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Laughable and nearly insufferable.
RyanCShowers18 October 2014
So far into season 4 of "Scandal", it's been an hour of relief after "Madam Secretary" and "Homeland" disappoint me. Sure, it's not "The Good Wife", but prior to this embarrassing episode "Scandal" has been on a roll of soap opera credibility. "Like Father, Like Daughter" disillusioned my newfound sensibility for Olivia Pope and her show, thinking they learned where their weakness lie. This episode falters thanks to a tacky, misplayed story--with an attempt at social criticism of reality stars--and dialogue written so poorly that even Washington stumbles and crumbles in most of it. Worst of all, the directing exacerbates the ridiculous writing into a mostly laughable episode. Fortunately, the episode is not completely insufferable, though it will certainly feel like it is until the last act. Washington has one scene near the climax of the episode that elbows through the lousy writing, and Joe Morton appears in the final moments to make a notable conclusion.

Grade: D+
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back to basics... or perhaps not
morinaluan16 October 2014
So Olivia is back in The White House. We all know what that means, more romance between Fitz and Liv. And that's what makes me hate this show. It's becoming too much soapy, and last episode were better without them two in the same screen. The episode is developed around President's kids. Some truth and some 'truth' about the death of president's son unearth. The ending is exciting, but we can foresee the events that will take place in the last part. And also the president's daughter is back on screen. Now, I'd love to see more of her, more of president's kids, but they're always in the background, and if they're appear, there must be something big going on, or just about to happen. The best episode of the season so far.
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