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  • After the young victim in the bones case is identified, Bosch and J. Edgar are pulled into the troubled world of the boy's family. As Bosch's own trial escalates, his romance with Brasher takes a turn. And an intense confrontation with Raynard Waits forces Bosch to rethink everything.


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  • Bosch watches as the Suicide, Trent is bagged and tagged. Edgar says he did it for 20 years of guilt. A suicide note refers to his kids, Bosch is puzzled. Outside reporter Tyler approaches for an update, Bosch angrily tells him the media attention caused the death and they may never be sure now if Trent did in fact kill the child's remains found in the woods.

    At a prison, Raynard Waits reads a newspaper article about Bosch's trial. He goes to see another prisoner and asks to use his illicit phone.

    In the squad room the cops review Raynard's crime kit and joke around.

    Julie Brasher sets a table in Venice as Bosch arrives with wine. He admires a photo she has blown up of a shark. On the couch she explains she hasn't been fired, Bosch warns her she only has one chance left, she was reckless. They argue and Bosch leaves.

    Back at Trent's house Bosch and Edgar arrive as the house is being processed by CSI. They glove up and go upstairs. In a drawer he finds some photos of kids and cancelled cheques. They suspect he was alleiving his guilt.

    At Police HQ with Chief Irving and Capt Pounds they discuss. Irving wants to issue a release saying it was Trent but Bosch says the dead kid was abused and it doesn't fit Trent.

    In the courtroom , the Attorney Honey Chandler sums up her case against Bosch in the Roberto Flores shooting. Rodney Belk responds with his statement that Bosch reacted in a split second decision.

    At the Station Bosch and Brasher pass each other in silence. He gives the shift sergeant a donut as thanks for not canning Brasher. The sergeant gives him a lead from the tip line. In Lt Billet's office she says an unnamed source had revealed to the press that Trent is the likely suspect in the child case, the two suspect Irvine was responsible. She urges him to go see his daughter in Las Vegas.

    At another house Edgar and Bosch visit Miss Sheila Delacroix. She was a witness, a sister, of a boy's disappearance in May 1994. She shows old photos of the boy, Arthur, and his friends. Her father lives in a trailer park and the mother is long gone. The father was a bit actor but is now alcoholic. She recognizes the toy starfish found in the backpack, it was Arthur's treasure.

    At La Brea Tarpits Bosch goes to the ME doing a archaeological dig. He shows Dr. Golliher the X-rays from Arthur, the two compare with the victim's skull X-rays on a tablet. The Dr. says they are a match and DNA will confirm. Bosch says he was meant to solve this case.

    Edgar says there is no missing person report on Arthur. The mother divorced in 1989 for cruelty and lives in Palm Springs, remarried. The Lt. says the DA Rick O'Shea (Stephen Culp) wants to see him.

    Bosch visits the DA who introduces his Deputy DA Lou Escobar. O'Shea wants to talk about Raynard and has heard Bosch had id'd the boy's remains. Waits has confessed to killing the boy and wants a deal. He will show other burial sites if the death penalty is taken off the table. Bosch is skeptical but the DA asks him to interview Waits.

    Bosch and the other cops discuss Waits. He first appeared in 1994 with a driver's license but has no birth certificate. At the morgue Bosch and Edgar see the dead man from Waits' van, he was raped and strangled.

    Bosch meets Irving at a restaurant. The Chief doesn't seem to like the DA, but quizzes Bosch about Waits.

    Later, Bosch goes to Brasher's with flowers, she invites him in, he apologizes. They kiss. After sex they chat. She's curious about his scars. He describes an old bullet wound in his shoulder.

    The next day Edgar discuss the Chief/DA politics on the drive to the County Jail. Waits says Bosch gave him a ticket years ago. Waits then tells a story about abducting Arthur Delacroix. He says he strangled the boy but then changes his story. Bosch makes up questions to trip him up and gets up angrily, Waits reveals he knows about the plastic starfish. Outside, the two cops are puzzled about the starfish.

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