"Luke Cage" Suckas Need Bodyguards (TV Episode 2016) Poster

(TV Series)


Mike Colter: Luke Cage



  • Luke Cage : Your new VH1 show? Criminal Spinsters?

    Mariah Dillard : Who you callin' a spinster? I'd wear your narrow ass out!

  • Claire Temple : Swiss cheese shirt, car bounces off of you, punching through steel and concrete. Just another day, right?

    Luke Cage : You're safe and your mum's van is insured. That's all that matters to me.

    Claire Temple : After all that, you can't say you're not special.

    Luke Cage : I'm still not sure what I am.

    Claire Temple : You know exactly who you are, and what you need to do.

    Luke Cage : [chuckles]  Pop used to say the same thing you're saying to me. I did right by him. Cottonmouth's in jail, and I'm done.

    Claire Temple : You're moving on?

    Luke Cage : I think so. It's time.

    Claire Temple : There's things with your powers you haven't even tested. So many good things that you could still do. Maybe I could help.

    Luke Cage : You have ideas?

    Claire Temple : Yeah!

    Luke Cage : Why don't we start by getting some coffee first?

    Claire Temple : I'm not sleeping with you.

    Luke Cage : Whoa! Did I say anything about that? Why can't coffee just be coffee?

    Claire Temple : Okay, you didn't even touch your coffee this morning, you drank the orange juice. You don't drink coffee.

  • [Claire comes over to Luke and Bobby who are dining at a table] 

    Claire Temple : Luke?

    Luke Cage : Yes.

    Claire Temple : Oh, you probably don't remember me, do you? Your girlfriend had me take care of you when you were brought into the hospital.

    [Luke and Bobby have blank stares] 

    Claire Temple : In Hell's Kitchen?

    Luke Cage : [look of recognition]  Hey.


    Luke Cage : Hey.

    Bobby Fish : [extends hand to Claire]  Bobby. Bobby Fish.

    Claire Temple : [shakes Bobby's hand]  I'm sorry. Claire. Very nice to meet you.

    Bobby Fish : Claire, you... you are far too beautiful to ever apologize for anything. You remember that.

  • Bobby Fish : You ever think about playing for the Giants? You could make that squad easy.

    Luke Cage : Being hood famous is bad enough. I couldn't be in the public eye on that kind of level. Nah, man.

    Bobby Fish : Wear a mask

    Luke Cage : What for? I ain't no hero.

    Bobby Fish : That's a great slogan. "I ain't no hero. Pay me." You could market that shit.

  • Luke Cage : You can disappear. The whole point of livin' in New York, no one cares about anybody.

    Claire Temple : A building fell on you. People are shooting at you. And you walk around without a scratch. Who's gonna ignore all that

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