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  • Callie and Arizona examine their marital problems and what's contributed to them. Meanwhile, Callie devotes herself to the veterans' project; Arizona strives to impress Dr. Herman; and Richard seeks guidance from Bailey.

  • Arizona and Callie take a trial "separation" at the suggestion of a marriage therapist but have a hard time keeping separated. They share joint custody of their daughter while living in the same house not speaking or doing anything intimate, which takes a toll on Callie.


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  • Callie and Arizona are arguing in therapy over Arizona's desire to do her fellowship and Callie's feeling that it's holding their family back.

    Arizona, meanwhile, seems to be more focused in surgery on the baby that was delivered and she handed over to Alex, while Dr. Hermann forces her to focus on the mother because that's her patient, not the baby.

    Back in therapy, Arizona lists the many things she loves about Callie, who says she wishes Arizona would say those things more often. Arizona is frustrated because Callie keeps cutting her off and interrupting. We also see flashes of them arguing in the O.R., but using therapy-type language. Back in therapy, things get real when Arizona says she couldn't process the fact that Callie was pregnant when Arizona came back from Africa. Callie fires back with the reminder that Arizona cheated on her. Callie walks out.

    Back at the hospital, Callie is demonstrating a short fuse, leading Hunt to ask her what's wrong. Back in therapy, after more fighting, the therapist suggests "a break." Callie doesn't like the idea, but Arizona nods along. Arizona hesitates when the therapist suggests that sometimes couples go to therapy when one person wants out and isn't sure how to make that happen. Callie is firmly against the "break," but Arizona wants to do it.

    Arizona suggests a month-long break, but Callie is upset. Arizona says she was "trying to be nice" and thought about suggesting three or six months. Callie agrees to 30 days, and the therapist tells her they have to live in separate rooms in their house, agree to child care duties, but not talk or have sex with each other -- or anyone else. The next morning, Callie is trying to chat with Arizona in the kitchen, but Arizona doesn't talk back as she tries to stick to the therapist's recommendation.

    At the hospital, Callie treats an aspiring chef named Emily who broke her arm in a pasta-making machine.

    Arizona and Alex, meanwhile, get a 1-day-old patient named Lee who has a gap in his esophagus. Arizona suggests a procedure that would require putting the baby in a coma for an indefinite amount of time. Alex suggests other options in front of the parents, but Arizona insists on using her method. Alex agrees.

    Arizona runs off to do her rounds with Dr. Herman, who seems annoyed that she's late. They have a pregnant patient named Jaclyn whose baby has a heart issue that will require an injection in utero. Graham, an eager fellow who talks a lot about how great Dr. Herman is, gets to help Dr. Herman on the procedure. Graham later suggests to Arizona that she practice on a model in the skills lab. Arizona asks Stephanie to check with Callie about switching Sophia duty, which upsets Callie.

    Callie goes back to look at scans with Meredith from a patient named David, 33, who had a thyroidectomy and has been cancer-free, but came back because of hip pain. Callie suggests a hip replacement, but tells Meredith not to schedule it because of child care duties. Meredith says she knows what it's like to have to smile through such issues when your partner isn't speaking to you.

    Callie puts Sophia to bed and is surprised to see Arizona and April laughing and cooking in the kitchen. April explains that they're making Jell-O molds for Arizona to practice her in utero technique on. Callie is annoyed, takes a swig of wine from the bottle and goes to her room. We next see her telling the therapist that her rules "suck."

    It's Day 10, and Dr. Herman is surprised by Arizona's skill at moving a fetus into position for a technique. She's also pleased that Arizona didn't jump at the chance to do the injection because she wasn't ready yet. She tells Arizona she'll take the lead next time.

    Callie's patient Emily is suffering serious pain in her arm and Callie is upset that she can't figure out what to do. Callie goes into a supply room and knocks over some stuff. Meredith is there and Callie says she needs someone to talk to. They head to the bar and Callie explains the "in-home separation" -- which Meredith says is exactly like what she and Derek are doing "only healthy." They gripe to each other while getting hammered. Meredith tells Callie about how her mom and Webber were having sex all over the hospital. Callie says she misses sex. They keep drinking.

    Callie gets home, staggering a little, and stands in Arizona's doorway to watch her sleep for a moment. The door squeaks and Arizona wakes up. Callie walks over, sits on the bed and they kiss for a moment, but don't have sex.

    They report back to the therapist, who tells them they have to start the 30 days over again.

    Arizona is describing in detail how awesome the technique is that she's learning with Dr. Herman. Alex is checking on Lee, the baby, and breaks a suture that will set back the process several days and require another surgery. Lee's parents are upset and when they're gone, Alex turns on Arizona and tells her that he should never have let her dictate a procedure he didn't believe in. He tells her to get out of his way.

    It's Day 16 and Meredith and Callie talk in code about their marital issues, trying to keep details out because of the nurses in the operating room. Callie realizes that a new hip won't work in David. He can't stand or walk without a hip until they figure out how to solve it. Callie is upset and she and Meredith head to the bar again. They're sharing a cheeseburger and Callie uses the pickle to demonstrate how she can save David's leg.

    We next see Arizona telling the therapist that they broke the rules again. She says she saw that Callie wasn't in her room that night. We next see Arizona at the hospital grilling Callie about why she didn't come home. Callie explains that she and Meredith came up with a new idea for their patient and went back to the hospital to work on it. Callie says she slept in an on-call room. We next see Callie giddy at the therapist's office about the fact that Arizona was jealous. She wonders if the "break" might actually be working.

    It's Day 29 and Meredith and Callie are working on David's leg. Callie is doing her thing in surgery when a nurse tells her she's wanted in the E.R. when she's done.

    Callie gets to the E.R. and sees Emily, who's been brought there after a car accident that Callie thinks might have been intentional. Callie runs away to another part of the hospital, where Derek finds her and asks her what's going on with the patient. Callie explains that she operated on Emily's arm but hasn't been able to figure out what's causing Emily's ongoing pain, and she's worried that Emily tried to kill herself because of it. Derek tries to calm her down, then shows Callie some scans showing that some spinal issues are causes the jolts of pain in Emily's arm. He says the procedure to fix it is tricky, but he can do it.

    Amy Shepherd is giving Dr. Herman an update on Addison Montgomery's toddler, Henry. Arizona comes over and is treated like an annoying student, but Dr. Herman tells her to be ready for the next procedure because she's going to lead on it.

    Derek is operating on Emily's nerve endings to try to fix the arm pain.

    Back at home, Arizona is practicing the fetal injection technique on a Jell-O mold when Callie walks into the kitchen and watches. Callie comes up behind her and starts to massage her shoulders. They next fall into bed, with Arizona reminding Callie that the next day is the last of their 30-day break. They suggest not telling the therapist.

    It's Day 30 and Arizona is being rushed into the fetal injection procedure. Dr. Herman stops Arizona before she makes the injection and asks her about why she hesitated. Arizona says she thinks she's ready, but Dr. Herman isn't confident enough. She has Graham step in for Arizona.

    Dr. Herman walks Arizona to an on-call room and starts yelling at her about how she hand-picked Arizona and she's letting her down, saying Arizona "embarrassed" her. She tells Arizona she's behind in the fellowship and if something like this happens again, she's out of the fellowship program.

    Emily wakes up after surgery and Derek and Callie, and she's excited about not feeling pain in her arm. She says she finally feels like she might actually survive.

    Callie and Meredith watch David cautiously getting through the hallway in a walker. Callie is feeling good.

    Alex and Jo hand Lee over to his parents and he tells them they were able to put Lee's esophagus back together. Lee's father hugs Alex.

    Arizona and Callie are back in the therapist's office and Arizona says they've "come a long way," and Arizona tells Callie that she loves her. Callie starts crying while Arizona says she's her "anchor." Arizona says she's "so glad that this break is over." Callie cries some more, then her face turns sad and she says the 30 days taught her so much. She says she's "laughed more" and "done more" and enjoyed herself more, and she finally feels free. She says constantly trying to fix their relationship is what's been killing her slowly. She says she doesn't want to do it anymore, and says she should probably be herself for a while. Callie tells Arizona she wants her to feel free, too. Callie gets up and walks out of the room.

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