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Unbelievable....that this actually is produced
fvanleyen6 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I actually subscribed for an account here just to be able to warn you for this show. It is awful. I like to watch these 'auction'like shows. My favourites are the storage wars series and the baggage battles. Just good fun and entertainment.

This show is based in the UK, with an auctioneer (Sean Kelly) from the US. The bidders on the show are bad actors. With no knowledge whatsoever. During the show the person with the highest bid obviously wins the bid. But then the funny part: the buyer gets information on the value of the content of the locker from the auctioneer. They seem surprised when he tells them the value of items. Wtf? Based on what are they bidding? It is hilarious. They seem really clueless: Linda, Heavy D, Nat and John...

When you see an episode: please take a look and find out for yourself...
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completely fake
mvilcins4 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
In one of the episodes they walk into a hangar where a "surprise" item is being auctioned which is covered by sheets. Turns out it's a plane and lucky bidder has just gotten away with a proper bargain paying 8k for an Evektor EV97 two-seater plane.. now of course what the show makers don't realize that in UK everyone can check planes registration details and it's airworthiness history - the plane seen on show - G- CERE - was never de-registered - it's single owner until just a few months ago - AIRBOURNE AVIATION LTD was constantly keeping the plane operational for rentals and their school. This means - the show actually rented the plane just so they can make an episode - the bidder - who happened to be a pilot (what coincidence?) was all in on it..
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