stewart) and his man servant -- Someone definitely did those right. I don't think I will finish the rest of the episodes though.
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Sad Course for Patrick Stewart
craig-678778 February 2017
It's actually sad to see Patrick Stewart in a role like this. Such an accomplished actor in such an un-savory role is quite embarrassing. Like other reviews, I found it a vile and in very poor taste. I'd expect this kind of role from a far less actor trying to make a "place" for himself. Unfortunately, the first I saw of this series was at a Star Trek convention with a sneak preview...not really sure why they introduced this kind of filth to an audience that was also comprised of kids...I've lost some respect of Sir Stewart over this junk and the cheap promotion they gave this at a Trek Con. This is so adolescent that it is comical he would take such a role. I know Sir Stewart has had many noteworthy roles over the years, however this one seems to be a low point for the actors career.
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Very good show..but more Blunt.
rt63-114 January 2016
I very much like this show and it's quirkiness. And I love the Blunt character and how he interacts with various people - especially his butler/driver/etc..

However, other then his producer, I think the show spends too much time on the other characters and not enough time on Blunt. The other characters are alright. But I am just not interested enough for the amount of time they spend on them.

If there is indeed a season #2, I hope they rectify this and have more emphasis on Blunt and less on his underlings at the office (outside of maybe his producer).
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Treat it as a cartoon with no anime and you'll get it, or Charlie Chaplin if you will.
Ed_Jones_XLIX15 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Contains spoilers from ep1 only. We've seen the stills with Stewart standing on a roof of a car. The scene associated with it is reminiscent of The Keystone Cops. The taser incident was funny. S**t the whole thing was funny. I watched this for two big reasons. Seth McFarlane and Patrick Stewart. Just like Hanks and the Late Williams who went from outrageous TV comedies to serious drama Stewart like many others are trying a turn at switching to comedy. Shatner had gigs as "The Big Head and Denny Crane". One goofy one not so much. He did well crossing over. So Stewart at seventy five years of age to hop up on the roof of a Jag for a laugh was good enough for me. Lets see Shatner try that one. This will only get better as Seth's writers get a feel for Stewart's real capabilities. Episode 1 did look a little forced. I agree with that aspect. But I will remember the whole Season 1 S/T TNG and remember it took the better part a half season for Stewart to grasp the feel for his character Capt. Picard which was something out of his element at that time. He was really a Shakespearean Stage actor. He is older and wiser now. Look for him to grasp this a lot quicker. Remember this though. It is sophisticated and unsophisticated comedy at the same time.
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