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Season 3

1 Jun. 2017
Con el tiempo en los talones
In 2017, with the Ministry in renovation and following the aftermath of a tragic death among its own ranks, the patrol must face a conspiracy involving Alfred Hitchcock's visit to Spain.
8 Jun. 2017
Tiempo de espías
1943: Operation Mincemeat, key to the allied victory in WW2, is at stake. It all lies in a captured Spanish spy in Nazi-occupied France, who turns out to be an important figure in the Ministry's past, and its future.
15 Jun. 2017
Tiempo de hechizos
Gustavo Adolfo Becquer writes a tenth letter to the nine original ones from "From My Cell". As they attempt to correct this, the Ministry of Time tumbles into the supernatural when the trio arrives to strange town surrounded by witchcraft legends, and a mysterious woman presumed dead 300 years before.
22 Jun. 2017
Tiempo de ilustrados
Goya's the Naked Maja is slashed by an unseen force. As the trio travels to XIX century Spain to convince an old, bitter Goya to paint it again, they must deal with intrigues, broken hearts and the rise of a new, sinister enemy - not to mention Velazquez's usual stubbornness.
29 Jun. 2017
Tiempo de esplendor
The Peace Treaty between Philip III and Great Britain is in jeopardy by agents of a sinister time-traveling organization. In the height of the Spanish Golden Age, the trio walks into old faces, bitter rivalries and new enemies.
6 Jul. 2017
Tiempo de esclavos
A race against time to save King Alfonso XII from an early death gets out of hand. As the Ministry is forced into Spain's dark past in the slave trade, the discovery of an anti-monarchist plot hits Amelia far too close.
18 Sep. 2017
Tiempo de censura
Irene must face her past once again when she joins Pacino and Alonso in a mission to help Buñuel's Viridiana pass the strict Francoist censorship in 1961.
25 Sep. 2017
Tiempo de conquista
Back in the XVI century, Pacino and Alonso must ensure the survival of two Spaniards, a conquistador turned native and a priest with a key role in Cortes' conquest of the Aztecs, in the wilderness of Pre-Hispanic Yucatan peninsula.
2 Oct. 2017
El cisma del tiempo
The 'Exterminating Angel' abducts Rabbi Levi in a bid to make him find a door to the future after 2017, but he escapes to the room of Antipope Benedict XIII in 1417 Peñiscola.
9 Oct. 2017
Refugiados en el tiempo
The Ministry must fight in three fronts as a group of Morish refugees from the XV century marches into 2017 and their headquarters. In the meanwhile, a crisis erupts in the court of Philip III and, back in the XIX century, Pacino and a very reluctant Alonso must save Simon Bolivar from an imminent attack. At the same time, the identity of the head of the Sons of Padilla is revealed.
16 Oct. 2017
Tiempo de verbena
Pacino and Lola must ensure the successful premiere of La Verbena de la Paloma in 1894 with the help of Angustias. In the present, the ministry deals with Martha's loss of memory and the Exterminating Angel mysterious prisoner.
25 Oct. 2017
President Adolfo Suarez's election must be protected to ensure the democratic transition in Spain. As the Ministry suspects of the Exterminating Angel, an opportunity to defeat both them and the Sons of Padilla presents itself. However, the leader of the Angels has one last trick.
1 Nov. 2017
Entre dos tiempos
The Ministry must face its most difficult trial the hands of a television studio. When a TV series of 1966 starts copying real events, everyone steps in, but their solution carries consequences of their own.

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